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Party Balloons Near Me – Best Party Balloons 2021

No party is complete without balloons no matter your age or what the occasion may be. Balloons can make any space look like a party and also bring a sense of occasion and fun to your event. As far as party balloons go, they have advanced a long way since the traditional party balloons of birthdays gone by and you can now buy balloons that come in all shapes and sizes and can be filled with glitter and confetti by best balloon pump.
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If you’re struggling to know where to start when it comes to purchasing the perfect party balloons you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take you through all of the different types of balloons available and review some of the best ones around. You can also use our ‘party balloons near me’ tool below – here you can find Mylar balloons near me, letter balloons near me and number balloons near me easily.
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Party Balloon Buying Guide

So you’re throwing a party and want it to look fantastic. Depending on your theme there are plenty of party balloons out there to suit all tastes and occasions. Read on to find out more about the types of party balloons you can buy as well as some great accessories that go alongside them.

Types of Party Balloons

#1 Traditional Balloons

Traditional party balloons are the standard shape that we associate with party balloons and are made out of latex. These are one of the cheapest options on the market and are a good choice if you have a big space that needs filling. These balloons come in all different colors and you can also choose to go for more elaborate patterned balloons. Our favorites are those with a marble effect on them – stylish yet also fun! These party balloons can be filled with helium but can also be blown up by your own lungs. Latex balloons are the ones you want to go for if you want to make some balloon animals.

#2 Mylar Balloons

Mylar balloons are also referred to as foil balloons and are the type of party balloons that you will have seen on a trip to a fairground flying high in the sky in all sorts of designs, shapes, and sizes. Mylar balloons are made out of nylon and have a metallic coating. When filled with helium, they last longer than latex balloons as air is not able to leak out of them as easily. This is the type of party balloon you want as your centerpiece of a balloon display, or to give to a loved one for a gift. The only downside of Mylar balloons is that they not biodegradable, unlike latex balloons.

#3 Letter and Number Balloons

In terms of making an event really special investing in some letter and number balloons is a great way of showing your loved ones you care. Letter and number balloons are generally made out of foil and can be bought online or in a store nearby. You can buy any number of combinations to either create a special message to your loved ones out of balloons or simply create their name or age in a display of party balloons.

#4 Confetti Balloons

For something really special check out Confetti balloons. These are balloons that have sequins, confetti or decorative paper inside that give a latex balloon some extra pizazz. You can either buy party balloons that have real confetti inside or there are also balloons that have a decoration that gives the appearance of having confetti inside (the latter will be the cheaper option!). Confetti balloons make a great addition to wedding celebrations.

#5 Gliding Balloons

The ultimate modern phenomenon in the world of party balloons are Gliding balloons. These are life-size  party balloons made out of foil and come in a range of different characters ranging from Spiderman to Sponge Bob Square Pants these balloons are sure to delight. With weights in their feet, Gliding balloons stand tall and will make a welcome and exciting extra guest to any party or event! Depending on the quality of the Gliding balloon you purchase these can last from a day up to a few weeks.

Party Balloon Accessories

So you’ve decided on the type of party balloons you want to buy now it’s time to think about accessories.

#1 Helium Canisters

It can be a cheaper option to invest in a helium canister if you are planning on blowing up a lot of balloons. The initial investment can be paid off pretty quickly if you think about the money (and time) you will save not having to pay in-store to have the balloons filled. A small helium canister can fill around 30 latex balloons or about 12 Mylar balloons.

#2 Balloon Pump

If you don’t want to inflate your balloons with helium but worry about your lungs’ capacity to blow up several balloons then why not invest in a balloon pump? These are incredible value for money and will save you no end of effort and exertion blowing up balloons from your own devices!

#3 Curling Ribbon

Adding a string of curling ribbon to the bottom of a party balloon can give it some extra sparkle, as well as making it easier to display your balloons and tie them around your event space. You can pick up a couple of rolls of curling ribbon from your local store or online and it certainly won’t break the bank.

#4 Balloon Weights

When using helium balloons a balloon weight is an essential accessory to make sure that your precious balloons stay in place and don’t float away into the abyss. There is a huge variety of balloon weights out there ranging from simple bubble weights which come in a spherical shape to eye-catching foil balloon weights which can make exciting centerpieces on a table.

Best Party Balloons 2021

Check out some of our favorite party balloons below!

