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The Best Classic Board Games of all Time

which was your favourite?

There are few things in life that compare to the fun and entertainment of enjoying a classic board game at home with family and friends.

The best board games combine just the right amount of luck and skill to provide a challenging but rewarding environment for everyone who plays, in fact board games are probably the only type of game that entire generations from toddlers to grandparents can play together.

So it’s time to drag the kids away from their computer consoles, wake up grandma and granddad, deal the cards and roll the dice for an evening of family fun, just like the good old days.

Monopoly Nostalgia Edition in Wood Box

classic wooden collectable by Monopoly

Monopoly the ‘Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game’ originated in 1935 and has been tweaked and refined many times during its illustrious seventy eight year history.

At the last count there were a staggering 550 different versions of the original game including Family Guy Monopoly, the Dr. Who edition and a whole plethora of games based around popular movies such as Star Wars, Lord of the rings and Harry Potter.

Thankfully, Hasbro the current manufacturers have seen sense and gone back in time to re-create the original Parker Brothers version of the game, based on the design of one of the very first editions of the worlds favourite board game.

If you own a cheap, mass produced version of Monopoly, with there garish plastic houses and hotels, the first thing you will notice about the Nostalgia Edition is the vintage looking playing pieces, including houses and hotels made of real wood.

The old fashioned feel doesn’t stop there however, the reassuringly heavy playing tokens and aged looking bank notes all combine to make this one of the best Monopoly sets you can buy today.

Monopoly Nostalgia comes packaged in an old style wooden box, completing the vintage look and guaranteeing a trip down memory lane for any board game aficionado.


Cluedo Nostalgia Wooden Edition

original version of the great detective game by Waddingtons

The original idea behind the classic Cluedo board game was conceived during the Nazi air raids of war stricken Britain in 1943, by solicitor’s clerk and part time WWII fire warden Anthony Pratt.

The game was patented in 1944 but was not officially released until 1949, due to a shortage of materials caused by the aforementioned hostilities.

Cluedo was produced in the UK by Waddingtons Games and the rights to manufacture the game across the ‘pond’ in the USA was acquired by Parker Brothers, who renamed their acquisition ‘Clue’.

The game became a major hit on both sides of the Atlantic and is still in full time production by American toy giants Hasbro, who will be celebrating Cluedo’s sixty fith anniversary next year, however there are no plans to retire this veteran of board games just yet, as the video game backlash continues and families everywhere are re-discovering the good old fashioned games of yesteryear.

Risk Board Game

World Domination has never been so much fun


Risk is one of those classic board games that doesn’t just depend on lady luck smiling down on the winner, tactics, strategy and a little bit of diplomacy are also major ingredients of the game play.

Risk was created by French film director Albert Lamorisse in 1957 and was originally entitled La Conquête du Monde or The Conquest of the World.

The Academy Award winning film maker proposed that the game would take on average, one and a half hours to complete but avid Risk competitors quickly discovered that serious games could last days, or even weeks, as their armies battled for supremacy across the globe.

Risk can be played by up to five players, ensuring hours of world conquering fun for all the family.

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