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Best Hot Tub Covers (2021 Reviews) – When should I replace my hot tub cover?

Owning a hot tub is a huge investment, and therefore you have to observe every care to enjoy it for a long time without going through hassles of repairing it,  buying a new one or even going without one.

One of the best ways and the easiest to care for your hot tub is to cover it. Just that!

However, even though it is the easiest way it might not be the cheapest one but it will prevent damaging your hot tub, its equipment, and fittings.
When a hot tub is left open or uncovered for just a day, it will collect leaves, dust, insects, and other debris which might interfere with the efficient running of your equipment. Again, it can interfere with the water chemistry plus evaporate the water if uncovered for days.
Some covers will not only keep debris from your hot tub, but they will help maintain the heat since some of them are well insulated. Also, covering your hot tub is a safety measure against children or pets which may accidentally fall in the water.
Since buying a hot tub cover is another investment, you have to be sure to get the best hot tub cover in the market to avoid getting one that will need replacement in just a few months.
How would you know which is the best cover then? It’s straightforward. Stay right here, and we shall take you through the top seven hot tub cover in the market that we have reviewed. After that, we have for you a buying guide with factors to consider when buying your hot tub cover, and the frequently asked questions with answers that can help answer some of your questions.
First, is a summary in the table below of the covers is in the review. Click on the product name to preview the item.

Top 7 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Summary Table

Product Name Material Rating out of 5
BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover – 6 inch Polyethylene 4.5/5
Classic Accessories Veranda Square Polyester Gardelle 4.0/5
CoverMates – Square Hot Tub Cover High-grade commercial vinyl 4.0/5
The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover Marine-grade vinyl 4.0/5
MySpaCover Hot Tub Cover Marine-grade vinyl 4.5/5
Ulticover 100% Waterproof High-quality canvas 4.0/5
84 x 84 Inch Replacement Spa Cover High-grade Commercial vinyl 3.5/5

#1 BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover – 6 inch

BeyondNice is the best hot tub cover to replace your original one that came with your hot tub. You don’t have to get stressed when the cover is no longer usable. You can quickly replace it with BeyondNice.
It is made in the USA, and therefore you are assured of its high quality. It has foam cores of virgin EPS of 1.5 and 2.0. BeyondNice hot tub cover is a top standard cover with foam core tapering with a thickness of 6 inches at its middle and 4 inches at its edges. It is manufactured under the compliance standards of ASTM f1346 – 91 (2012).
It comes with variant sizes to give your hot tub a well fitting cover with a density of 1.0 pound.
The hot tub cover is sturdy and durable. It is made of vapor barrier of polyethylene material, C-channels of corrosive-resistant Galvalum metal, UV protection marine-grade vinyl that is resistant to mildew and knit with marine-grade polyester thread.
At each end of its hinge, it has a steam stopper for sealing off heat and also it has four straps for tying it down to lock it.
It comes with a 5-year warranty.


#2 Classic Accessories Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover – Medium

Classic Hot tub comes in two sizes, medium and large and it is made of heavyweight polyester fabric of woven Gardelle. It has a backing of a water repellent keeping off rain from your hot tub.
It features elegant fabric which is laminated for water repellent with air vents to lower inside condensation and prevents wind lofting.
The hem is adjustable since it has an elastic cord which has toggles to tighten the hem so that it can fit on your hot tub. It also has padded handles which makes it easy to set it and even to lift it.
The Classic hot tub is weather resistant which will protect your hot tub against weather extremes. The cover comes with a 3-year warranty and a guarantee of a replacement in case of any manufacturing problem.


#3 CoverMates – Square Hot Tub Cover

Conserve the energy by covering your hot tub with an insulated cover with thick and dense foam. It works differently from many other covers due to its material which is high-grade commercial vinyl and the lining of polyester material.
With this cover, you will protect your equipment when keeping off debris from the unused hot tub. The highly insulated undercover on your hot tub needs extra protection from weather extremes and UV rays. By using CoverMates, you will prevent any damage from these natural elements that can be extreme.
With the right measurements, CoverMates will fit well on top of the insulated main cover and cover up to the middle of the hot tub to make sure nothing touches your insulated cover.
The hem of the cover grips around the hot tub due to the extra thick elastic hem band and therefore cannot blow away in case of windy weather.
CoverMates is a high-quality cover and therefore has a 2-year warranty.


