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The 7 Best Hot Tub Pumps (2021 Reviews) – New pump to replace the broken

Do you need to replace your hot tub pump and you have no clue how to go about it?
You don’t have to fret anymore about it. We have you sorted out with the selection of the best hot tub pumps which we have reviewed to give you all the information you require.
As you may be aware, a pump is essential in having your hot tub function the way it should be. It is a great asset that performs to make water move through all the hot tub systems otherwise you will have still water which will beat the need for a hot tub.
The functionality of the jets also depends on the proper working pump. However, for some reasons, your pump can get mechanical problems which can be expensive to repair or rather can be irreparable.
In such a case then, you will need to buy a new pump to replace the broken one.

The question is, how do you go about this complex issue?

In addition to the selected best hot tub pumps, we have also listed some guidelines to help you when buying a new pump. Alongside that, we have answered some of the questions most of the new pump buyers ask to enlighten you further with more information.
But before you dive in these best hot tub pump reviews, first get the recap of what is in the review. You might need to preview the product. Click on the name, and you will get the full view of the product.

Top 7 Best Hot Tub Pumps 2022

Product Name Water Flow Rate HP Own Rating out or 5
Spa Circulation Pump E5 – 74427 for Watkins
Circulation pump 1.5 4.5
Gecko Alliance 06115000-1040 Flo-Master 1.5 HP 2 Speed 140 1.5 4.0
Waterway Plastics 3722021 220 5 4.0
XtremepowerUS 1.5 HP Pool Pump Above/In-ground Swimming Spa Pool Pump 88 1.5 4.0
Waterway Executive Spa Pump Side Discharge 56-Frame 160 4 4.0
HydroMaster 4-HP Hot Tub Spa Pump 155 4 4.5
AquaFlow Flow-MasterXP2 Series Pump 180 2.5 4.5

#1 A Quiet Great Performer Pump: Spa Circulation Pump E5 – 74427 for Watkins

Pump E5 for spa circulation is a handy pump that operates with universal voltage – 120 / 240 V of 40W of 1/2 HP and has 50/60 HZ which is economical on power usage with excellent results.
The in and out connection uses the standard 3/4 inches connecting hose which is easy to find.
You can install this circulation pump to replace your Watkins Hot Spring, Tiger River 74427 Circulation Pump, and Caldera. It has an easy installation process with no complicated parts. You can either mount it vertically or horizontally, whichever position is best for you and still work efficiently.
The best thing about this pump is that you can never notice it is running for its quiet operation.  It is thermally protected to shut off when the water runs dry, and therefore you don’t have to be there when working.
This Pump E5 is compatible with SilentFlo 5000 and therefore the best next-generation replacement. It can also replace 34378, 74427, 73491, LTI 7060 70813, 73588, 72204, A-05-280-502.
It has 100% guarantee performance that goes beyond what the OEM pump does.
This pump comes with 48 inches sturdy power cord as an added feature.
You get 1-year guaranteed warranty which is an assurance of its quality.


#2 Cost Effective Performer: Gecko Alliance 06115000-1040 Flo-Master 1.5 HP 2 Speed

Gecko Alliance Flo-Master is a 1.5 HP pump has a two-speed operation that operates a water flow of 140GPM with the high speed (gallons per minute) which is a good flow rate.
The intake and the discharge fittings are both 2 inches diameter a standard size with the outside thread of 3 1/16 inches. It is a side-discharge pump.
The pump is driven by 115 V which makes it cost effective to run it. Since it comes in four various sizes, it will not be difficult to get the right size for your replacement pump.
The pump has a unique design giving it a smoother flow as well as a quiet operation preventing interference with your serenity and quiet mood while relaxing.
It uses with a standard motor frame of 48 a plus advantage.


#3 Robust and Great Performer: Waterway Plastics 3722021

Waterway Plastics pump has a 5 Hp motor with a high discharge of 220 GPM. It has a 56-frame motor giving it sturdiness, durable motor life, and a cool operating temperature.
This pump is rotatable at every 90-degrees turn due to its high versatility wet end.
It is a 2-speed robust pump that gives you the option of operation. It operates on 4.8 amps on its low speed and 16.4 amps on its high while working on a power outlet of 230V.
It is 2 inches diameter for both discharge and inlet. Among its high-quality hardware is Viton shaft seals which can endure low compression and high temperature.
The pump is versatile to use it on other water collections if it is compatible with their fittings.


