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Best Vacuums Cleaners for Stairs (Reviews 2021) – Is a HEPA filter in a vacuum important?

The part of the house which is most cumbersome to vacuum clean is the stairs. What of those many stair corners? You have to make sure that each of all these corners is clean and completely free of any dust or debris.
But, it can be challenging to clean such an area if you are using the wrong tool or the wrong vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, if you use the best vacuum cleaner for stairs, your task will be a breeze.

There are very many different brands of vacuum cleaners and many other different designs that no one can blame you become fuzzy about them. In such a state, you will either err in going for the wrong vacuum or not get any at all.
But, that should not worry you. We have taken time to research and gather all the essential facts on each cleaner to present to you the accurate picture of the seven of the best vacuum cleaners for stairs. The information is enough to help you identify exactly what would suit your cleaning requirements.
It would be our pleasure to know that at the end of this review you will have made the crucial decision of picking the vacuum cleaner of your choice. Our satisfaction is to feel that we are part of your success story in “vacuum cleaning for stairs.”
Keep right here to learn more.

The Top 7 Best Vacuums Cleaners for Stairs

#1 Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum

Bissell Cleanview is a handheld vacuum cleaner which weighs only 4.65 pounds and with an 18-foot power cable. It has a switch at the tip of its handle and a lightweight that does not compromise the powerful 4-amp motor.
This vacuum is the power behind stairs cleaning and other hard-to-reach areas. It uses a crevice tool to reach the corners of the stairs which mostly collect dust. With another wide-mouth tool, you will be able to cover large areas of your stairs with maximum cleaning and at a less time.
Bissell Cleanview is not only a bend-over vacuum while hand-holding it, but you can also place it down and use its hose instead. With a hose-adaptor, you can tightly attach with ease the tool you need to use.
The vacuum cleaner has fixable rubber contour nozzle that quickly picks the stubborn to pick pet hair from carpeted stairs, carpet, upholstery, and even your car seat.
It has HEPA media and multi-level filtration that reduces household dust and allergens and stores its trash in an easy to empty dust cup.
Bissell Cleanview vacuum cleaner has a one-year warranty.

#2 Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Another vacuum from Bissel and with a similar name but work differently is Bissell Cleanview Upright. It is not only best for stairs cleaning, but a versatile one to clean bare floors, sealed hard floors, low pile carpet, upholstery, and even car seats.
It is a lightweight design which makes it easy to take it with you on the stairs while cleaning. You might not need to keep on carrying it since it features a 25-foot power cord and a 6-foot hose.
It has a 13.5-inch cleaning path, a powerful suction, one-pass technology, and innovative brush design meaning it can clean a large area within a short time on the initial pass. Even though it is lightweight, it does not compromise its motor power which is at 8-amps.
Using the turbo brush with the one-pass technology, you will clean the stairs intensely without leaving any trace of dirt or dust for excellent cleaning results in less time. The crevice tool can reach the corners of the stairs to remove the remaining hidden dust leaving your staircase completely clean.
The vacuum cleaner is not only fantastic for stairs and other surfaces, but also the best for height-cleaning such as walls, curtains, and ceiling. It has five-height adjustments up to 32 feet for any cleaning which is above the floor.
Bissell Cleanview Upright features a 2-liter dust cup with a bottom that opens to empty the trash when need be. It has a multi-cyclonic suction system that prevents dirt from reversing to the already cleaned area. Also, it has a multi-level filtration that traps fine dust and allergens using a washable filter.

