What is the best material of brush for bunnies?What is the best material of brush for bunnies?

Your rabbits need to be groomed regularly as bushing keeps their coat in good condition, prevent some skin diseases: matted fur, ingrown nails and a whole host of other health problems. When it comes to grooming, the most important tool you should have is the best brush for bunnies.

With the good brush, the work of grooming should be quick and easy, with minimal stress to your pets. The material of the brushes will depend on your bunny’s requirement and your preference.

#1 Plastic brushes

If you look for a bunnies brush in the pet store, you may realize that plastic brush is the most popular types of brushes. The pro is that they are cheap, they also easy to handle and lightweight. You will be brushing your rabbit twice a week, so plastic brushes will be ideal to prevent discomfort and hand fatigue even when using them for hours.

However, the downside is that plastic material is quite flimsy. If you look for a durable brush that can last for long term, then you should not go with plastic. They tend to break easily since they are a bit flexible than other materials.

#2 Wooden Brushes

Wooden bunnies brushes are not eco friendly, stylish, specticular, but they are also durable that can last for several years. cause you’ll be brushing your rabbit frequently, you should buy a brush that will hold up for a while. Whooden brushes cannot be break easily even if it is accidentally dropped on the floors and won’t budge even with a nibbler.

However, there is a not when using wooden products that they require more effore to maintain. Wood can be hard to clean and tends to accumulate mold and smell if it is wet for long.

#3 Metalic Brushes

It is obvious that metal brushes are most durable and reliable material to go with for long term use. The traditional design metal brushed may be heavy that make you uncomfortable to handle and get tired of holding after hours. However, there are also some newer models of them that have a lightweight design.

The advantage of metal brush is that they are very easy to clean. You just need soak them in the mixture of water and soap for a few minute. Some metal brushes tend to have a bulky design, which causes hand fatigue and can be too rough on your rabbit’s sensitive skin and fur.

Best Travel Backpacks for Trips Abroad for 2018Best Travel Backpacks for Trips Abroad for 2018

The best travel backpacks are designed for people who want to travel around the world unencumbered by slow-moving, heavy wheeled suitcases. Internal frame packs range in size from forty to sixty liters and offer more than enough room to store all of the possessions you need to travel anywhere in the world.

Whether its clothes, a laptop, hiking or camping supplies, or other types of bulky gear, you need a pack that’s bigger, yet streamlined and designed for comfort.

However, the right type of travel backpack often boils down to personal preference. You know what you need and want and that might be different from what another traveler needs. So in order to find the right travel backpack for you, you’ll need to assess your traveling needs and determine how much gear you plan on taking, the type of organization you’re looking for, and what size you’ll need.

Surprisingly, these travel packs come with a number of features to choose from, which can make it even harder for the avid traveler to narrow in on a few choices.

We’ve created a list of the top five models of travel backpacks on the market to date. Each of these models has something special to offer, whether it’s organization, size, or value.

This list can help you to narrow down your choices and find the best travel backpack to meet your travel and budget needs.

You can also take a look at our extensive travel backpack buying guide which lists the different features available and the importance of suspension, lumbar support, and even weight distribution. This guide will explain the number of benefits you can experience using a backpack that’s specially designed for the international traveler.

Should I use fabric bedding for hedgehogs?Should I use fabric bedding for hedgehogs?

When it comes to setting up an enclosure for your hedgehog, you may realize that you have a lot of bedding options to choose from and some of them are more appropriate for a hedgehog than others. And fabric bedding is one of the best bedding for hedgehogs that most hedgehog owners will use at a certain point.

Honestly, I have been use fabric bedding for a long time and it is my favorite bedding option too. However, nothing is perfect and there are things I want to complain about when using fleece or another fabric bedding.

#1 Pros of fabric bedding

Unlike pellets or shavings, fabric bedding is washable and can be reused over a long time. It is a good option if you do not want to have to go through the continual recycle the disposable options. Due to this, fabric also the cheapest option in the long term as you can use it multiple times.

Hedgehogs love feeling cozy and nice while they are sleeping and walk around at night. Fabric bedding is actually what makes that possible. Overall, fabric bedding is comfy, in comparison to some other kinds of beddings.

You also do not have to worry about dyes and additives and harmful chemicals. There are no toxic components in fabric bedding. It is unlikely to harbor pests. There are also no wood splinters, dust or other small pieces.

One thing that make me love fabric bedding is that most of the fabric bedding could be machine-washable, what make it always clean and hygienic condition. You’ll not need to worry about the cleaning, even though it needs to be done more frequently.

#2 Cons of fabric bedding

Some low quality fabric bedding or over time, fabric bedding may have loose thread, which can wrap around toes or feet and block circulation. I would like to recommend that you should always check for any loose threads on a regular basis and before add it in your hedgehog’s cage.

