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Best Tile Floor Cleaning Products (Reviews 2021) – Why is my floor sticky after mopping?

Cleaning a tiled floor can be challenging and especially when you have no idea which product to use to make it appear clean and shiny as you see them in the reception areas of high-class hotels.
You may question why your floor has streaks and a dull appearance after cleaning it.

To choose the best tile floor cleaning product is essential so that you can have a beautiful floor you most desire. But, there are so many different kinds of cleaning solutions in the market that you may never know which one will work best.
Some cleaning products are packed in attractive bottle designs to attract you in buying them. But, it is the content that matters in providing effective cleaning results than the design of the packaging.
We have gathered some of the best tile floor cleaning products after a thorough search and given you a review on each product. Keep right here to get the information that will help you make your best choice.

The Top 10 Best Tile Floor Cleaning Products

#1 Hoover Multi-Floor and Hard Floor Cleaner Formula AH30425NF

Hoover Multi-Floor cleaner is a concentrated formula detergent that goes far for just a little of it. The solution must be mixed with hot tap water to dilute it which is a plus for the user.
Hoover Multi-floor cleaning detergent is an easy and quick solution that cleans all kinds of dirt and grime including the sticky ones to leave you with the best cleaning results. It has been formulated to clean tile floors and any other hard floor while removing any tough stains.
This detergent cleaner has a linen scent that will leave your floor smelling fresh and free from any odor. You can use it with any cleaning tool but, it is best compatible with Hoover cleaning machine.
The solution is most suitable for tiled-floors but leaves streaks on the hardwood floor.

#2 Grout-EEZ Super Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner

Grout-EEZ is a heavy-duty tile solution that cleans both tiles and grout lines to leave your floor cleaner and brighter. It easily removes grime, dirt, and stains from tile, porcelain, and ceramic floor. The solution comes with a FREE grout brush cleaner that you can fix on any standard broom handle.
The brush is specially made for grout cleaning and thus has a ‘v-shape’ to fit well in the grout for effective cleaning. There will be no more squatting or bending while cleaning with Grout-EEZ product.
Grout-EEZ is a cleaning solution most popular with professional cleaners for its effectiveness in grout cleaning, for its fast and easy to use. It is therefore guaranteed to give you best and effective cleaning results. Get your money back in 30 days and without any question if you are not satisfied with it.
If only they could offer the brush with its rightful fitting pole, it would have been a breeze to work with the brush while standing. But, most users have to squat and hold the ‘too big’ brush for the hand because they can hardly get the right pole size that can fit the brush.
Besides that, Grout-EEZ supersedes any other solution in cleaning tiles and the grout.

#3 Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner

Nature’s Miracle cleaner comes in two variables contents, 128 ounces, and 24 ounces to give you an alternative to buying the content you most prefer.
The solution has a dual action which is eliminating odor and removing stains while cleaning the tiles. It penetrates the grout to clean and remove mold, mildew odors.
The solution which has bio-enzymatic formula is tough on all kinds of stains and dirt but gentler on your tile floor by protecting its finish. It is also safe to use around your pets and for kitchen use as long as you follow the user directions.

#4 Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner – 2 Gallons

Bona Company is a household name on cleaning products and has the best tile and laminate floor cleaner Bona Stone.
This product comes in three packaging variations which are 4 gallons, 2 gallons, and 128 ounces. Therefore you have an option to choose your best amount according to your cleaning purpose.
Bona Stone is nontoxic and therefore friendly to the environment, children and pets. The cleaner which leaves behind a shinning floor by effectively removing grime, dirt, and dust is easy to use. It is versatile to use on all stone floors including tiles and laminated, terrazzo, porous-sealed marble floor, and any other stone floor.
The bottle which has a wide opening is easy for refilling your spray bottle or spray mops. It works well with any mop.
Most users complain that the product leaves streaks on the laminate floor. But, it is an excellent one on tile floors.

#5 Method Squirt & Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

Method Squirt is a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solution and therefore environmental friendly to use around children and pets.
It is versatile to use on almost all kinds of floors with outstanding clean results. You can use the product once a week and the rest of the week you run your microfiber mop, and it will remain shiny.
It is best to use Method Squirt with your steam mop when cleaning your floor. It will not only leave it clean and shining but also smelling fresh from the scent. The cleaning solution comes in various scents, and therefore you will always select your favorite one.
It dries fast and therefore you don’t have to wait like other products and restrict your pet from the cleaned area. Method Squirt dries as you continue mopping.
This cleaning product, however, is not tough on stains but an effective general cleaner with great after results.

#6 Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleaner Gel – 28.6 oz

When dealing with tough stains and you have tried all other solutions with no success, turn to Soft Scrub gel which is formulated with the right amount of bleach to eliminate all those stains without a struggle.
Soft Scrub with Bleach cleans and disinfects your floor to eliminate 99.9% of household microorganisms and other bacteria to leave you with a germ-free environment. The formula does not only clean and removes germs and odor, but it is robust in eliminating stains and gentle on the tile floor.
This formula is versatile and non-abrasive that cleans your floor and other surfaces such as a ceramic sink and toilet bowl without causing scathes.
The only thing you might find irritating is the bleach smell. But, it does not last for long after use. Otherwise, it a cleaning solution you might want to try.

