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Best Hot Tub Heaters – Electrical Heater vs Gas Heater vs Solar Heater (2021 Reviews)

There can never be a hot tub without a heater. A heater is a principal object in a hot tub. Otherwise, it should be called just a tub or a pool of water.
It is therefore essential to have the best heater to fulfill its purpose in your hot tub. From the pump to your tub, water must pass through the heater for heating so that it reaches you in the right temperature.
What if the heater fails to heat water or it does not heat at the right temperature as you would require? It will not be serving its purpose to you then.

A good heater is one that will bring water to the right temperature, continue working as long as you need it, and get to work whenever you need it.
But, how will you know the heater that will fulfill these three and other functions without fail? Unless you have the right information or you get the proper guidance to your selection, you might fail to get the right heater.
This review has covered the best three hot tub heaters for your ease of selection. There is also a buying guide to give you a hand in showing you what you should consider when making your choice.
First, get a summary of the reviews in the tabulation here below for your preview of what is in this review.

Top 7 Best Hot Tub Heaters Summary Reviews

Product Name Size in inches Type Rating out of 5
American Standard 9075.120 8.1 x 4.9 x 3.6 Electric 4.5
Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series 31.5 x 26.5 x 29.5 Natural Gas 4.5
Hayward H300FDN Universal H-Series 32 x 31.7 x 24.5 Natural Gas 4.0
Hayward CSPAXI11 11 Kilowatt 8.3 x 12 Electric 3.5
Hayward CSPAXI55 5.5 Kilowatt 13.8 x 10.7 x 8.6 Electric
Hayward H1001DP1 H-Series 26.5 x 30.5 Propane 3.5
Sta-Rite SR333NA Max-E-Therm 33 x 34 x 28 Natural Gas 3.5

#1 American Standard 9075.120 Safe T-Heater

If you judge this heater by its size, you might end up missing an effective heater for your hot tub.
The heater will constantly heat your hot tub as long as you want it and maintain a constant temperature. The heater has only two steps of installation and which are not complicated at all. All you need is to follow the instructions and you are set for a fantastic time in your hot tub.
Just like its name, American Standard, it is constructed and designed to measure up to American standards and be compatible with American whirlpool tubs.
Its heating system will work according to your settings and controls. It is constructed from heavy-duty material to give it durability and sturdiness for excellent and more extended service.
It is an excellent choice for your American standard whirlpool tub.


#2 Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series 150,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

The Hayward heater is constructed from cupro nickel for longevity and durability in all chemistry conditions, high aggressive water flow, and salt-based water.
The header which has patented polymer design protects the heater from erosion damaging effect due to high flow conditions. It also has superior hydraulic performance which improves in reliability.
The heater has a system that forces air through its combustion chamber with the exact flow rate. The combustion system prevents any variable weather such as high winds affecting its heating performance.
It comes with an LED control which is easy to read. The panel displays temperature readout, diagnostics, and other heating information. The digital heating setting makes the hot tub to have a precise temperature.
You can get this heater either in propane or natural gas. You don’t have to worry about emission of waste gas. It is environmentally friendly by releasing low NOx to keep your surrounding air clean.


#3 Hayward H300FDN Universal H-Series 300,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

If you are looking for a heavy duty heater for your hot tub, then you have it in Hayward H300FDN which is 300 BTU. It operates on natural gas with low NOx.
Hayward has constructed H300FDN heater from standard exchanger Cupro nickel for reliability and superior value.  It has a patented polymer header with a design of a bypass valve for efficiency and effective hydraulic operation.
Even though the heater looks complex, it has easy and simple instructions professional and yet versatile installation.
This heater will give you great results in heating your hot tub and yet economical since it uses natural gas in its operation.


#4 Hayward CSPAXI11 11 Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater

Hayward CSPAXI11 is a compact heater that weighs 12.2 pounds and with dimensions of 8.3 x 12 inches. You can easily fit this heater under your step as it needs very minimal space to occupy.
Its size goes beyond its capability. The 11-kilowatt model heater which operates on 240 volts is perfect for all kinds of hot tubs. But, if your hot tub is beyond 70 gallons per minute, then you should have a by-pass for useful results.
It comes with tank and a threaded head made of 304-stainless steel. It also has a safety sensor for an electric heating element.
Despite it being a small heater, it has all the features you may find in a big heater meaning it has the ability of a big heater.
It is not left behind by the other Hayward heaters in installation. It is also easy and quick to install.


#5 Hayward CSPAXI55 5.5 Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater

The heater is another one from Hayward which is 5.5 Kilowatt and operates on 240 volts. The heater has a tank made of 304 stainless steel tank with the same threaded head.
The heater is designed in such a way it is easy to undertake services by accessing internal controls quickly and easily. It has indicating light to alert you when it is on or when off.
Just like the other Hayward heaters, this one too has unique and capable features that equal other heaters that are twice in size as this one. However, you should have a bypass if your hot tub exceeds 70 gallons per minute. Also, it is easy to install.


#6 Hayward H1001DP1 H-Series 100,000 BTU Above-Ground Pools & Spa Heater

Hayward H1001DP1 is a powerful heater for a hot tub which is above the ground. It operates automatically using propane but with advanced technology in reducing NOx emission. Therefore, using this heater will save you on your power bill making it economical to use.
However, you will still need to use electricity for ignition purposes, and after that, it continues using propane. It has a 120 volts electrical cord for use on its ignition.
Even though it is a heater with water heating temperature, it is cool on the outside of the cabinet surface which makes it safe to touch.
Hayword H1001DP1 has a technology that induces draft which makes it continue working in all extreme weather even under wind conditions without interrupting its excellent performance.
The manufacturer points out that the heater can only perform on a private hot tub, not more than 450 square foot and an elevation less than 2,000 feet above the sea level.


