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Best Hot Tub (Reviews 2021) – Is it safe to use a hot tub when I am pregnant?

Over the century, people have used water as a healing therapy. Unlike today where people can own their private hot tubs, in the early days, people used to flock at central areas where they could find a few communal hot springs. They needed to visit such areas to relieve themselves of tensed and aching muscles.
It is for the same experience but in an advanced and better technology that you have to stretch your finances to get the best hot tub. Different from then, the best hot tub in the market would have adjustable water temperature, body massaging water jets, the mood lighting for serenity and mental relaxation among many others.
Despite being an expensive venture, it is essential to have one around your home since most of the health issues can quickly be dealt with by the use of a hot tub.
But, how will you know which hot tub to choose when out there shopping for one? You don’t need to stress yourself with such a thought. We have already compiled a list of the best hot tubs in the market.
Again, we shall educate you on points to consider while shopping for a hot tub to avoid some mistakes many have made and have to endure through having a malfunctioning hot tub.
The table below contains what we shall be reviewing. You can have a glimpse of the product by clicking on its name.

Top 7 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Summary Table

Product Name No. of Persons No. of Jets Rating out of 5
Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity 4 13 4.5/5
Hudson Bay Spas 4 13 4.5/5
Essential Hot Tubs Newport 4 14 4.5/5
LifeSmart 600DX 7 67 4.0/5
Essential Hot Tubs Arbor 5 20 4.0/5
Essential Hot Tubs Syracuse 6 67 4.0/5
Essential Hot tubs Adelaide 5 30 4.0/5
Hudson Bay Spa XP34 6 34 3.5/5

#1 Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity 4-Person Hot Tub

Lifesmart which is a 4-Person sitter hot tub should be your best choice to have around as an added essential asset. It is an asset you will live to enjoy for a very long time.
The plug and play hot tub has thirteen superior therapy jets for high performing massage therapy to enjoy full relaxation.
The indestructible echo thermal plastic that is rock-solid makes it a durable hot tub. It does not need any installation. Once you bring it in and set it at your desired location, the next thing is to fill it up with water, then plug it in your 110V outlet and then ‘play.’
It comes with a full-foam insulation cover that helps you to save energy in its operation. With Balboa topside controlling system, you can regulate and balance the air and water by just using a dial and also adjusting the temperature by a digital topside thermostat. Again, you can change the jets to your desired position and strength.
The spa light has a mood lens cap that interchanges the light to soothe your mind and help you relax even more. Like any other hot tub, it has top-loading filter and a child-proof locking cover which keeps children safe from it.
The Lifesmart hot tub can contain water up to 195 gallons.


#2 Hudson Bay Spas

Hudson Bay is made of anti-slip Lucite Acrylic which is combined and reinforced with multi-layer fiberglass that makes it slip-resistant, sturdy, and durable. It is a brilliant white color shell on mocha cabinets that can hold four persons.
Hudson Bay is a garden and home hot tub that you can use both indoor and outdoor. In case you are looking for a therapeutic hot tub, then this is the hot tub to choose. Its stainless steel jets are made to reach all those tired and tensed muscles to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
The 7-LED color lighting to enhance your mood especially if you had a stressful day or you are seeking to have a good time in the therapeutic water makes it even better.
The base frame of this hot tub is pressure treated and with ABS bottom for sturdiness and to ensure long life.
Hudson Bay hot tub can maintain its temperature due to its high-density standard insulated spray foam and therefore perform under low energy consumption but with high performance.
The cover is lockable for the safety of children. With a 10ft GFCI cord, you can connect your hot tub to 110V outlet of 20Amp and then you are good to go. You have everything you need in a hot tub with Hudson Bay.


#3 Essential Hot Tubs SS125210400 Newport

Essential Newport hot tub shell is made of resin material which is molded rationally using good quality granite resin for no maintenance high-quality and durable shell.
It is the right size for a small family since it is sufficient to seat four persons comfortably. After your tiring day, there will be something to look forward to your coming home beside your family. The hot tub will give you the home comfort by providing a relaxing moment while enjoying its 14 hydrotherapy jets. Your muscles aches and pains plus the tired feeling will be no more after soaking yourself in this therapeutic water. The LED underwater multicolor and the digital controls will add to your relaxation.
Add to this luxury a side tray to hold your drinks, snacks, and probably your cell phone and your day’s hassles will be long forgotten.
The hot tub has an all year round and all season Balboa 1kW/4kW stainless steel heater to give you maximum temperature according to your desire. The insulated heavy-duty tapered cover with locking clips for added safety measures completes the exciting experience.
No time wasted with Newport. It is a ‘plug and play’ hot tub which works right away when you plug into an 110V/15A electricity outlet. It comes with GFCI electrical cord 8 ft long which you plug in the outlet after filling your tub with water, and you’ll be ready to ‘play.’


