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Best Vinyl Plank Floor Vacuums (Reviews 2021) – Can I use a steam mop to clean my vinyl plank floor?

Are you looking for the best vinyl-plank floor vacuum cleaner? Don’t look any further. You are at the right place to find what you need. We have done that for you through extensive research in gathering vital information from product experts, manufacturers, and real users.
Did you know that vacuum cleaning started way back in1860? The purpose of a vacuum cleaner in those days was to sweep the carpet. The old powered vacuum cleaner did it differently from the ones we have today. Instead of suctioning dirt, it blew it away, more or less like sweeping.

Later, invention upgraded to better cleaning systems for cleaning the upcoming trendy floor designs we have today.
Sweeping your floor using a broom and a dustpan may not give you the glossy and shiny floor you would desire. It is also time-consuming and exhausting. In this age where time-saving is essential, owning a vacuum cleaner for your vinyl floor is not an option but a must.
Treat yourself to one of the best vacuum cleaners the market has to offer from our list of the top 8 best vinyl-plank floor vacuum cleaners below.
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The Top 8 Best Vinyl Plank Floor Vacuums

#1 Best Overall & Affordable – Bissell Cleanview Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Cleanview is the best overall cleaner which has a powerful suction that does not need repetitive cleaning passes unlike other competitions in the market. It is a ‘one-pass technology’ vacuum cleaner that cleans thoroughly and excellently on its initial pass. Thanks to its multi-cyclonic system that has a powerful suction.
Also, it can separate dirt and debris and prevent them from reaching the filter for filter durability.
Bissell Cleanview features a large capacity dirty bin that does not need frequent emptying and has an easy and quick emptying technology. You will, therefore, spend less time emptying it.
It comes with various tools such as a soft bristle brush for cleaning hair and dust off upholstery, lampshades, curtains and other far-reaching areas. Additional tools are an extension ward, mini spinning turbo brush for agitating dirt for easy vacuuming, and others. Despite all these qualities, it is affordable.
To learn more about this vacuum cleaner and to find out why it is our best overall, click on its image to open it. If it is your best overall as well, go ahead and place your order immediately.

#2 Best Budget – Eureka 169J 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka 169J is the best budget vacuum cleaner. Better still, it gives you services of two units in one which means you get two for the price of one and lowest price for that matter.
The vacuum is a multifunctional and an easy convertible one for all floors and other surfaces cleaning. It has a brushroll for deep carpet cleaning which you can turn off by the switch of a button for bare floor cleaning.
It features soft rubber wheels to prevent leaving marks or scratches on your floor. It is excellent in maneuverability because of the way it swivels and is flexible enough to easily clean under furniture.
The powerful suction picks all dirt and debris on its way including pellets-like particles. It has a robust motor which supports the unit in its excellent performance. It has a simple way of maintaining its filter which is also economical by washing it after use.
Eureka 169J is bagless and therefore features a dust cup that is quick to remove by the press of a button and also easy to empty without touching the dirt. Then, you can wash it and leave it dry to reuse it when you next need it.
The challenge with this vacuum is to get a replacement filter. Other than that you will enjoy the ‘little beast’ high performance.

#3 Premium Choice – VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

For a premium choice and still low on price, we recommend VonHaus as the best in this category.
What is most intriguing with VonHaus vacuum cleaner is that it is a two-in-one vacuum cleaner serving as both stick vacuum cleaner and also a handheld one. Therefore, it becomes a good deal in getting two for the least price of one.
It is a multi-floor cleaner that can easily glide over different surfaces such as from carpet to hard floors to rugs comfortably and effectively. The suction capability is excellent to suck in all dirt and debris without blowing them away.
The filtration system of this vacuum cleaner is unique that it involves both HEPA and sponge. It also locks dust and allergens inside the vacuum instead of re-circulating them back into the environment.
Among several other tools that will improve your cleaning, it features a shoulder strap which is essential for holding the handheld vacuum. The switch buttons are near the handle for easy reach.
Few words can describe and sum up this vacuum; quick to assemble, powerful suction, lightweight, fast to empty, compact, and low price.
The downside noted with this vacuum is the hard-to-get filter replacement. Also, the small litter bin is not sufficient for extensive cleaning. Besides that, it remains a premium choice.

#4 Bissell Zing Canister 2156A Vacuum

Bissell Zing is another one from the household brand in vacuum cleaning. It is a multi-surface cleaner that can switch between various floors with easiness and as quick as the touch of a switch button.
The powerful cyclonic action and suction vacuum is a bagless one which features a canister for mess collection. The cyclonic technology enables continuation suction across multi floors.
It is a 7.5-pounds lightweight vacuum which is the best to use across rooms without asking for help to heft it around. It features a swivel steering for easy maneuverability across the room and around furniture.
Bissell Zing has vast functions that using it is a breeze. One cannot resist in mentioning its suction control variations which you can adjust by the press of a knob. You can either lower the level or increase it depending on the task at hand.
For instance, when cleaning curtains, you can lower the suction since you wouldn’t want it to suck it in. It also features various tools for best cleaning including a telescopic wand you can adjust to reach the hard-to-reach areas such as under the bed.
Get to know more about it by clicking on its image. You can also go ahead and initiate your buying process immediately.
One flaw the manufacturer could have improved in the design is click-lock telescopic hose extension to lock the tools instead of sliding them in which fails to hold tight. Nevertheless, it remains a great unit.