#3 HoLife Handheld Vacuum Cordless

HoLife handheld Vacuum is cordless that operates on a rechargeable power of 14.8V/100W.
It is a versatile vacuum cleaner that uses three other additional tools. Apart from vacuum cleaning, it has a dusting brush which picks hair and helps to agitate dirt from carpeted stairs for effective suction. The crevice tool will help to reach the stairs tight corners to remove the hidden debris and dust.
The third tool is the liquid nozzle which will suck in any liquid spills from the surfaces but only up to 100ml.
HoLife operates by a high capacity battery that has a 30-minute working time. Its gets fully recharged within 3 to 4 hours. It means you can cover an area of 1615 sq ft with a single charge. It uses a Lithium battery that is non-toxic and has more energy/volume.
It has a powerful cyclonic suction of 6KPA which means it can pick pebbles as big as a coin. It operates with two washable filters and stores its trash in a removable bagless dirt cup. You will never dread your ‘after breakfast’ cleaning to remove all the spilled breakfast whether liquid or particles off the floor. It is a quiet vacuum cleaner despite having all that high working power.
What you should get in the vacuum cleaner package is the handheld vacuum cleaner, brush nozzle, crevice nozzle, cleaning brush, rubber jar tool, charging base, two washable filters, and a user manual.
It is a lightweight vacuum that weighs 3.27 pounds for easy carrying and less fatigue.
However, you might not like the handling of the dirt cup when dumping its content. Otherwise, it is excellent in the rest of its functions.

#4 Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum, 2033

Another one from Bissell is this Bissell Featherweight that is a real ‘featherweight’ weighing at only 2.6 pounds but a powerful one, easy to use and convenient. It easily converts from stick vacuum which you can use on floors to hand vacuuming for cleaning other areas such as the stairs and upholstery. You can also attach the floor nozzle to conveniently clean stairs and the crevice to reach the difficult to reach the corners of the stairs and other difficult to reach areas.
The blue colored stick vacuum is the best choice for use by senior citizens and other users who cannot handle heavy weight vacuums since it is lightweight. It is also compact enough for ease of storage.
The vacuum features a quick and easy to remove dirt cup which you can empty while in the middle of your cleaning.
The length of the power cable which is 15 feet is not long enough to cover a large area, and therefore you might need to change power outlet in between your cleaning or use an extension.

#5 Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum

Shark Rocket is the best choice for stairs cleaning. It is a robust handheld vacuum with powerful suction which is excellent for quick cleaning and pickups on above-floor surfaces and even car interiors. The suction power is constant without going down.
It comes with a crevice tool, TruePet motorized brush, dusting brush, a stretchable hose, and a 15-feet power cord. Shark Rocket is different from many other handheld vacuums that are battery powered and which you have to wait more than four hours to have them fully charged. It is electric-powered, and that makes it ready to use whenever you need it.
Emptying the dust cup has never been this easy and better. With just the press of the button, you release the door of the dirt cup to dispose of the dirt which is different from others that you have to handle the dirty process manually.
The only downside with this vacuum cleaner is its 15-feet power cord which is slightly shorter to cover an extensive area. Other users think that it is a bit heavy at 3.7 pounds for a hand vacuum.

#6 SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum 6 in 1 Vacuum

SOWTECH vacuum uses a pro-cyclone system for its suction. It sucks in all the dirt and pet hair without reverting them to the already cleaned floor. Using a five-stage filtration, it separates garbage and traps it up to 99% to leave you with clean, breathable air.
It is a cordless vacuum which is convenient when moving around in your cleaning task. It is also a lightweight weighing at only 3.33 and therefore cannot cause fatigue when cleaning your stairs. It can be the best choice of a gift to a housewife or newly married couple.
SOWTECH features a unique and sturdy stainless steel filter that is washable and thus durable which will save you from any replacement. It is also efficient in eliminating allergens and dust to leave a clean environment.
The vacuum comes with various attachments to enhance your cleaning. It packs a crevice tool, square brush for surface cleaning, mattress tool to remove dust mice and dander, floor brush, and an extension pipe. You can also remove all the attachment to leave the vacuum hollow for powerful suction of pebble-like debris.
You don’t have to worry about the noise, the vacuum is no noise pollution and therefore safe to use in a quiet environment next to a sleeping baby or a pet.
With SOWTECH, you have a complete vacuum cleaner.
The only thing you might take to it entirely is that it is not powerful enough for cleaning thick carpets.