#7 Sta-Rite SR333NA Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater – Natural Gas

The compact heater has an outside casing construction of rustproof proven Dura-Glas with plastic resin manifold. Therefore, it can withstand indoor or outdoor all weather elements. Considering its class of using gas, Sta-Rite is of lightweight.
The Max-E-Therm heater features dual thermostat controls with an LED temperature display mounted on the top with an indicating light for easy monitoring. It has a 6-position control panel with PVC union connections.
It operates on a 333 BTU natural gas. This makes it economical to run it and therefore saving you on your electric power bills. It heats up fast to avoid delaying your experience in your hot tub when you most need it.
The heater does not pollute the air from exhaust emission since it has a method that controls low NOx leaving you enjoying a clean air environment.
Even though it uses a PMG burner, it does not require draft hood while working from outdoor. The unit is made of cupro-nickel exchanger heavy duty material which can endure harshest applications or weather elements. Also, it can work effectively on heavy use or high flow and low pH as well.


Buyer’s Guide

While buying a hot tub heater, there are some essential features you have to consider enabling you to get the best heater that can work well on your hot tub.

#1 Type

All hot tubs are categorized into four groups according to what they use to operate. You can choose from either electric, gas, propane, or solar. All the heaters in all these categories have their right side and a bad one. You, therefore, need to know all this information to make the best decision of your choice.
Electrical heater – Electrical heater is useful in its operation. Despite its expensive and yet technical set up the process following the setup, it is excellent but slower than the gas heater.
The electrical units are much smaller compared to others with different source of operation. Most of the electrical heaters can fit under the steps to give you the right picture of their size.
Gas Heater – Different from an electrical heater, a gas heater set up is not so technical and expensive. Installation of a natural gas heater is also easy without any complications.
Operating on a natural gas heater could be the best experience you might need to venture. It is a heater that runs fast and effective. Also if you are looking for an economical heater, this is the best choice.
However, gas operated heaters are large, heavy with audible noise. It is not something you can move around quickly because of its size and weight.
Propane Heater – This type of heater operates the same way as the natural gas heater does. The only difference is that it uses propane. Running this heater is also economical compared to using an electrical one.
Just like the natural gas heater, the propane one is hefty and come in big sizes.
Solar heater – A solar heater is economical to use since it gets its source from the sun. However the set up is technical and expensive because of the many parts it may need to make it run.
It works almost the same as the electrical without any. But, it can be a significant drawback when there is not enough sunshine for your solar heater. Most of the times you badly need a hot tub are those times when it is cold and therefore with limited sun.
Using this type of heater might inconvenience you by failing to work when you seriously need it.

#2 Safety

One of the safety measures of much concern is when selecting a gas heater. As you may know, gas heaters emit some exhaust gases.
Make sure you get a heater with low NOx. Also, make sure to have sufficient ventilation if you have installed your heater in an enclosed place.
Clean air circulation is essential to allow your gas to get fresh air for clean burning. Also with fresh air, you will get rid of exhaust waste fumes which contain carbon monoxide.

#3 Size

You will know the size of your heater from the size of your hot tub and the amount of water flow.
If you know these specifications, you will get the right size suitable for your hot tub.

#4 Brand

Consider getting a hot tub heater from the brand name that you are sure of and one that is a favorite to many other users.

#5 Specifications

Your choice of a heater must be one which will be compatible with your hot tub.
You may need to avoid the generic units that work today and gone (broken down) tomorrow. Some of the heaters will specify their capacity and the amount of water in your hot tub they can handle.

#6 Maternal

The material used on your selection heater will tell a lot about the heater.  Be alert to check this out.

#7 Installation

Some heaters would be complicated to install while others are easy to install and with simple instructions.

#8 Reviews

Consumers who have used the unit before you may give you the right information on your selected heater. Since they have used the heater, they should be trusted to provide facts concerning it.
Read, listen and action concerning the reviews you get.


Q: Which type of the gas heater is best to use in my hot tub?

A: If your hot tub is located outdoors, the natural gas heater would be the best choice. For one, it is economical to use. Secondly, it is quick and efficient in heating your hot tub while maintaining heat consistency.

Q: What can be the reason for slow heating?

There are three reasons why your heater suddenly changes its fast heating process to start dragging itself.
Old and worn out hardware of your heater. Service your hot tub regularly to avoid your heater working slowly
Ambient temperature working contrary to your heater
Covering your hot tub when heating will quicken the heating process

Q: What can I do to assist my hot tub keep consistence heat in the windy season?

A: Apart from making your hot tub area and its surrounding green and natural looking, you need to plant trees or bushes around your hot tub. Having such kind of plantation around your hot tub can help break the wind which is a great enemy of heat consistency.

Q: Can you explain how a water heater works?

A: The water first goes to the pump and then it is sent to the filter for cleaning it. From the pump, it will then be sent to the heating unit.
The heater then will start heating the water inside the hot tub while controlling the temperature according to your setting. The water in the hot tub once heated in the right temperature will then be sent through the hot tub to the water jets ready to use.

Q: How do I install my new hot tub heater?

A: To answer this question correctly, one would need to know what type or which hot tub heater you are installing.
However, answering the question generally is that, if you are replacing a heater of the same kind as the old one, then, you will need to use the same previous connections to connect the new one. But, if you are replacing the old one with a different type of a heater you need to do a professional and safe installation. In that case, then, have a professional technician to install it for you.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best hot tub heat with great value and on the budget, you need to go for American Standard 9075.120 Safe T-Heater. Check its features on its review section, and you will agree it is the best selection.
If you are of contrary opinion, then please leave us your comments and tells us what is your best choice and why. Please use the section reserved for comments here below.

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