#5 Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum

At 7.6 pounds, Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner is light enough for anyone who cannot handle heavy weight and therefore looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner.
The vacuum is a multi-task cleaner that has various tools to tackle different detailed surface cleaning including vinyl plank floor, the interior of a car, laptop, upholstery, stairs, carpet, and others.
It has easy-to-reach controls for switching between floors such as from hard floor to the carpet. Also, it features a control button to switch between the two speeds levels of the brushroll.
The handle is ergonomic for a firm and comfortable grip. Slightly below the handle is the dust cup for easy emptying by opening its underside cap to release the content in a dust bin.
The vacuum is a two-in-one that you can convert from operating as a stick vacuum to a hand-held one. This is especially when vacuum cleaning your upholstery, stairs, and other close-to-monitor surfaces.
And of course, it has a swivel steering for under the furniture cleaning. You can view all these and many others such as the price by clicking on its image here above.
The sensitive issue with the Shark Rocket Vacuum cleaner is the warranty. Make sure you know what it en entails and what it does not. The warranty states that it covers one year. But, as one user commented, it does not cover the power head.
Nevertheless, such anomaly should not deter you from buying it. The performance supersedes all that.

#6 Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Linx

Hoover Linx SH20030 is a versatile stick vacuum you should have as your cleaning tool for either domestic use or commercial use. It prides in Hoover’s WindTunnel technology which doubles up with multi-cyclonic cleaning. Both features join forces to deliver deep cleaning on any type of floor including vinyl plank.
What is even fantastic about the vacuum is the corded cyclonic stick with its powerful suction stability that does not weaken while suctioning large particles of dry spillages. Also, it is an extreme recliner that can get under any furniture and other hard-to-reach areas for effective cleaning.
This vacuum is one you can trust in your vinyl prank floor transformation. It features a swivel steering for easy maneuverability. You don’t have to move furniture to make way for it. The vacuum cleaner can move around the furniture comfortably while cleaning.
Also, the bristle brushes at the edge of the vacuum cleaner will reach those hidden corners as well for thorough cleaning. If you can’t lift it, you can roll it by without any fear of the wheels marring the floor.
The only slight issue with this vacuum is that it features a small canister which will require your frequent emptying.
Other than that, there are other good features and qualities which you can only find out if you click on its image appearing above here. Also, you can place your order right away if you feel it is irresistible.

#7 iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

Would you like to upgrade your floor cleaning using a robot vacuum cleaner? Try out this Wi-Fi cleaning gadget, iRobot Roomba 690 which has a sleek design that would go well with your home arrangement. The little ‘workaholic beast’ will clean everywhere while picking both small and large debris thanks to its dual multi-surface brushes and 3-stage cleaning system.
The new cleaning technology would be the best choice for a busy person who hardly has time to keep up with daily vacuum cleaning. The good thing is that you don’t have to wait at home or be at home for the robot to do its cleaning job. From wherever you will be, you can direct it to start cleaning, and immediately it will obey your command to start cleaning.
The iRobot can clean anywhere under the furniture in the hidden places, to the corners and edges. It will use the dirt detector that senses the dirtiest area and works hard on it.
It is also a multi-surface cleaner that will alternate between hard floor and the carpet. Learn more about this smart navigator and dirt detector by clicking on the image to open your world to new technology but, only if you place your order to own it.
The only problem is when it gets stuck, it can’t move until assisted to do so. However, it is intelligent enough to call you for help and therefore waits for assistance. Is this the vacuum you need?  Click on the Amazon button or on its image to place your order.

#8 Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco A10 Hero is the last product in our list but not the least. It is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners in the market. It operates on a DC motor giving you freedom of movement without limitation of a power cord.
It operates on two detachable batteries of sixty uninterrupted running time and dual charging system.
It has a powerful suction of 120-watts which is four times more than any other ordinary DC motor vacuum cleaner and therefore picks up all dirt and debris more efficiently. But, what makes it stand out is its soft roller LED power brush best for cleaning the hard floor while protecting it from scratches and the full-size multi-floor LED brush for carpet cleaning.
One other distinctive feature is the fully sealing four-stage filtration system. The system locks in small particles and dust from being released in the air preventing infecting fresh air with allergens.
Remember, Tineco is a battery operated vacuum cleaner and therefore, economical to use by saving you on power usage.
For more information on this vacuum cleaner and also placing your order, click on its image.


Q: Why should I vacuum my vinyl plank floor regularly?

Besides leaving it looking neat and shiny, regular cleaning a vinyl plank floor is to protect it from getting damaged. When you leave your vinyl plank floor with small particles, they can cause damage by scratching it and eventually wearing it out.

Q: Which is the best way of cleaning my vinyl plank floor?

As the myth has it that using vinegar is the best method, But, the fact is that it is in the category of harsh products you should avoid using on your floor. Also, shun from using other chemical-based products as both can damage vinyl. You can use regular detergent or soap which is pH neutral if there are any spillages or contaminants on the floor.
Moreover, if you are doing your usual cleaning, use your best vinyl-plank floor vacuum cleaner that has a soft-bristle brush. It will protect your floor from scratches and also leave it looking glossy.

Q: Can I use a steam mop to clean my vinyl plank floor?

No, using a steam mop can cause severe damage to your vinyl floor. Even though your floor is waterproof, there is a risk of the steam penetrating it through the grooves. The heat from the steam mop can, therefore, bend the planks and even warp the edges.


All the products we have mentioned in this review have quality features with only slight differences here and there. We have also given you the best budget vacuum cleaner if you are operating on a tight budget.
We, therefore, hope that we have contributed to finding your best choice. If you wish to place the order, click on the product of your choice. Depending on your location, it will take less than a week to receive your product.
Take care of your vinyl plank floor by cleaning it regularly to free it from particles to protect it against scratches.

What was your best choice of vinyl-plank floor vacuum cleaners?

Leave us your comments on the section here below. We would like to know what attracted you to your best choice.

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