#4 LifeSmart 600DX 7-Person Rock-Solid Spa

Lifesmart 600DX hot tub is unlike any other brand in the market in terms of sturdiness and accessories. It prides itself with 65 self-controlled rotating back hydrotherapy jets that can provide you with a multi-jet turbo blaster for the full back massage. It goes further to include a waterfall jet and foot-well jets, all these for your comfort.
It also has a light lens cap with interchangeable mood light that can boost your mood when relaxing.
The permanent and durable shell is molded in the very best rotational molding using Eco-Smart technology unlike any other hot tub in the market. Therefore, the state of art construction brings out the perfect and rock-solid design of Lifesmart hot tub. It has high standard accessories which comprise of adjustable therapy jets to the level you need, top loading filters, topside controls of Balboa.
Improve your life with Lifesmart 600DX at your backyard or any other place of your choice. It is versatile to fit and locate anywhere.


#5 Essential Hot Tubs SS1140200400 Arbor

If you are looking for a hot tub to seat five persons of a contour style, then you have your choice in Essential Arbor. It is a plug and play hot tub meaning everything is set for you, and therefore you don’t need to do any installation.
The hot tub is molded by rotational molding using granite resin to make it durable and of high quality. Even though it says it fits five people, but you can still seat six personas comfortably since it has open style seats.
It has 20 stainless steel jets to give you maximum rest any time of the day. The Balboa heating system is designed to provide the right temperature to your desire. With the help of its tapered cover which is heavy-duty and well insulated, you will maintain the temperature at all times. The cover has locking clips to prevent being blown off in case of strong winds or storms.
Essential Arbor hot tub has a connection of 110V, and it comes with GFCI cord which you connect straight away to your 15 amp outlet after filling it with water to avoid wasting your relaxing time.


#6 Essential Hot Tubs SS2340677403 Syracuse

Your luxury solution with a hot tub is in Essential Syracuse hot tub combines style and price.
The hot tub which is made of heavy duty acrylic can seat six persons comfortably and has 67 jets of which 51 are stainless two-tone jets plus 16 stainless steel ones aligned to the seats for maximum therapeutic effect all over your body. You can roll over your neck and shoulder jets on the captain’s chairs to touch every part of your neck and back for the much-needed therapy.
Syracuse hot tub cannot leave you just like that. With its Bluetooth-operated sound system which includes 2 speakers and a subwoofer it will provide soothing music or any kind of music of your choice to complete the relaxation mood. What a way to relax!
The underwater LED light which you will control digitally completes the whole scenic experience.
What makes Syracuse hot tub to stand out among the rest is its three high performing pumps which are powered by 240V that operate the 67 jets efficiently to your best relaxation.
The Balboa Heater is another added quality in this hot tub. It delivers powerful heat efficiently to your desire in all seasons. The thick and heavy duty tapered cover will conserve the heat and protect your hot tub from debris and other elements.


#7 Essential Hot tubs SS2540307003 Adelaide

Essential Adelaide hot tub is another exciting experience you might not want to miss when you are looking for the best hot tub.
It is constructed with heavy-duty acrylic which has stylish seats to fit five people comfortably. The seats have full body lounger whereby you can sit comfortably with your body fully supported at the back. It also has two captain’s chairs mounted with pillow headrests for more luxury and comfort in the water.
Essential Adelaide has 30 stainless steel jets distributed among the seats so that everyone can have to control their jets and adjust as seems best to them.
The hot tub is powered by two pumps for regular ultimate jet hydrotherapy massage. You will be able to enjoy your evening with the 2 LED columns of light in the water for safety and soothing soaking time. Everything is controlled by one digital control system which has a backlight for easy control.
The heating system is made possible by a stainless Balboa heater housed in its cabinet and which is efficient to run through all seasons. The temperature is backed up by a heavy duty cover which is highly insulated to contain the heat. The cover also protects your hot tub from debris and all other elements. Also, it provides safety measures against accidental falls in the water, especially by children or pets.
More luxuries that come with this hot tub are three headrests, a built-in ice bucket conveniently located with a lid cum tray for that cold drink when you feel like one.
You wouldn’t have to do much when you have the hot tub delivered at your backyard. Once it is at its right place, you will fill it up with water then you plug it on into a standard 120V/15A outlet using a GFCI cord.


#8Hudson Bay Spa XP34

You can have that dream of owning a hot tub come true by buying Hudson Bay XP34. It will sit well at your backyard to add luxury and aura to your homestead.
It is made of anti-slip Lucite acrylic with the combination of multi-layer fiberglass for reinforcement and sturdiness which makes it durable.
With 34 stainless steel jets distributed among the six seats, every one of the six persons will get full relaxation and therapeutic moment in the water. The jets are designed to touch therapeutically any area of your body whether it’s your calves, feet, shoulders or even your back to relieve all the tension from your body
You can also take advantage of sitting in a turbo seat of either the two to experience jet therapy. If you combine the jet therapy with the 12 LED perimeter lights plus the mood light you will soothe your mind for mental relaxation as well. It also has a large stainless waterfall to complete the water therapy.
Other additionals that uplift XP34 are its pump for low energy consumption, Balboa digital controls, installed Ozonator, and insulation of standard high-density spray foam, among many others.
It will use 110/20 Amp outlet with 10 ft GFCI cord which is included.


