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Best Hardwood Floor Brooms (Reviews 2021) – How do I make my hardwood floor shine?

Wood flooring date way back in the 1600s and was regarded as a floor décor to add beauty and elegance in a room. It was a mark of wealth which you could only find in rich people’s homes. The wood for floors then was handmade and thus rare and expensive.
All that has changed and many homes have opted to use hardwood flooring because of its elegance and beauty. Others prefer it for its easy maintenance. But, one common factor that has never changed is sweeping the floor using the best hardwood floor broom as a way to care for them.

But, owing to the challenges in identifying the best hardwood floor broom to use, we have gathered some of the top best hardwood brooms in the market for your quick and easy pick.
Stay right here to read about them and before long you will have made the right selection for your floor.

9 Best Hardwood Floor Brooms

#1 Best Overall – OXO Broom Set

For best ergonomic broom and dustpan set OXO should be the best choice. It has an extendable aluminum pole that has a non-slip grip. It has a wide broom head and dustpan for large area sweeping. The bristles can flag out to increase more coverage.
It is the best broom for a hardwood floor because it features soft bristles that cannot damage the floor. Still, the feathered-textured brush is ideal in sweeping dirt to the last dust. Since it has its dustpan, you will not have to bend to collect the swept dirt and debris. The retractable broom can twist quickly to maneuver and clean all trash into the dustpan.
The broom and the dustpan are both extendable to 53 inches for use by everyone. After sweeping, you can run the broom on the dustpan comb to remove dirt and hair that would be sticking in the bristles.
The dustpan sits tightly on the floor to collect all dust and dirt and unlocks to open when emptying it.
However, the soft bristles get worn out fast leaving the dustpan intact. Nevertheless, it will give you enough service as it lasts. Check it out by clicking on it and place your order immediately if it appeals to you.

#2 Premium Choice – TreeLen Broom and Dustpan

TreeLen broom is a soft-bristle angle broom best for hardwood floor. It is made of ABS material, making it a sturdy and durable broom. The aluminum handle is painted to protect it from rusting.
The broom sweeps all floor surfaces, including hardwood. The angle of the broom is a unique design to enable the broom to reach corners and edges for complete sweeping.
Using this broom and dustpan, you will not have to bend anymore, whether by sweeping or collecting dirt. You will only have to set the rubber lip dustpan on the floor, and all the dust will pass into it. After sweeping, you can use the dustpan comb to clean out the bristles to remove all the stuck debris such as hair, lint, and others.
After you are through with sweeping, you will attach the broom to the pan by snapping them together and either hook it on the wall or place it wherever suitable for tidy storage.
You can adjust both handles for the broom and dustpan to the best suitable height. If you join two parts, you will get a height of 40.5 inches and 55 inches when you join the three sections.
However, the bristles are so soft to remove any slight stuck in the dirt. Nevertheless, you can scrape it out then, sweep it.
Check the product rating by clicking on the Amazon button or the image.

#3 Best on Budget – Evriholder Broom

Evriholder is a 100% natural rubber broom. It is the best broom for pet hair since the rubber attracts pet fur to itself for an effective sweep. It is, therefore, best for sweeping hardwood, rugs, carpets, vinyl, and others. It adapts well to each surface according to the surface texture to sweep efficiently.
The broom features a telescoping handle which is adjustable to a length of your choice between 36 inches and 60 inches.
For further cleaning, the broom has a built-in squeegee edge for cleaning windows and wiping away spilled from floors. You can also opt to use it for cleaning your washable surfaces such as tile, concrete, vinyl, and others.
Evriholder rubber broom will work gently on your hardwood floor without causing scratches and still work tough on dirt and debris. It is easy to clean it after use and hardly requires any maintenance and thus sturdy and durable.
Despite the broom being sturdy, the handle does not match since it of tin aluminum which can bend easily. But, you can replace it with a wood handle or other sturdy poles to add quality to your broom. After all, the price beats all that to make it the best for budget hardwood floor broom.