#4 Versatile Performer Pump: XtremepowerUS 1.5 HP Pool Pump Above/In-ground Swimming Spa Pool Pump

XtremepowerUS Spa Pool which operates in both above / in-ground Pump is a high performer pump that can deliver 3,450 rotations per minute. It runs smoothly with low noise due to its airflow ventilation.
It is a self-priming pump that protects its motor from getting dry by discharging air in the water intake.
XtremepowerUS has a motor power of 1.5 HP to work on a power outlet of 115/230V. It has an inlet and an outlet of 1.5 inches NPT which fits a male threaded adapter of 1.5 inches with high flow.
It is a versatile pump that can work on all sizes of both above and in-ground spas and pools. It is compatible to work alongside in-floor cleaning and solar heating systems comfortably.
XtremepowerUS has a single speed high-efficiency motor which saves on power usage.


#5 Start ‘n Go Pump: Waterway Executive Spa Pump Side Discharge 56-Frame

Waterway Executive Spa Pump is a 4 HP which is a 2-speed pump. It has a 2 inches intake and 2 inches discharge diameter.
It is a 56 motor frame and operates on a split capacitor that has no slow start but starts and runs immediately to save on energy. This type of motor frame design is excellent in lowering motor operating temperature which gives it durability.
The motor is thermally protected to extend for longer life.
It can be rotated on any 90 degrees angle in a highly versatile wet end up to 6.5 inches in diameter for higher end pressure. It operates on Viton Seals to withstand compression and high pressure to protect its bearings.
The pump works on a power outlet of 230 volts, and it is capable of 160 GPM on a power outlet of 230 volts.
It comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


#6 Self-Priming Pump: HydroMaster 4-HP Hot Tub Spa Pump

HydroMaster is another one premium quality pump of 4-HP with a motor frame of 56 and uses 220-240 V power outlet.
The pump is a side discharge with intake and a discharge size of 2 inches diameter that has an outside thread of 3 inches which is standard on most hot tubs.
It is capable of pushing 155 GPM of water an efficient, high-performance flow.
HydroMaster pump operates on two variants of speed with the low at 3.5 amps and a high of 12 amps.
It replaces well Aqua-Flo pump and Waterway because of its 56 motor frame. It is has a self-priming pump that discharges air from water to protect the motor from getting dry.
It is easy to install and especially when replacing the same size motor frame.
It comes with a 1-year warranty.


#7 High-Quality Performance – Energy Efficiency: AquaFlow Flow-MasterXP2 Series Pump

Aqua-Flow is a high-quality performer pump that can efficiently circulate your hot tub. It has a motor power of 2.5HP with a 48 motor frame and discharges from the side.
The pump operates on high-quality performance with energy efficiency and low operating costs. It is best for hot tubs, spas, whirlpools, or any other above ground pool. It has energy efficiency due to high hydrotherapy performance.
It has two speeds of operations, the low which operates on 2.6 amps and high speed that runs on 10 amps. The pump is rotatable by 90 degrees with a water flow rate of 180 GPM and 2” diameter of inlet and outlet which includes compression fittings for quick and easy installation.
Gecko Aqua-Flow is super quiet with a smooth flow because of its high volumetric volute design
The Flo-Master pump has an impeller that is unique and with high flow rate functionality. Such a high performance can work better with multi-jetted hot tubs which require a high output


How Does The Hot Tub Pump Work?

The essence of the hot tub is the hot water jets. For the water to successfully get into the jets to be efficiently flown out with enough pressure, a good pump must be in operation.
The hot tub will then carry the water from the filter, pass it through the heater and then push it through the jets. Some hot tubs with multi-jets will require about two pumps to operate them efficiently.
Such hot tubs with two pumps will use one for water filtration and the other to circulate water which ends up releasing it at high pressure through the jet.

What Would You Consider When Buying Hot Tub Pump?

Before you go out shopping for your hot tub pump, you must be enlightened about what an efficient, and a good quality pump should have.
Be keen to check the pump for details such as its horsepower, flow rate, diameter size of the intake and the discharge, how many speeds and their amps, and any other vital information.
If you can’t find all the information on the label, ask your customer service to provide you with the manual or guidance to this information. Such information will lead you to buy what is compatible with the pump you are replacing.
The following are some of those factors you should highly consider to check out before you take your new hot tub pump home.

