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9 Top Best Laminate Floor Cleaners (Reviews 2022) – Why do I always have after-cleaning streaks on my laminate floor?

If there is one chore most people dread is floor cleaning and especially a laminate floor. But, using one of the best laminate floor cleaners would be a breeze and easy. The inevitable task you most dreaded would then change to be one you will always look forward to doing it with “I can’t wait” kind of a feeling.
However, you cannot throw in any cleaning agent you come across on your expensive laminate floor. You have to use a specially formulated cleaner for this specific floor to avoid causing irreparable damage.

Employing extensive research is the only way to get the best laminate floor cleaner. But, you don’t have to go through this harrowing experience. Instead, use these reviews to pick your best choice of laminate floor cleaner to save you time and stress.
Keep right here to find out more about these products. Be our guest!

9 Top Best Laminate Floor Cleaners

#1 Best Overall – Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Do you want to have one for all cleaner that you cannot hesitate to use on any surface? Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner is what you need. You don’t have to keep a bottle of cleaner for each surface cleaning when you get yourself Puracy.
According to the New York Times, it is “The Best All Purpose Cleaner,” and we vouch for that to be what is said.
Immediately you use it, you will wonder how you were managing without it since it will serve you effectively all-round. It is a unique cleaner which is formulated in a skilled way by professional Ph.D. holders and later tested to work excellently.
The formula is plant-based to make it safe for the user and the surrounding. It is a non-toxic and natural product that contains hypoallergenic to stamp its safety. It is quick in cleaning all dirt, grime, soap scum, pet messes, spills, and many more dirty messes.
The only challenge with this cleaner is in its packaging. The spray bottle is a little bit bigger for hand-grip to press the trigger. In case you experience this difficulty, change to a standard multipurpose spray bottle for easy use.
If you would like to view this cleaner, click on the Amazon button above to open it.

#2 Premium Choice – Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Cleaning a laminate floor is all about leaving it clean and shiny. Black Diamond is, therefore, a cleaner you will need to use to give you such excellent results. With this cleaner, you will save your time to clean once without rinsing. Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic and thus safe to use.
It is useful in removing all dirt, spills, ground-in dirt, dust, footprints, and sticky substance, and handprints caused by children. You don’t need to scrub your floor while cleaning it. Just spray a little of the formula on the floor and wipe out off to clean.
“A little goes a long way.” Yes, you will use just a little to cover a large area and still leave your floor clean with no streaks but a polish-like shine.
It is safe to use it around your children and pets. Also, it decomposes quickly without causing pollution and thus safe on your environment.
The only issue with Black Diamond Laminate Floor Cleaner is the smell which is not apt for every user and especially on children.
Other than that, it is one of the best laminate floor cleaners in the market you would want to try out. Click on its Amazon button to read reviews from other users and also to check out the price while placing your order if it appeals to you.

#3 Best on Budget – Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Bruce is a ready-to-use formula that does not require you to mix with anything. You use it straight from the bottle and directly to your floor. What we have in this review is the quantity of 64 oz. Most users prefer going for this quantity since it is the best on budget laminate floor cleaner.
It does an excellent cleaning job by removing all dirt and scuff marks while dissolving any stickiness on the floor. You might prefer to use a multipurpose spray bottle to refill what you intend to use for better handling and dispensing.
Bruce cleaner is formulated to effectively loosen and lift any ground-in dirt to clean it without scraping it out which can damage your laminate floor. It does not require any rinsing, and still, it will not leave behind any streaks or dulling residue.
Even though it requires a few passes, especially on ground-in dirt, the reason is not enough to disqualify it. It has much better qualities to pass as the best low price laminate floor cleaner.
Click on it to view the price while placing your order. There is no doubt it is the cleaner of your choice.

#4 Professional Cleaner – Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Bona is another pre-mix and ready-to-use laminate floor cleaner. The size we have here is 128 oz, which is preferable by many users because of the bargain price and enough to last you a while.
For better use, you will need a multipurpose spray bottle to refill and use in your cleaning. It is a safe cleaner to use on your laminate floor with doubtless excellent results.
You only need to spray and wipe it out. It does not take time to dry, unlike other formulas that you will have to wait a while. You will use your floor almost immediately.
Bona is a competent professional laminate floor cleaner that will remove all dirt and other messes without leaving behind streaks and sticky residue.
With Bona cleaner, you don’t have to rinse your floor. It is a one-time cleaner and thus saves you time and cash. Only make sure you vacuum clean the floor before using the formula.
Bona Stone Cleaner is slightly higher in price but, since you know what you want for your laminate floor, you will not hesitate to get it. Place your order now by clicking on it.

#5 Better Life Multi-Floor Cleaner

Better Life Cleaner is what you need to have around for your multi-floor cleaning. It is a creation by two dads who successfully proved a point that safety and performance could blend to excellent cleaning.
Therefore, cleaning your laminate floor using this product will undoubtedly leave you with a clean and brilliant shiny laminate floor.
You can use Better Life Cleaner on various floor types such as laminate, ceramic tile, hardwood, vinyl, and other sealed floors. This ready-to-use cleaner will work differently for each floor surface but end up with splendid cleaning results.
Better Life will tackle any dirt by squirting a little bit of it directly on the floor surface and then wiping it out. You won’t have to rinse it out but clean the floor once and still experience what you most desire, a clean and shiny floor free of residue and streaks.
It is plant-based with most ingredients derived from plants including the scents and colors. Thus, it is safe to use around your loved ones and the environment as well.
Don’t miss it out! Place your order with Amazon by clicking on the product image or Amazon button above.