Some light accessories may slide and need to be fixed in the surface of the fabric. Moreover, fabric bedding do not provide any change for hedgehog to borrow inside.

#3 How to use fabric bedding

It is better to use light colors fabric bedding. It allows you to easy see uncommon changes in the dropping and what part is dirt and need to be clean. To prevent your hedgehog from skin issues you should wash it with sensitive detergent.

In order to allow your pets to burrow in the fabric bedding cage, you should add some other sort like paper bedding in different areas of the cage, so you can create spaces where your hedgie can burrow.

Northern Lights VS White Widow: What Is The Best Cannabis Strain?Northern Lights VS White Widow: What Is The Best Cannabis Strain?

Both Northern Lights and White Widow are popular and famous names not only in the United States Seed Banks. They are all popular choices in any cafe in Europe and are favored by many stoners.

Although many new cannabis strain are currently appearing, Northern Lights and White Widow are both leading candidates for the best cannabis strain. They are still widely favored by their unique effect and special delicious taste.

And if any growers are wondering which stain to choose, let’s compare them a bit. We will place them on the scale to find out what is the bes strain and will compare them according to some of the following factors.

#1 Origin

You may have heard of Northern Lights before. This is one of the most popular cannabis strain in the long run and it is really a very good strain.

The Northern Lights family is known for their undeniable aroma, making them unique in the stoner world.

They are native to Afghanistan, undergo breeding and become one of the leading cannabis today.

White Widow is one of the most commercially successful cannabis varieties on the market today. Perhaps that is why its origin is still controversial.

This famous cannabis strain since its inception in 1994 has won many awards, including the first prize awarded by the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995.

Although this strain history is complex, the merits of bringing White Widow to this world belong to only one person. That is Shantibaba.

#2 Growing

Both Northern Lights and White Widow have good growth capacity and great productivity.

In particular, Northern Lights combined with Autoflowering strain will create an extremely productive strain. thrive both indoors and outdoors. The flowering time of this Auto-flower variant is only 8 weeks.

Northern Lights are mainly Indica, Sativa 20% and Ruderalis 10%. The THC content can be moderate to as high as 15.08%, and there is almost no change between indoor or outdoor planting.

Meanwhile, White Widow prefer to grow indoors. It can yield 325 – 425 g / m2. Flowering time is about 8 to 10 weeks, has moderate buds but can still contain abundant amounts of THC.

#3 Effect

Northern Lights has a characteristic honey smell, combined with a hint of musk. It is a sweet and strong scent that makes it hard to break out.

Using Northern Lights creates a strong, high effect  that makes you think you are leaving your body and then you feel light, a fresh, comfortable mind.

And White Widow has a natural fragrance of plants and wood. It’s very gentle but also a bit spicy. Using White Widow will create a strong echo, after which the body feels more energized and high.

Final Verdict

Although both the Northern Lights and the White Widow are strong rivals, the Northern Lights seem to stand out a bit. But for the stoners looking for more excitement, White Widow seems to be a suitable choice.

Amnesia Haze vs Sour Diesel: What Is The Best Cannabis Sativa Strain?Amnesia Haze vs Sour Diesel: What Is The Best Cannabis Sativa Strain?

Sativa is one of the most popular and best seller on canada seed bank. For cannabis growers and smokers, although it has a longer flowering time, it has a good quality.

Growers prefer the Cannabis Sativa strain because they have superior yield after a long flowering period. People need to like pure Sativa because of the intense feeling in the brain they receive, not to mention its medicinal value.

If you are looking for the best Cannabis Sativa Strain to choose seeds, then take some time with this post. We will compare the two most common Sativa strain to make it easier to choose.

#1 Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is the Sativa strain that won the Cannabis Cup in 2004 and 2012. This is also an extremely popular strain in the coffee shops in Amsterdam.

As its name suggests, Amnesia Haze is strain that can make you forget. If you smoke this cannabis, your memory may not be clear for a while and then return to normal.

Amnesia Haze is one of the heavy and quite quality Sativa. It brings feelings of elation, uplifting as well as energizing the body for a long time.

Amnesia Haze is preferred by growers because it produces the largest yield of any other Sativa strain available.

#2 Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, comes from the famous Emerald triangle of California.

It is so named because of the spicy and aromatic diesel smell. It also has the ability to extend excitement and high to users. This Sativa strain is supposed to help writers overcome the deadlock while working.

For medical patients, Sour Diesel is used to relieve stress, pain and depression. It has a great use and is highly appreciated for this use.

Sour Diesel can be grown indoors or outdoors. It has relatively compact buds and gives a significant yield.

Final Verdict

Between these two Sativa stains, in our personal opinion Amnesia Haze is more prominent. It has a sweet taste with a bit of sourness, both strange and attractive. Not only that it gives a huge yield of 500-600 g / m2.