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Best Tile Floor Mops (Reviews 2022) – What is the best kind of mop to consider for my tile floor?

It can be challenging to clean a tile floor, especially when using the wrong mop. Instead of cleaning, it will leave behind streaks of dirt and even worse than it was before.
Moreover, the most challenging part of tile cleaning is the grout area. Most mops don’t have the right fiber to clean the area effectively. Therefore, dirt and grime will collect in the line between the tiles to form mold and mildew especially in the wet rooms such as bathrooms or men’s urinal floors.

Some of the high technology mops use steam for moping which can not only clean to leave your floor sparkling clean but, sanitizes it as well to leave it germ-free. However, since there are many different mops in the market, it would be difficult to identify the right one for tile cleaning.
In our list of the best tile floor mops, we have carefully selected and covered almost every mop for every user’s requirements. Read on to identify what suits your cleaning needs.

The Top 10 Best Tile Floor Mops

#1 Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940

Bissell is a powerful electrical steam mop for tiles floor cleaning. It can remove any sticky mess such as grease or sugary spills or grime and dirt using its flip-down scrubber. It is a dependable mop tool which doubles up its value of tile cleaning with eliminating 99.9 percent of the bacteria and germs using the natural steam power. No worries of toxic chemicals which it doesn’t apply.
You can control the cleaning intensity to low, medium or high by its digital setting of steam control depending on the amount of dirt you have to tackle.
Bissell PowerFresh has a swivel steering to turn it to the direction of your cleaning and also works with a 23-foot power cable to reach far.
The steam mop has a power rating of 1500 watts. It includes accessories such as microfiber scrubbing pad, soft pad, fragrance discs with spring breeze scent that leaves your cleaned area smelling fresh, and also glider for carpet cleaning.
The mop is a versatile one that you can use on all hard floors beside tiles floors. Try it out. You will never forget the experience and the outcome of it.

#2 O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-Cedar is a manual mop made easy. Unlike other manual mops whereby you have to wring out water using your strength, this one does the same but in a much better way. It wrings the mop by merely stepping on a pedal. The bucket has a unique design to do just that.
You don’t have to worry about water splashing on your legs when wringing the mop since the bucket has a guard to prevent it.
The mop features a telescopic handle which is adjustable to a height of your choice up to 51 inches, and the mop-head is machine washable.
The only downside of this mop is the telescopic handle which can break easily. But with extra care, it can last you for a long time.

#3 Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

Using Mopnado mop, you only need to “clean smarter not harder” as is the company’s motto.
The mop unit is a multi-surface cleaner that cleans tile floors among others. It swivels at 180 degrees to make any turn for effective cleaning. It is swivel lockable to stop it from revolving when cleaning other surfaces such as the walls.
You can either roll the bucket or lift it for portability.
It features two 14-inch mop heads, one 14-inch scrub brush, one adjustable handle from 47 inches to 56 inches, one soap dispenser, and one bucket.
It is a great mop for tile floors. But, a slight downside is its weak point between the handle and the mop head which can easily break with vigorous cleaning.

#4 Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Steam Pocket Mop multi-floor cleaner is the best mop to use if you have pets or children around who can’t wait for the floor to dry up. The system of using steam is the best for mopping this tile floor since the hot steam dries up quickly.
Besides cleaning the floor to eliminate all dirt and grime, the extra-heated steam cleaning system destroys bacteria and germs up to 99.9% leaving you with a healthier living environment.
Once you power on the mop, it only takes 30 seconds for the water to heat and ready to release the steam. You will release the right amount of steam by pumping the handle 5 to 10 times.
The steam mop features two micro-fiber pads that are washable making it economical to use, 25-ft power cable, and an ergonomic handle with a soft grip.
The only downside with this mop is that you cannot use it on walls or vertical areas. Besides that, it is an excellent cleaner to have among your cleaning tools.

#5 Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Rubber maid is best to use on all types of hard floors and in this case the tile floor. It is a spray mop meaning it has refillable 22 oz spray bottle a cleaning solution of your choice. The spray bottle is manually operated with ease using a handle trigger.
The secret to a radiant floor while using Rubbermaid Reveal mop is to fill up the spray bottle with hot water then, mix in two teaspoons of the cleaning solution of your best choice. That way you will not only have a radiant floor but one that will dry up quickly.
Rubbermaid Reveal features reusable microfiber pads that are machine washable up to 100 times. The cleaning pad washes more than 50% of dirt per one swipe beating a regular mop. It also has a scrubber for cleaning stubborn dirty area without scratching the tiles.
One flaw with the mop is that sometimes the spray stops to function unless you run water through its discharge line after every cleaning. If this is a problem you can overlook, then nothing should stop you from acquiring it. There are more benefits to experience from the mop.

#6 18” Professional Microfiber Mop

18” Professional is the best mop to use in your office as well as your home in cleaning your tile floor.
This mop is a sturdy one that features aluminum heavy-duty mop frame, an adjustable mop handle of stainless steel, one microfiber dust mop pad and two wet mops, also two premium free microfiber cloths.
The reason why this mop is a favorite of many users is by having both dust mop and the wet mop. Both of these mops clean thoroughly and effectively leaving behind a radiant floor. The dust mop is useful in picking up larger debris including pet hair and other dirt particles. After that, you can then use the wet mop to deep clean off the remaining dirt such as dust.
If you want to get the first-hand exciting experience of this mop, simply get one for yourself.
The challenge you will face with 18” Professional mop is how to wet it and wring out the water. Some users choose to use the sink to wet the floor mop. But how they wring it, is another challenge.

