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Best Polaris Pool Cleaner: 2021 Top Picks and Buying Guide

When it comes to pool cleaners, Polaris is one of the most trusted brands all over the world. The company has an unmatched reputation not only for their products but also for their customer service. They offer an industry-leading warranty and has superb after-sales customer support. Regardless of the pool that you have and the type of the cleaner that you need, chances are, you will find a reliable product from Polaris.
Looking for the best Polaris pool cleaner? Overwhelmed with the tons of the options that are available? We are here to help you out. Keep on reading and we will help you to come up with the right decision on what to buy!

Best Polaris Pool Cleaner – Our Top Pick

#1 Editor’s Choice: Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

If you are looking for a powerful pool cleaner, you do not have to search far! This is a favorite amongst many people, providing you with the confidence that it will indeed be exceptional.
Among others, the triple jet system is one thing that gives it a distinct advantage over many of its competitors. With the venturi jets, it can easily propel through water and can clean even the walls. It also comes with a large throat, which will allow it to easily take in any debris from the pool. This is complemented by the filter bag that has a large chamber, allowing it to collect more before there is a need to have it cleaned.
While it is a corded cleaner, there is no need to worry about its maneuverability. The cord is 31 feet, which allows it to move easily when cleaning, even when far from the source of power.
The unit is compatible with a booster pump, although the latter should be purchased separately. If you have a large pool and you need to get rid of large debris, the pump will be able to extend a helping hand.
Best Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

#2 Best Pressure Side Pool Cleaner: Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900

Among others, one of the first things that you will notice in this pool cleaner is the three-wheel base. The latter makes it more stable and less prone to tipping. There is a stainless steel chain that connects the wheels to the gearbox to facilitate their movement. It also has the innovative Posi Drive System. It is designed to deliver 50% more torque compared to most of its competitors.
Similar to the model that has been mentioned above, the reliability of this product can also be attributed to the three jets. It does not only pull even large debris, but it also helps to increase the circulation of water.
Meanwhile, the cleaner comes with a dual chamber filter bag that can hold dirt of up to five liters. This minimizes the wear and tear of the filter.
It is also worth noting that the kit is inclusive of TailSweep PRO. The latter is a sweep hose attachment that works in places that are hard to reach and in corners. This also prevents the water from being sprayed out of the pool.

#3 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners: Polaris F9550

This is a robotic cleaner that is made specifically for in-ground pools. It is a 4-wheel drive, allowing it to effortlessly tread the floor. It has Aqua Trax tires, which are developed to perform well regardless of the material of the pool’s surface. The wheels will also make it effortless to climb the walls when cleaning. It also has a low-torque swivel that will prevent the cable from tangling to the wheels.
It is a smart cleaner that functions as if it has a mind of its own, making it convenient and user-friendly. It comes with a motion-sensing remote, providing you with complete control over how it cleans your swimming pool. It also has a 7-day timer so that you can pre-program the settings and leave it to automatically work on its own.
Another exceptional feature of this model is the Easy Lift System. With a single touch, the cleaner will drive itself to the surface, evacuating immediately from the water.
Lastly, there is also an easy-clean canister that houses the filter of the unit. All that you have to do is to shake the canister and spray it with water.

#4 Best Suction Pool Cleaner: Polaris ATV F7

Although not as popular as the options that have been mentioned above, this is another Polaris pool cleaner that should be on your radar. This is the first suction side cleaner from the company that can be directly connected to an existing filter system. This means that there is no more need for a booster pump or a collection bag.
The all-terrain pool vacuum promises to deliver powerful performance regardless of the design of your in-ground pool. It comes with exclusively-developed reversible tires. With the reverse drive mechanism, this is the only product that is capable of vacuuming in reverse.
To be more reliable, the equipment comes with a flow regulator. The latter is the one that is responsible for making automatic adjustments on the amount of the water that is flowing out of the vacuum. There is also an auxiliary inlet to continuously feed water to the pump even if there are clogs. This is also the one that prevents pump cavitation.
It comes with a 40-foot hose, which will provide it with an extended reach. Even if you have a large pool., this cleaner is sure to not disappoint.

Wrap Up

Almost any model of pool cleaner from Polaris can be promising in terms of its performance. However, if we only have to pick one as a winner, we’ll go for the Polaris Vac-Sweep 380. It has a powerful triple-jet motor that will allow it to clean both the floor and the wall. It has an exceptional filtration system and can get rid even of large debris. It is sure to make your life a lot easier as a pool owner!

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