Best large pack of party balloons: Wecolor 200 Count Pack Balloons 12 inch Multicolored Latex Balloons

Whether you’re catering for a big occasion and are on a budget, or you just love having a large supply of balloons lying around the house, then check out this large pack of party balloons from Wecolor. This great value pack contains 200 latex balloons in a variety of colors. Made from high-quality latex, these balloons can be filled with either air, helium or water so are completely multi-purpose.
Once inflated, these latex balloons measure about 12 inches in diameter making them an average-sized balloon that will work well in any event space. Whether you’re throwing a huge party, a carnival, wedding or kids party you’re sure to not regret getting a bag of these high-quality and great value latex balloons. If you’re not satisfied with this product Wecolor offer a money-back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose. With a pack of 200, you’re sure to not be running out of these balloons in a hurry!
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Best Metallic Latex Party Balloons: Hakuna Matata Party Balloons 12 inch 50 pack Metallic

These metallic balloons from Hakuna Matata are the epitome of sophistication with their highly classy finish. These would be great if you plan on throwing a space-themed party or want to bring some glamour to a high school prom or an engagement party. Great for any occasion, these balloons are made out of high-quality latex and are great value for money containing 50 balloons in a packet.
The metallic balloons in this pack come in a variety of colors so will enable you to create a beautiful and varied display at whatever party you are throwing. They measure around 12 inches in diameter and are 20% thicker than normal latex balloons. Whether you want to fill these balloons with air, helium or water they can handle it and, thanks to their quality, should retain the air or helium for slightly longer than regular helium balloons.
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Best Foil Animal Party Balloons: PROLOSO Foil Animal Balloons Aluminium Sea Creatures Tropical Fish Mylar Self-Sealing Party Pack of 13

After one look at this set, of this sea creature balloon set you will be sold – these excellently designed characters will bring joy to any kids gathering and are also great value for money. Made out of foil these high-quality balloons are easy to inflate and should be inflated using air only so there is no additional expense of helium. Once inflated all you need to do is fasten the self-tie which is incredibly easy.
What’s brilliant about these balloons is that they are reusable, so you can deflate them and put them away ready for the next birthday party. A great set of balloons to purchase for a kids party which you can either reuse or give away to children at the end of the party. This pack includes 13 different sea creature balloons including some recognizable characters such as Nemo! A great quality set of party balloons for the price.
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Best Letter Balloons – Custom Made: Gala Supplies Letter Balloons 16 inch Foil Mylar Balloons

You can’t get more thoughtful and personal than creating a message or a name out of balloons and, thanks to Gala Supplies, this has never been easier. All you need to do is decide what message or name you want to create in balloons and customize your order so that Gala Supplies can deliver your personal message to your door. The balloons will come deflated and with all the equipment you need to hang them up when they are inflated. You can choose from either rose gold, gold, or silver and all balloons are made out of high-quality foil.
Perfect for any party or occasion these letter balloons will really steal the show. Plus, when the party is over they can be deflated and reused so are great value for money. These balloons measure 16 inches per letter. Gala Supplies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are not happy with your party balloons they will take your complaint seriously.
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Best Party Gliding Balloon: Nick 90’s Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party Balloon 53 Inches Foil Balloon

This Buzz Lightyear balloon from Nick 90’s is a great choice if you really want to create some excitement at your kid’s birthday party. This life-size gliding balloon measures 53 inches tall and is made out of high-quality foil so can be inflated and deflated to be used again. This gliding balloon can be inflated with a small tank of helium or you can simply take it to your local store for them to inflate it for you.
Once inflated this gliding balloon should last for a few weeks so your child can continue to enjoy their special party balloon for much longer than the day itself. Whether you’re throwing a Toy Story themed party or just want a centerpiece to steal the show this Buzz Lightyear gliding balloon will certainly do the job.
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Balloons are an essential part of any celebration, however, there is much more choice out there than you may realize. Of course, you can purchase the traditional latex party balloons but you can also find a host of other types of balloons including those that include confetti as well as foil balloons that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Once you’ve decided on the type of party balloons you are after, have a think about if you want to invest in any party balloon accessories. If you are going to be throwing a lot of parties and inflating balloons often, it would be a good idea to purchase a helium canister or balloon pump to save you money (and energy!) in the long run. Check out our reviews of some of our favorite party balloons out there and make your next party look spectacular.

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