#7 Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner

Better Life cleaner is a safe cleaning solution that has plants ingredients which are all-natural. The solution does not contain any synthetic dyes, fragrances, and other toxic materials. Instead, it derives its scents, color and everything it has from plants. It’s a multi-purpose cleaning solution for all time.
Using all-natural ingredients does not make Better Life any weaker but, instead, it is more powerful to clean off grime, dirt, greasy dirt, and to eliminate stains. The cleaning solution uses natural plants scents such as mint, bergamot, and others leaving your cleaned area smelling fresh.
The packaging of the products involves solar energy with recyclable, biodegradable materials that are friendly to the environment.
However, the natural color and the scent can be affected by weather and especially if exposed to sunlight. But, despite that, Better Life remains tops of tile cleaning products.

#8 Black Diamond Stone & Tiles Intensive Cleaner

Black Diamond is a cleaning solution best for thorough natural stone and tile floors cleaning and yet safe and biodegradable. It merely maintains and restores the original beauty of both the stone and tile floors while cleaning the grout as well.
It is safe for deep cleaning of all tile surfaces and natural stones without causing any damage such as scathing or etching the natural stones. It does not have any solvent or harsh abrasive acid for cleaning ingredient compared to other cleaning solutions.
Black Diamond stone and tiles cleaner is a concentrated solution that you can dilute to the ratio of 1 to 32 making it economical to last you longer than you expect while cleaning excellently.
The solution can peel off ingrained dirt buildup of many years without using vigorous scrubbing leaving your floor looking brand new. Try it out to believe it.
The only challenge with Black Diamond Stone & Tiles Intensive cleaner is that it is not very strong on stains. However, it does a superb job on all stone and tile surfaces.

#9 Rejuvenate No-Bucket Floor Cleaner Fresh Scent

Rejuvenate is a spray-on to use on your mop system when mopping your tile floor. The cleaner is PH-balanced formula that strips off old wax and dirt buildup without leaving a residue. It is, therefore, a powerful solution that cleans to remove grime, grease, and any other dirt to leave your floor shining clean.
This cleaner is a direct use on the floor without diluting it in the bucket. Thus, it is called ‘No-Bucket Floor Cleaner’ meaning you will use it directly on the floor and then mop it for the shiny and cleanest finish.
Rejuvenate cleaner is water-based and therefore nontoxic and does not harm the floor by scathing it. The product has been recognized and certified by Greenguard Gold for being low on chemical emissions for a cleaner environment.

#10 Mrs. Meyer’s Tub and Tile Cleaner

Soap scum buildup can be stubborn to clean and also it is a hive of germs and other bacteria. If you have tried other solutions and you don’t experience any satisfying results, Mrs. Meyer’s Tub and Tile Cleaner should be your cleaning choice.
Mrs. Meyer’s Tub and Tile Cleaner is best to use on your bathroom floor to remove soap scum four times better than most other cleaning products.
The product which is not toxic is safe to use on your tile floor and tile wall to remove grime, dirt, mold, and mildew as well as cleaning your bathroom fixtures. It comes in different scents for a better selection.
It is easy to use. You only have to spray it on the surface and then wipe it off to clean it.


Q: Why is my floor sticky after mopping it?

The main reason for a stick floor after mopping is using too much heavy dilution cleaning solution.

Q: What is the difference between ceramic tile and porcelain tile?

Ceramic is the generic name for all clay-based products whereas porcelain is one specific type of ceramic. Porcelain products are made from porcelain clay treated in extremely high temperature. This kind of treatment makes it sturdy and durable with a 0.5% rate of water absorption.
Different from porcelain, non-porcelain ceramics use white and red clay as its raw material which is treated at a low temperature. These kinds of ceramics are not sturdy, and neither are they durable. Also, they don’t have a high resistance to moisture.

Q: Can I use wax or finish on my tile floor?

No, you don’t need to wax or use a finish on your tile floor. Ceramic tiles in other words glazed tiles cannot absorb wax or finish, and therefore it will be left on the surface without any use. Moreover, it can be dangerous to walk on a waxed tile floor because of the risk of slipping and falling.
On the other hand, the grout which will absorb the wax can be a hive of breeding germs from the collection of the wax.
If you want your floor to be clean with a subtle shine and therefore maintain its beauty, you only need just to clean it using one of the best tile floors cleaning solution and your choice of a mop tool. Remember to clean the grout lines as well to match them with the clean tiles.
However, if you still want to wax your tile floor, apply a safe wax for tile floor and leave it to dry completely. Then you buff the floor using a buffing machine or hand until it appears shiny to reduce the risk of a slippery floor.


Caring for a tile floor may appear to be challenging and especially since you need to retain the shiny and the beautiful look. But, with frequent vacuuming or sweeping, you will prevent dirt buildup and especially in the grout lines. Wipeout promptly any spills because some of them can stain your tile floor.
The hype about cleaning tiled floors using vinegar is all wrong. Vinegar is acidic. Bleach and acid based products may yellow tiles instead of cleaning them to shine. Use the right tile cleaning solution, and your cleaning task can never be any simpler.

Did you identify a product for your tile cleaning solution?

If you have, just click on it to finalize your buying process. Remember, to leave us your comments. We would love to read what is in your mind.

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