#4 The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

The Cover Guy is an all season hot tub cover but better for winter. The manufacturer customizes hot tub covers to fit all hot tub designs and sizes.
It is made of heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl with 5 x 3 inches tapered cover and new generation wrapping and coating to prevent water absorption. Unlike many other covers, this one has tear-free handles and reinforced hinges that can fold when need be.
This replacement cover reduces energy costs due to its efficiency in covering the insulated cover. It also protects your main cover against mildew damage and UV rays. It is water resistant and therefore prevents water logging. It can hold a weight up to 125 lbs.
The manufacturer goes as far as contacting you for exact measurements of your hot tub once you are ready to place the order. That way, you will get the precise measurements to fit your hot tub.
Cover Guy manufacturer ensures a high-quality cover with high durability and thus gives you a 7-year warranty against any manufacturer’s defect for your peace of mind.


#5 MySpaCover Hot Tub Cover and Spa Cover Replacement

MySpaCover is made from commercial 30 oz marine-grade vinyl with EPS insulation foam that provides the highest energy efficiency and which is why it is a unique cover. The cover, therefore, will save you in energy by approximately $80 per year.
The seams of this cover are tightly woven by double stitching to prevent reaping off and thus making them durable.
The manufacturer will make for you a customized cover according to your order and the size of your hot tub. You will specify the color of your choice to ensure a perfect fit cover.
The cover has a 5-year warranty.


#6 Ulticover 100% Waterproof Hot Tub Cover – 85 x 85 Inches

The cover is made from high-quality canvas material of 600D Polyester with a backing of eco-friendly vinyl. Ulticover is not insulated, and therefore it is a cover on top of an insulated hard cover underneath it.
The cover is breathable and waterproof which has a 100% waterproof guarantee with taped seams. It also has a 5-years warranty.
The cover is mildew resistant because of its air vents structures at its two sides.
The best thing about this cover is it tightness and well fitting due to heavy-duty elastic cords that prevents being blown by any heavy wind. It is also 100% UV resistant and therefore protecting your hot tub against the harsh sunshine without affecting the cover.


#7 84 x 84 Inch Replacement Spa Cover and Hot Tub Cover – Charcoal

84 x 84 is a thermal hot tub cover with the same measurements of 84 x 84 inches with radius corners and which has a skirt length of 4 inches. The skirting is secured tightly by the use of 7 inches straps.
The cover is made of commercial grade vinyl, a material manufactured for spa and hot tubs use only. It is double stitched, standard folding hinges that are of double reinforced, and structure support of aluminum c-channels — all of these for a stable hold.
The insulation is of 1 pound density of polystyrene foam inserts. The inserts are expertly treated and sewn to contain in the heat. The cover skirting has four tie-downs that are lockable for the safety of children or pets.


Buyer’s Guide

Being sure of what you are after and how to make the right decision in your choice is excellent for every purchase. Thus, buying the best hot tub cover should not be any different.
You must be careful to note the nitty-gritty of every detail because this is not a rehearsal but the real buying. One of the aspects that you need to be cautious about is to know the right features and others that we shall discuss here below.


The best material for a hot tub cover would be the one that can withstand all extreme weather and especially the UV rays.
Any material that will not be scathed by these natural elements would be the best one. Again, the material should be a heavy duty that can withstand some weight. Sometimes, your pet may decide to lounge on your hot tub cover.
Most of the covers are made of marine grade high-quality vinyl which is sturdy and durable.

Hot Tub Dimensions

Before you step out to go and buy that excellent cover for your hot tub, don’t forget to get the exact dimensions of your hot tub. You don’t need to go and buy an undersized or an oversized one. What you should get when you have the right dimensions is the exact size.