#6 Zep Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner

Zep is the best commercial laminate floor cleaner that you will need to use for both commercial and residential floors. It uses professional strength to counter and clean any amount of dirt.
It is formulated with a mild detergent to effectively clean out greasy dirt, stains, scuff marks, and other dirty spots. It is pocket-friendly but does not compromise its cleaning qualities.
You can use your daily microfiber pad along with Zep Laminate Cleaner. But, the best cleaning method is by using a spray mop which would release the cleaning solution consistently, sparingly, and in equal amounts.
Zep Cleaner is not harsh on a laminate floor as it does not contain any abrasive ingredient. It is gentle but still maintains its professional strength on dirt by restoring shine to your laminate floor to appear new again. The scent is another high quality with Zep Cleaner that will leave you with a fresh scent.
From what you have read, it is an excellent cleaning solution. But, you need to buff your floor more to eliminate the dull finish which can cause footprints and other marks.
That is a slight drawback that should not hold you back from using it. Go for it! Place your order by clicking on its Amazon button.

#7 Shaw Floors R2X Hard Surfaces Flooring Cleaner

Meet Shaw R2X, which is a multi-floor cleaner that is a formula for all hard floors. It comes in various sizes, but our focus, for now, is the one-gallon one which has attracted many users.
The cleaner is effective in removing dirt, grime, scuffs, grease, pet messes, and other kinds of unsightly messes on the floor surfaces. It does its cleaning job excellently to leave your floor not only clean by shiny, brighter and restoring its brand new look.
It does not contain any harsh product that can damage your floor finishes. Instead, it is excellent in preserving them and thus safe to use on your laminate floor. The product is ready-to-use. Use it as it is for excellent cleaning results.
Shaw R2X does not leave behind streaks or residue. But, you will need to use a clean microfiber pad or else it can cause streaking. For best results, you need to have a multipurpose spray bottle to pour the cleaning solution in it for ease of cleaning.
There is more to this Shaw R2X cleaner that you will need to open it to find out. Click on it to open it.
However, if you don’t spend enough time buffing it, you will end up with an oily laminate floor. Remember, “a little goes far,” use it sparingly and you will never complain about it.

#8 Rejuvenate High-Performance All-Floors Cleaner

You don’t need a bucket and a mop while using Rejuvenate High-Performance Cleaner. Since this one is in one gallon, it is preferable if you get a multipurpose spray bottle to refill and use it. Then, you will only need a microfiber pad to wipe your floor as you spray the cleaner.
It is carefully manufactured to take care of your laminate floor with pH balance and ‘shine booster technology’ as the manufacturer calls it, which restores shine to your laminate floor without leaving any streaks or residue.
While cleaning to remove all dirt and grime, it will also remove buildup residue and old wax to free your floor of these dull causing agents.
The cleaner sets you free from wringing a mop and risking your floor to the danger of moisture – the number one enemy of a laminate floor. You only need to spray a little bit of it on the floor or targeted area and wipe it out, or you can use a spray mop to make your task even more comfortable.
Rejuvenate is a non-toxic cleaner and thus safe to use.
Click on it to view the price and to order the high performance and one of the best laminate floor cleaners.

#9 Quick Shine Concentrated Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

Quick Shine is a concentrated floor cleaner for removing all dirt, scuff marks, grime, sticky spills, and others without the need of scrubbing your laminate floor. It is a multi-surface cleaner that you can use on other floor surfaces beside the laminate floor such as hardwood, vinyl, tile, and stone.
You don’t need to rinse your floor while using Quick Shine. Only make sure you keep on changing your microfiber pad to prevent leaving streaks. Otherwise, the cleaner is streak-free. It is formulated to leave your floor shining without causing any residue or leaving stickiness.
The cleaner is self-mixing which with the following of instructions rightly you will make six gallons from the 27 oz bottle.
Try it out, and without any doubt, you will love it. Click on it to view it and to place your order.

Laminate Floor Cleaning FAQs

Q: Why do I always have after-cleaning streaks on my laminate floor?

One of the reasons is using a dirty microfiber mop or pad. Always make sure to use a clean one. Have several microfiber pads to keep changing them once one gets dirty.
Another reason is misusing your cleaner. Always follows instructions given by the manufacturer to the latter to experience a streak-free cleaning. It would be easier to use a pre-mixed cleaning agent to avoid messing with the dosage when mixing.
Have you used a clean pad and a ready-to-use cleaner, and you are still experiencing streaks? Could be you used fabric softener on your cleaning pad. Using fabric softener on your cleaning pad or cloth can cause streaks on your floor.

Q: How much damp should my microfiber pad be when cleaning my laminate floor?

When using a laminate floor cleaner, you don’t have to dampen your cleaning pad. You spray the product directly on the floor and wipe with a dry pad.
But, if you opt to use water alone, make sure to wring your cleaning pad thoroughly to an extent there is no water remaining to wring out.

Q: Should I leave my under-floor heater on when cleaning my laminate floor?

No, always remember to switch it off before cleaning your floor. Cleaning the floor with heat generating from under it will quicken its drying and thus causing the formation of streaks.
Allow your floor to dry naturally according to the instructions of the cleaner you are using, and you will enjoy excellent results.


To maintain the original beauty of your laminate floor will depend on how you treat it. Make sure to vacuum clean or sweep your laminate floor regularly to remove dirt and debris that can cause scratches.
Laminate floor care does not need any expertise but to use the right cleaner, a microfiber pad or mop, and following your cleaner’s instructions to the latter. It is essential to do all these three, not only for your floor but for the warranty.
Now that you have picked your choice from our list of best laminate floor cleaners, you have one crucial step remaining, which is buying the product. Click the Amazon button of your selected product to place your order.

What was your best pick, and why?

Engage us in a conversation why you chose that particular cleaner. Use the comments box here below.

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