#7 Light ‘n’ Easy Steam Mop

Light ‘n’ Easy Steam mop is as its name. It is an electrical powered super lightweight mop weighing 3.5 pounds. Therefore, there will be no more heaving of a heavy bucket of dirty water around and mop wringing.
It operates with a 20 ft power cord enough for far reach. It has the power of 20v/1150w and 110 to120v frequency. It features a 220ml water tank for enough steam to clean your floor.
Within 20 seconds of powering it on, it heats up water and then releases steam by the press of the handle. You will need to pull the mop handle back and forth for about ten times to agitate the steam release. The advantage of the steam mopping is fast drying, shiny and a safe floor.
With the natural steam power, you clean your floor while sanitizing it and therefore eliminating bacteria and germs up to 99.9 percent. It comes with one microfiber washable pad which is also replaceable.
It is a multi-floor cleaner to use on all hard floors and even on a carpet with an addition of a carpet glider sold separately.
The downside of this mop is that it comes with only one pad which you will need to replace every two months. But, it is the best mop for tile floor cleaning.

#8 Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop

Are you looking for a mop that could clean pet messes and odor to restore the freshness of your house? Bissell Symphony is the mop that can cover your need. For the purchase of this mop, you better the life of another pet by donating to Bissell Pet Foundation.
Bissell Symphony is a two-in-one cleaning tool with a power rating of 1100 watts for steam and 400 watts for the vacuum that has a heater warm-up time of 30 seconds.
It vacuums and at the same time steam mops the floor. When considering the mess of pets, the unit features a ‘Drop-it’ tank where you don’t have to hand-handle the used water while emptying it. Also, it comes with four disposable pads for use on pet messes.
It also features cyclonic vacuum, quick release tray for mop pad, dry-tank tech, steam-boost tray among others and a 25-ft power cord.
The challenge with this steam mop is that it doesn’t have a power cord rewind system and therefore you have to do it manually after cleaning. Nevertheless, it still maintains its powerful cleaning effect.

#9 Aootek Upgraded Stainless Steel Deluxe 360 Spin Mop

Some people prefer to be spot-on in their cleaning tasks. If you are one of these kinds of people, Aootek manual mop should then be your best cleaning tool.
The mop includes a bucket, three microfiber mop heads, and an easy to press handle for quick wringing. As you can read, it is a stainless steel spin dry basket and therefore durable to endure the spin and squeezing of the mop.
The handle is also sturdy which is of stainless steel and no wonder the whole set comes with a one-year warranty.
Aootek mop includes three other super-microfiber mop heads that are machine washable and can last up to 12 months. Therefore, your tile floor mopping will be made easy with Aootek mop.
The only drawback with this unit is the bucket and the mop head size which are a bit smaller. But, overall, it is a mop you would love to use for that spot-on cleaning.

#10 ThermaPro Steam Mop Cleaner

Convert your floor cleaning from the dreaded chore to a fun exercise. ThermaPro will help you to do that and much more.
The electrical steam mop will reduce your cleaning time by more than 50 percent compared to using an ordinary mop. It takes only 30 seconds for the super-heated steam mop to be ready for cleaning once you power it on. Also, it cleans thoroughly and sanitizes your house eliminating 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs leaving it safe for your family and pets.
You can either use it as a mop for all surfaces or detach it to use as a handheld unit for direct steam cleaning and especially on your steam-cleaning garments and other sensitive areas such as your kitchen counter.
It has controls for adjusting the steamer levels for specific needs and a 340-ml reservoir that can go for 20-25 minutes when on low mode. Try it out; you will discover more of its goodness while using it.
What you may not like with ThermaPro is its small size pad which requires frequent changing since it gets dirty quickly.


Q: What is the best kind of mop to consider for my tile floor?

A steam mop would be the best choice for tile cleaning. By using steam, it would be easy to remove the toughest grime and eliminate stains as well.
Besides that, it reaches the grout line to clean it thoroughly and sanitizes it leaving it fresh and safe from germs and bacteria. However, not all steam mops can achieve that.
Some manually operated mops can also clean tiles and leave them shining clean. It all depends on the user and how you will use your cleaning unit.

Q: How can I avoid footprints on my tile floor after mopping it?

The first thing is to realize footprints will form on a wet tile floor which eventually dries up with the prints.
When mopping, make sure you leave your tile floor well rinsed and near dry if using an ordinary mop. Squeeze or spin your mop to remove all water then wipe your floor to dry it and make it shine while also making sure to prevent formation water spots.
Before it dries up, prevent anyone or your pet from walking on it until you are sure it has dried up. That way, you will never have footprints on your floor.

Q: How can I achieve a shiny tile floor?

First, sweep your tile floor to make sure it is free of any abrasive particles, sand, and debris. Get ready with clean warm water and a clean mop. Dip in the mop in the clean water and then wring it to dry.
Mop your floor using the wrung mop and repeat the process on the same spot twice to make sure it completely clean. Continue that way until you have finished with your entire tile floor. Make sure to change water frequently when you notice it is dirty.
It does not take time to dry if you wrung the mop enough to remove all water from it. Nevertheless, leave it to completely dry before letting anyone in or stepping on the wet tile floor.


There is nothing that can lift your spirit better than achieving a shiny floor that sparkles even from far. No one can take you wrong if you wish it to remain that way always.
You can only have that kind of feeling if you use one of the best tile floor mops in this review. We hope by now, you have made your choice. If so, we wish you the best cleaning experience. If not, don’t wait anymore. Simply click on the product to finalize your buy.

Did the review help you identify your best tile floor mop?

We can’t wait to read about your choice and your success story of using it.  Also, you can mention the difficulties you encountered while using it.

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