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Best Laminate Floor Steam Mops (Reviews 2021) – How often do I need to steam mop my laminated floor?

Do you always hear that you can ruin your laminate floor if you expose it to liquid by wet mopping it and you are wondering what you can use to clean it?
It is true you can ruin your laminate floor if you expose it to being wet and hence the need to use the best laminate floor steam mop. It is the only way to clean that delicate floor without damaging it.
If any liquid enters between the laminated floor panels, it can cause them irreparable damage by warping or swelling.
While you can dry vacuum clean the floor and appear clean to the eye, it is not enough cleaning. You need to do more than that by steam cleaning it. You will not only eliminate dirt and dust but also sanitize it to protect your loved ones from allergens and germs.
Since not all floor steam mops are suitable for laminate floors, you need to be careful while shopping for your unit. You may choose to research through the internet or ask around to get all the facts necessary in making the right decision.
However, to save you from all that hassle and time, we have compiled a list of the top seven best laminate floor steam mops in the market. Along with that, we have gathered all the information necessary by reviewing each product to ease your decision making and selection.
Therefore, join the conversation to get the reviews of the best laminate floor steam mop. Be our guest!

Top 7 Best Laminate Floor Steam Mops

#1 Best Overall – McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

If you are looking for a powerful steam mop and yet gentle on lamination floor, look no further. The answer is right here with McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner.
This canister steam cleaner will solve most of your steam cleaning besides our primary focus, which is laminate floors. It is a versatile cleaner that will clean almost all surfaces. To help you cover most of your cleaning, it comes with eighteen accessories which are part of its package price.
Some of the essential accessories are; mop head, two microfiber pads, jet nozzle, two extension wands, and the rest.
While using this steam cleaner, you don’t have to add chemicals into its canister as the steam will sanitize your floor. It will eliminate all bacteria, germs, and even clean out all dirt and grime.
Again, what makes this the best overall in our review is the large capacity tank which will ease your burden of frequently filling it up. It does not affect its heating time as it takes less than eight minutes to steam up. You can opt to lock the steam trigger for continuous cleaning rather than pressing the trigger manually.
With a 9-foot steam hose and 15.7-foot power cord, you are sure to cover a larger surface area without unplugging it.
The steam cleaner is a bit noisy, but it is a noise you can contain since it is not so loud. Also, the price tag might stretch your pocket.
Try it out. It works as mentioned and much more. Click on the Amazon button to place your order.

#2 Premium Choice – Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop Floor Steamer

Light ‘N’ Easy is the best choice if you prefer a steam mop that is light in weight for extended cleaning. Weighing at only four pounds, you will agree it is a lightweight steam mop. Again, it will make your steam cleaning easy since it can swivel its mop head to maneuver it effortlessly.
It is a multifunction mop floor steamer that besides cleaning your laminated floor, you can use it for other floor surfaces such as tiles, engineered hardwood, vinyl and others. You will find it easy to assemble and to attach a pad to the mop head.
It heats up so fast that within 15 to 30 seconds it is ready to release steam although you have to move it to and from to activate the steam release. The steak dries up within 30 seconds to use the floor immediately.
It is fascinating to realize that it releases the steam by the speed of your movement.  If you are slow, it slows the release to avoid wetting the floor and causing warping.
The 20-foot power cord might be a little short if you have an extended cleaning surface. But, it can only need one or two outlet changes. Other than that, it is a great steam mop you need to consider having.
Do you want to find more about it and reading other users’ reviews? Click on it to open as well as placing your order if you like it.

#3 Best on Budget – Shark Original Steam Mop (S3101)

Shark Original Steam Mop has a unique feature that gives you full control to release the steam as you deem best. You will, therefore, initiate steam release on demand and wherever you need it.
The Shark steam mop is pocket-friendly and thus, will fit well within your budget by its best budget price tag. It does not mean that it compromises features and quality for that low price. No, it has features like any other steam mop if not better.
This steam mop, which is has a household brand name in surface cleaning products, is best in sanitizing the floor using super-heated steam that does not require the use of any toxic chemical. It is robust to remove all dirt and grime using its triple-layer microfiber pads on steam.
Shark Original steam mop is the best to use with your loved ones in mind to eliminate bacteria and other harmful disease-causing germs such as E. Coli. Better still, it is a durable steam mop that you will dispose it out of choice but not by spoil.
The only slight challenge is that it does not swivel. Nevertheless, with its light weight of 5.5 pounds, you can maneuver it around effortlessly.
Click the Amazon button to check the price and get more information. You might want to place your order as well.

 #4 Best Value – Steam Mop ThermaPro

Do you desire to have a spotlessly clean laminated floor and yet you detest mopping and squeezing dry your mopping pad? Your best laminate floor cleaning solution is here now. ThermaPro Steam Mop is your answer.
You will no longer dread mopping your floor again but, you will always look forward to having fun while doing it. It is all luxury to clean your laminate floor using ThermaPro, and also the right way to keep it sanitized without the use of toxic chemicals. The steam eliminates allergens and germs up to about 99.9 per cent.
You will cut your cleaning time and effort to more than half of manual mopping while using this steam cleaning. The super-heated steam gets ready in 30 seconds, which is an added time-saving.
Moreover, you will only have to use tap water for steam cleaning instead of buying expensive detergents, and thus saving you on cash. The build-in 340ml reservoir will give you enough cleaning either on maximum steam or on lower.
Again, you can use the handheld hose for detail and closer cleaning, especially when steam cleaning your clothes, carpet, rugs and others.
The only slight issue is the mop pad design that does not fit well on the head. Other than that, it remains the best value steam mop for laminate floors.
Check it out on Amazon by clicking on the button to find the price and its ratings.