#7 Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum

The two-in-one cordless vacuum is best for cleaning stairs. It is a stick vacuum that easily converts to a handheld vacuum by a button touch. Then you can use the handheld vacuum in cleaning your stairs.
It has high power suction with a two time individual robust motor for excellent cleaning of the stairs, hard floor, carpet, and tiles. To save your battery for more prolonged use, you can choose to use ECO mode to vacuum hard floors, tiles, and any other hard surface.
For extra powerful suction, Turbo mode should be your choice to use on rugs, carpets, picking pet hairs, cat litters and other variables like tasks.
Roomie Tec vacuum weighs 4.5 pounds, but you can make it much lighter when cleaning the stairs by detaching the handheld vacuum. It will reduce the weight from 4.5 pounds to 2.1 pounds. It is a rechargeable vacuum with a 2200mAh Li-ion battery which is enough for daily use. It takes around four hours to fully recharge the vacuum battery which can go for 23 working minutes.
Other features that make this vacuum unique are its high versatility in cleaning since it can rotate at 180 degrees. The unit is bagless and therefore uses a 0.5-liters dirt cup that is easy to remove when emptying it.
The only thing that you might not like about Roomie Tec vacuum is the size of the dirt cup which does not hold much and thereby requiring you to make frequent trips to empty it. Other than that, it is an excellent vacuum for cleaning stairs and other surfaces.


Q: What type of a vacuum should I consider for my stairs cleaning?

The best and suitable type of vacuum cleaner would be a cordless one. Most of the staircases don’t have a power outlet to plug a power cord for electrical vacuum cleaners. Therefore, unless the cord is long enough to extend to the stairs, it would be challenging to use an electric powered vacuum cleaner.
Another challenge is the weight. Since you will be ascending or descending the stairs, you will need to lift and carry your vacuum cleaner once in a while. Thus, choose to use a lightweight vacuum cleaner.
But, if the vacuum of your choice has enough length of the power cord and it is lightweight, then it should be the right tool for cleaning stairs.

Q: Which device should I look for in a vacuum for stairs cleaning?

The vacuum of your choice should have a crevice tool apart from others. The device is essential in reaching stairs corners when cleaning. Without this tool, your stairs cleaning will not be complete.
Other tools will depend on the type of floor. For instance, if it is a carpeted staircase, you will need to have an attachment of a good carpet brush which can get into the fibers to clean all dirt and debris. If it is a hardwood floor, then a standard brush and powerful suction will be ideal for the kind of stairs.

Q: Is a HEPA filter in a vacuum important?

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is necessary especially for bagless vacuums. HEPA filter prevents suctioned dust from reverting to the already vacuumed room. The micro lining in disposable bags traps dander in them and therefore cannot return to the air.
If you are going for a bagless vacuum, then it is a great necessity to have this HEPA filter.

Q: Can I change my vacuum’s HEPA filter and how often?

Yes, it is necessary to change the HEPA filter since it is essential in maintaining your vacuum’s motor. A vacuum suction will suck in all dirt which will get deposited in its bag or dirt cup.
The work of a filter is to trap the microscopic dust and allergens that cannot be held by the trash bag or dirt cup to prevent damaging the motor. With the regular filter, some of this dust may find its way back in the air.
The HEPA filter traps every particle of dust and allergens and conceals it to prevent escaping back in the air.
Because of handling such dust and dirt, the HEPA filter will eventually get worn out. Therefore after about three years, you need to change your HEPA filter to maintain your vacuum’s suction performance while protecting the motor.


We hope you have collected enough information to make a sound decision in picking the best vacuum cleaner for stairs that will suit your needs.
If you have already made that vital decision and identified a vacuum of your choice, then click on it to further have a look at other details we might have missed out. Also, you will get to read what other users have to say about it in the customers’ review. Don’t stop there but go ahead and place your order immediately to avoid taking more time of acquiring it.

What was your best vacuum choice?

Share with us your opinion in the comments section.

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