The shape of your hot tub will determine the form of the cover. If you cannot describe the exact design of your hot tub to the salesperson, then you can take a snapshot of your hot tub to assist you when shopping for the cover.
That way, you will make it easy even when comparing the different designs so that you can get the exact cover that suits your hot tub.


The cover should play the role of keeping safe your little children and also your pets from accidentally falling in the hot tub.
Therefore, the more securely and safely tied or locked the better for your ease of mind.
There are some which are lockable, and others have tying straps, but it should be in a way a child can untie it.


The best cover would be the one that is highly insulated. Insulation is measured in pounds. Some covers are either 1.5 lbs or 2.0 lbs. However, the higher than this like 2.5 lbs would be much better to conserve energy.

Easy to Use

A cover should be easy to set it up. Some of the accessories in a cover that you need to check carefully are:
Wind straps – If you reside in an area with high winds, you need a cover that has straps to prevent it from being blow off by the wind.
Handles – A cover with handles will make it easy to lift it when you need to uncover your hot tub.
Heavy elastic skirting – A flexible edge would be a better further alternative since the cover can fit well on the tub. The cover could be slightly bigger than your hot tub and therefore hang if it doesn’t have an elastic edge.


Check the warranty. A warranty speaks a lot about the product. The more extended the warranty, the better the product it would be.


When you search through the internet, you will get to know first-hand what others are saying about the product. Such insight from real users can help you to understand what many reviews cannot tell you.
The user if not biased will say precisely the little problems they encounter when handling the product.


Always, have a habit of comparing prices. That way, you can save some little money here and there. Likewise, for the hot tub cover, compare prices, the features, and the material. But mostly, how much it is going for and whether you can afford to buy it is the decision you should make.


Here are a few of the FAQs (frequently asked questions) with their answers that might also answer some of your questions as well.

Q: When should I replace my hot tub cover?

There is no set time to replace your hot tub cover. But, you may need to replace it if you notice it is cracked and worn out. Also, if the insulation is not sufficient, then you will know it is time to replace it.
Something else you should consider is the duration you have had your hot tub cover with you. Over a length of time, for instance, 5 to 7 years, your cover may get heavier due to water saturation of several years. Replacing it then would be necessary otherwise it will continue to degrade. Furthermore, the insulation may be affected by saturation of water.

Q: What is the standard thickness of a hot tub cover?

The standard thickness of a cover should taper from 4” on its high thickness, and lower to 2” thinness. With this thickness, it will retain heat if the outside temperature is favorable and also protect your tub from debris and other strewn objects.

Q: Besides a hot tub cover protecting my hot tub from debris will it help to maintain the temperature?

When you buy a well-insulated cover, it would definitely maintain the heat in your hot tub while protecting it against the cold air outside. That way, when next you need to use your hot tub, you will not have to use much time or energy to acquire the right temperature of your water.

Q: How often should I cover my hot tub?

You need to cover your hot tub every time it is not in use. No matter how many times you need to uncover and cover, make sure to leave the cover on whenever it is free from use. It will not only be good for your health, protects your hot tub and its equipment from debris, but you will maintain the water temperature.

Q: Where to do I buy a customized cover for my custom-made hot tub?

Most of the hot tub covers manufacturers make customized covers and therefore you should not have to worry about that. For instance, MySpaCover manufacturers will design your cover according to your instructions and measurements.

Final Verdict

The hot tub covers in this review are the best in the market. We have considered many factors which include the features, durability, sturdiness, effectiveness, and many others to end up with this list.
We must, therefore, say that they are the top best hot tub covers in the market. However, as is our tradition, there must be one which surpasses all the rest to be listed as the top pick. Therefore, our top pick of the seven best covers is BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover which actually it is ‘beyond nice’ and therefore our best choice.
The best on a budget cover is Classic Accessories Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover – Medium which has all the features necessary in a hot tub cover.

We want to read your views on your best pick. Please write your comments on the section here below.

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