 #5 Professional Steam Mop– O-Cedar Microfiber

O-Cedar Microfiber is a light-weight steam mop that weighs only 7.5 pounds that you can easily maneuver it across floors during the steam cleaning.
It has variable steam settings for cleaning various types of surfaces and in this case, your laminate floor. The head triangle shape is a unique O-Cedar design to enable the steam mop to reach difficult to clean edges and corners.
It cleans using a microfiber pad that absorbs all dirt and dust while eliminating all bacteria and germs to leave your floor not only clean but sanitized as well.
Carpets and rugs are not left behind by O-Cedar Steam Mop. It has a glider you can snap it on to use on carpets and rugs while steam cleaning them.
Enjoy deep cleaning your laminated floor using O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop to get peace of mind knowing you have a clean and germ-free environment for your family.
However, one downside with this steam mop is the unique shape of the mop head, which poses difficulties in getting a replaceable pad unless you buy the O-Cedar ones. Otherwise, apart from that slight challenge, the steam mop is the best for all surfaces steam cleaning.
Why don’t you try it out? If you would like to place your order, click the Amazon button below the image.

#6 Bissell Steam Mop Select, Titanium 94E9T

If you intend to give your laminate floor a deep clean that will not only removes all dirt and grime but also eliminates all germs and bacteria, then you should consider Bissell Steam Mop Titanium.
This unit will save you from hauling about a bucket and a mop while wringing it to dry out to prevent your floor from warping thoroughly — Trust Bissell Steam Mop for an excellent steam mop that will protect your floor.
The mop head is a triangle shape to reach every corner and edge for optimum steam cleaning.
Since it is a steam mop, it will sanitize your floor while removing build-in dirt and grime. To perfect your floor shine, you don’t need any detergent, rather only the steam mop and tap water.
To cover your entire cleaning task in as little time as possible, you need Bissell Steam Mop which is the laminate floor cleaning solution. While using it, you will cover a whole area using very little water. Less than 450 ml is enough to cover your whole cleaning lot.
Again, you don’t need to put a sign such as ‘wet floor’ or ‘slippery floor’ since the floor dries up within seconds of cleaning and thus you can use it immediately.
It is also affordable and best for the budget. Click on it to check the price and place your order.

#7 PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner

PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner is what you need for heavy steam cleaning. The canister steam cleaner holds 1.5 liters of water to cover your nonstop steam cleaning for 45 minutes. Within that time, you can complete an entire cleaning task at one go.
PureClean XL is a multi-floor steam cleaner. You traverse different kinds of floors including carpeted floor, wood floor and the rest without having to stop to adjust any settings. It does not need any assembling except attaching the microfiber pads for your laminate floor cleaning.
You can also clean your window by attaching a squeegee to the extension wand for high reach. Also, the mop head has a triangle shape to steam mop up the edges and corners efficiently.
One more thing that is unique with this steam cleaner is the steam jet nozzle. It is essential for detailed steam cleaning on certain target areas such as a stain on the floor, caked dirt, tile grout, oven, clothes, and many others.
The price is a little higher compared to other steam cleaners in this review but within affordability. You can’t compare the price and its quality. Click on it to initiate the buying process from Amazon.

Tips on Cleaning a Laminate Floor Using a Steam Mop

Read carefully the instructions that come with your steam mop to grasp how to use it. Every steam mop has its unique features which you should first learn and know how to initiate your cleaning.
Nevertheless, there are a few steps you should follow to excel in cleaning your laminate floor, which is universal to all steam mops.

Laminate Floor Steam Mops FAQs

Q: How often do I need to steam mop my laminated floor?

It will depend on the extent of traffic on your floor and how dirty it is. However, to keep it clean, glossy, and sanitized, you need to mop it once a week in extreme cases or once in two weeks in the ordinary circumstances.
Moreover, the essential thing is to use the best laminate floor steam mop such as we have mentioned in our list. The selection has the best with suitable microfiber for use on laminate floor.

Q: Is it necessary to engage professional services for my laminate floor cleaning?

With the right tool such as one of the best laminate floor steam mops while following cleaning instructions to the later, you won’t need to engage professional services.
However, if you feel in doubt of doing it in the right way, you can engage one and learn from them. Again, having a professional touch at least once in a year would help to restore lost the luster or beauty to your floor.

Q: What should I do in case of liquid spillage on my laminate floor?

As you know, laminate flooring is an enemy to liquids and the worst source of damage. Therefore, if you accidentally spill some of it on the floor, you need to dab using an absorbent cloth which you should always have on standby. Or, you can use a sponge which is equally absorptive.
Wipe the liquid away from the joint to avoid it sipping inside. Getting inside the joints can cause panels or boards warping or bubbling. Both are severe damages to laminate flooring. You can only repair such damages by replacing the damaged panels.


One of the highest challenges in laminated floor cleaning is identifying the right tool. A slight mistake of using a wrong one will be a blunder that would ruin your entire floor. Again, you need to follow the user’s instructions of your steam mop to avoid making another mistake.
However, nothing of the sort can happen since you have the best laminate floor steam cleaners to choose from in this review. We believe you have already identified what suits you best.

Did you place your order? If so, take us through your decision making.

We would love to hear what prompted you to that decision. Leave us your comments in the section here below.

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