#1 Frame

Pump frame is a significant factor to consider before you settle for a pump. Some of the frame sizes are between 48 and 56, and on the label, there will be this information. The pump must be compatible with this size of the frame.
If your hot tub pump does not fit well in the frame, it will malfunction due to vibration and be at risk of breakdown. The frame has pre-drilled sections to place and tighten the pump using bolts. You can measure the distance between the bolts to know what size to buy.
If the bolts have a distance less of 4 inches between each other, then you should buy a 48. But, if it is over 4 inches, then buy the 56 one.

#2 Voltage

The mechanical voltage of your hot tub should be compatible with your pump. Before you go out shopping for a new pump, note what voltage your hot tub is set to work with.
For instance, if your hot tub is set to work with 220 – 240 V, then you should look for a pump within this voltage.

#3 Horsepower (HP)

This is the strength of the motor. If you pump you are replacing had high pressure, then consider getting the same power. The choice of horsepower will determine the force of your water.
A high horsepower with less water volume will not balance and therefore malfunction. The pump you are replacing might have come with your hot tub, and therefore it had the perfect horsepower.
However, if you feel you need more water pressure, then the difference of your old pump’s horsepower and the new one should be within the range of 0.5. Such a slight difference will increase the pressure without affecting functionality.

#4 Speed

To get a pump that has variable speed is better than a single-speed. Most of the hot tubs are of two-speeds.
Those hot tubs that run on a single-speed pump will operate on two pumps. One for circulation and the other for the normal functions such as powering the jet

#5 The Inlet and Discharge Plumbing Size

Your hot tub plumbing fittings will determine the size of the diameter for the inlet and the outlet. Therefore, knowing the size of your plumbing fittings will guide you to get the pump that has the same diameter size.

#6 Discharge

The discharge section is the place where the water exits. Some pumps have their discharge port at the top while others have it on the side. There are also some pumps that have a rotatable discharge port such that you can locate it in any side.
The location of the discharge port will determine how you will connect your pump to your hot tub plumbing system.

#7 Pricing

Last but significant factor is the price of the pump. You shouldn’t go beyond what you can afford to buy. The most important is to get the pump with the right features and the performance. This review will direct you to get some high-performance pumps and yet not pricey.


Q: How do I know the right pump I should buy?

A: Assuming you are replacing a broken pump, then you will get one that is of the same capacity with the one you are replacing.
There some reasons why you should do this, some of them are:

However, if you were not happy with the performance of the former hot tub pump, you can raise the HP slightly higher, say with a difference of 0.5 HP. It is a slight difference, but it can change the water flow.

Q: What determines the performance of a hot tub pump?

A: There are various factors that determine the performance of a hot tub pump. But, the main factor is the horsepower. The lower the horsepower, the lower the power of the pump will be and vice versa.
But, you should not get a high horsepower pump while the plumbing system cannot support it. The water volume of your hot tub plumbing system will determine the horsepower. These two factors go hand in hand for proper functionality and performance.

Q: What are the main reasons that cause pump problems?

A: Many factors can cause problems for your pump. However, some of the main ones are:

Q: What is priming and how do I prime my new pump?

A: Priming is removing air from your hot tub circulation system. Normally, after emptying your hot tub either for cleaning or changing a pump, air collects in the circulation system causing malfunctioning of the system.

Control Panel Priming

Priming the circulation system may differ with different pump models. However, these are two common methods you can use:

Manual Priming

With this method, you need to manual bleed off the air by using your pump’s bleeder. This is how you will do it:

Q: Why is there no circulation and the motor is running?

A: If your hot tub water is not circulating while the motor is running, two things might be happening:

Final Verdict

If you have not selected your pump yet, we can further assist you by giving you our best pick which is Gecko Alliance 06115000-1040 Flo-Master 1.5 HP 2 Speed and the great value for money is Waterway Executive Spa Pump Side Discharge 56-Frame. However, you are free to get your pick from one of top seven best hot tub pumps in this review. They are all winners.
Would you like to leave your comments? Please do so on the comments section here below and tell us your best pick.

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