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Best Vintage Inspired Portable DAB Radio’s

Before the insidious Television Set managed to infiltrate its way into every home in the land, radio was king, permeating the air waves with music, comedy, drama and anything remotely news worthy.

Who could forget the Goon Show, Churchill’s War Speeches or the longest running soap opera of all time the Archers?

Well probably most of us, apart from the avid history buffs out there but the fact remains that radio was the primary source of family home entertainment and now thanks to digital technology, the humble radio is making a comeback.


What is DAB Radio?

DAB is short for Digital Audio Broadcast and means you can kiss goodbye to the crackly, interference plagued radio transmissions of yesteryear, which probably ruined your desperate attempt at recording Radio 1’s Sunday night chart show.

At long last radio broadcasting is now crisp, sharp and very easy on the ear and as an added bonus, some digital broadcast’s often contain extra information that your DAB radio can display, such as title and artist track names and scrolling news headlines, also you no longer have to remember frequency wavelengths or waste time twiddling the tuning dial, your new DAB radio does all of this for you.

So which Digital Radio should you buy? Well as you are probably aware here at Funky Retro we prefer the vintage look, so we have put together our pick of the best retro looking DAB Radio’s that will look great in any kitchen, living room or boudoir and take you back to the golden age of broadcasting but without the hiss, crackle and pop.


ROBERTS Sovereign DAB/FM Digital Radio

in Balmoral Blue, Windsor Green and Sandringham Burgundy





Radio Station’s all over the UK blasted out the nations favourite hit’s and it was highly likely that the mod’s and the rockers of the day got down and groovy to their respective idols, on something that looked remarkably like the ROBERTS Sovereign DAB/FM Digital Radio.

You see, this modern marvel of digital audio broadcast technology, was designed to look exactly like the vintage, angled cabinet R500 wireless radio receiver, which first hit the streets in 1964 and became almost as popular as the pop stars and rock idols broadcast on it.

For a classic piece of 1960’s nostalgia this high quality DAB Radio is hard to beat and features a plethora of features that the original R500 could only dream about, such as an easy to read 16×2 character LCD display with amber back-light, enhanced bass and treble controls and an impressive 120 hours of battery life which will ensure the music will never die.

Available in three highly patriotic, regal colours, including Windsor Green, Sandringham Burgundy and Balmoral Blue, the ROBERTS Sovereign will provide palatial quality sound that won’t cost a King’s ransom.


  • Easy to read LCD display with amber back-light
  • Up to 120 hours of battery life
  • One touch instant access to favourite stations
  • Separate bass and treble controls
  • Fully Portable – Batteries or Mains


the ROBERTS Sovereign Digital Radio is available now from:

Shopping from the USA? Click Here


Vintage RCA Radio, TV Commercial, circa 1950 ish



Pure Evoke Mio, Retro Style DAB/FM Radio

also available in Cherry, Pepper, Sage, Seagrass and Teal



The perfect introduction to the world of Digital Audio Broadcasting, the ‘Pure Evoke Mio’ is simple to use but is crammed full of top end features to help you get the most out of your DAB listening experience.

The Evoke Mio, DAB Digital and FM Radio comes in a range of striking retro two tone colours, with more station choice, easy tuning, scrolling text display and crisp, clear digital quality sound.

Evoke Mio shares the same class leading audio as its sister product the multi award winning Evoke 1S and is ideal for lounge, kitchen or bathroom, Evoke Mio has an easy to set kitchen timer, add the optional fit and forget PURE charge pack and you will be able to take your radio wherever you go.

Enjoy your music collection by plugging your iPod or MP3 player into the AUX in connector, there’s even a line out connector for connecting the Evoke Mio to your Hi-Fi and a USB connector for future software upgrades.

The perfect retro styled DAB radio which will match any decor thanks to its impressive range of colour schemes including Cherry, Pepper, Sage, Seagrass and Teal.


  • Large range of colours to match any colour scheme
  • iPod or MP3 Player connectivity
  • Contrasting two-tone leather-effect finish
  • Beautiful Retro Styling
  • Handy Kitchen Timer


the Pure Evoke Mio, Retro Style DAB/FM Radio is available now from:

Shopping from the USA? Click Here


Roberts Vintage DAB/FM RDS Portable Radio

in wood and black



For that ultimate vintage look and feel. the Roberts Vintage DAB/FM RDS Portable Radio is hard to beat. With its wooden effect side panels combined with a retro leather finish, this retrospective inspired radio certainly looks the part.

However behind the old fashioned good looks lurks a multitude of modern technological wizardry, featuring crystal clear DAB and FM receivers, unlimited station presets and unusually for a DAB radio at this price point a built in battery charger.

This vintage looking radio is also fully compatible with your iPod, thanks to its AUX in socket, making it the perfect blend of old and new and one of the best looking, fully portable DAB radios on the market today.


  • Heavy Rugged Construction, Built to Last
  • Up to eighty hours of battery life
  • One touch instant access to DAB radio stations
  • Authentic vintage look and feel
  • Auxiliary input socket for iPod and MP3 playback


the Roberts Vintage DAB/FM RDS Portable Radio is available now from:

Shopping from the USA? Click Here

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