Buyer’s Guide

Owning a hot tub is a huge investment, and therefore you should be careful before you decide to choose a specific hot tub.
Therefore, the listed points will help you to avoid making a mistake you will live to regret.


The material of a hot tub would define its durability and toughness. Since it is a significant investment, you will not have to replace it any time soon. So, if you get one that is of poor quality, then in a few years you will need to replace it or going without one.
The equipment must coincide with the shell. They must be of good quality as well to ensure they last you longer time before replacing them or maintaining them.

Size and Location

While considering the size of a hot tub, you should also check where you have decided to place it. Therefore, the size will have to go with the location.

The number of Users

The number of users would also determine the size of the hot tub.
If you are ‘an empty nest’ couple or you intend to have one for two people, then you need to get a 2-seater hot tub which would cost you on the minimum and also save you on power consumption. But, you don’t have to limit on other luxury features when looking for that size of a hot tub. Therefore, go for the best.


Different hot tubs have various features, and that makes them be what they are. What matters most are your needs in a hot tub. Select a unit that will meet all your needs and probably one with more than what you expected.
Again, budget would define what you will get. If you are on a low budget, then you will have to do away with some of the features such as sound system, headrests, and other such luxuries.


The main reason to have a hot tub is hydrotherapy. If you can’t get that in any hot tub, then it is not worth go for it.
The best hydrotherapy hot tub is the one with quite a number of water jets that are adjustable to direct them to parts of the body that need therapy most. The water pressure of the jets will also add to hydrotherapy experience.

Water Pump

A water pump is the ‘heart beat’ of the hot tub. Some hot tubs with many water jets will have three pumps to make them run efficiently.
A single pump hot tub will lose power on the pressure needed for the water jets.

The Brand

Choosing a famous brand would be more advantageous than a new brand in the market. The popular brands will have a replacement part whenever you need it and one which can fit well like the original piece.
Also, a reputable brand name will have a better warranty and after sale services whether free or on payment.


Check out on the safety measures the manufacturer has put on the hot tub. For instance, some hot tubs are slip-resistant to protect you from accidental falls when either getting into the hot tub or when exiting.
Handles and steps are others that you may need to look for and what the manufacturer has done about them or put in their place if they are not there.

Easy to Use

There are many units in the market that don’t need any installation or some professional setting up. Some of them dub themselves as ‘plug and play’ because they have very little for you to do once you bring it home.
Such as that are the one to look for to relieve your installation stress. You don’t have to add pressure yourself trying to figure out what goes where and all that.


Check out the warranty and the terms given on your choice of a hot tub. Such a significant investment would require serious terms and guarantee.


Getting to hear what other users are saying on the unit of your choice is very important. There are essential points you can pick from their comments since they have the first-hand experience in using the product.
Such comments will add to your factors to consider before buying that hot tub.


Price should be your focal point whether it is listed first or last. When you group the hot tubs that are your best choice, what will distinguish between them all is the price. Pick what offers the best deal.


This FAQs section will answer some of the questions that you need to clarify before settling on a hot tub.

Q: Does a hot tub need to be placed on a pad or directly on the ground?

Do not place your hot tub on the grass or the bare ground such as on soil. It needs a robust platform to support the weight. A heavy hot tub loaded with water can sink on a grass lawn on wet ground.

Q: Can I use a regular outlet for my hot tub?

Unless you are using a GFCI, you can, therefore, use 110V outlet. All the units in this review use GFCI cord which is included in their package. Read your instructions manual for further details.

Q: Is it safe to use a hot tub when I am pregnant?

It is safe to use a hot tub so long as you regulate your temperature. Health professionals advise that a woman who is pregnant should not use water with a temperature beyond 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, one must be careful while getting in the water and exiting to avoid bumping oneself for the safety of both the mother and the baby.

Q: Why is drinking alcohol in the hot tub not recommended?

When hot bathing, you tend to lose a lot of water through sweating which is the main idea so that you may release body toxins. Since the heat in the water is dehydrating, you don’t need to increase it with the use of alcohol while in your hot tub. Taking alcohol will not only increase dehydration but also the body temperature.
Therefore, you can risk passing out in the water which can be fatal. Again, just like driving, drinking alcohol while in the water is not advisable.

Final Verdict

It may not be easy to pick the best hot tub from our lot of top 8 hot tubs since they all outdo one another. But, considering the features, the users’ reviews, and the design, we are able to pick Lifesmart Simplicity. Even though it does not have many water jets like the others in the list, other features make it out-win the others and therefore become our top pick.
The best on a budget hot tub is Essential Newport SS125210400 which is a household brand hot tub with all necessary features including an insulated and lockable cover.

What about you, which is your best pick? Please let us know in the comments section here below.

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