#4 Professional Broom – Primica Broom and Dustpan Set

Primica Broom is ideal for a hardwood floor because of its soft bristles made from high-quality material for durability. The whisk broom is water resistant that will not worry you in case of getting contact with water.
You can adjust the poles of the broom as well as the pan by removing a segment to fit your height. Its handle has an ergonomic design of powder-coated for a non-slip grip and firm hold.
Sweeping with Primica broom is a breeze to anyone intending to use it since it is easy to operate it. After cleaning your floor to leave it dirt-free and spotlessly clean, you will then pass the broom through the scraper teeth on the dustpan to comb out any entangled mess such as hairs. You will no longer worry yourself with the mess again.
The broom is versatile to clean all surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. You will, therefore, not have to keep a broom for every task. Primica broom is enough for all and thus best professional hardwood broom.
However, you might find the bristles slightly soft for sweeping surfaces such as stone and other hard floors. Nevertheless, it is still the best. Try it out. Click on it to start your buying process.

#5 Bissell Smart Details Broom

If you are looking for a broom that will sweep your floor to the last tiny particle, Bissell Smart is indeed the best. Since it features soft bristles from natural horse hair, you will undoubtedly experience the best complete results.
Bissell Smart Details is one of the best brooms in the market for now for hardwood flooring. It will not damage the floor since as mentioned, it features soft horsehair bristles.
It is one broom that will sweep to clean and thus to restore luster to your hardwood floor and to appear its best. Don’t judge it by the size of the handle. You can adjust it to your size level for comfortable sweeping.
However, you will find that the broom loses the bristles as you sweep. But, other features make it one of the best hardwood brooms.
Do you want to check it out? Click on it to open, and if you like the price and what you read about it, go for it.

#6 RAVMAG Rubber Broom & Squeegee

Ravmag is a rubber broom which is ideal for cleaning your hardwood floor. It is also a multi-floor and multi-purpose broom which can sweep all surface floors, both wet and dry. Therefore, you can use it in cleaning indoors and outdoors floor surfaces efficiently.
Because of the improved technology in rubber bristles, it attracts pet furs, lint, and dust to effect thorough sweeping of all your surfaces floors whether hardwood, carpet, or hard floors. The rubber bristles are soft and best to use on a hardwood floor but again sturdy to remove all dirt, fur, and grime.
Ravmag Rubber Broom comes with a squeegee to add to your cleaning effects. You will, therefore, extend your sweeping to cleaning windows and your bathroom as well, all in one tool.
The broom is 100% thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which makes it sturdy enough to tackle most gruesome cleaning jobs. The powder-coated steel handle is equally sturdy. It has a height of 55 inches for comfortable sweeping hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture or high up to reach the windows.
What you might not like about Ravmag is that it lacks a telescoping rod and thus you cannot adjust it to your length. It operates on a height of 55 inches only. Besides that, it is an incredible broom that you need to check it out. Click on the Amazon button to read more about it.

#7 O-Cedar Fast ‘N Easy Angle Broom

O-Cedar is a household brand name for cleaning tools.  Thus you can trust the manufacturer with another one for sweeping a hardwood floor which is O-Cedar Fast ‘N Easy Angle Broom.
The bristles of this broom are 80% recycled plastic bottles and its block from 50% recycled plastic which if you agree helps to keep the environment clean. Besides that, the bristles are effective in sweeping hardwood floors without damaging the surface.
The broom stands at 52 inches, making it a standard height for most users.
The material used on this broom makes it sturdy and durable without shedding its bristles. The broom features an angled head which helps to reach corners and edges while sweeping.
The only issue with this broom is the rod which is not telescoping and therefore has no alternative height apart from that one of 52 inches.
See more reviews from real users by clicking on the product or the Amazon button.

#8 Homemaxs Broom

Homemaxs broom is the latest broom in the market. It has soft enhanced bristles best for hardwood floors.
Homemaxs Broom is what you need for your all surface sweeping. It is a wide broom head with a width of 12 inches to cover a wide area at one go. The bristles can flag out and thus making the broom to extend more widely.
The broom is good at picking pet hair since it has soft and dense three-layer bristles to sweep all pet fur and dust. The bristles do not absorb water and thus cannot be damaged even when cleaning outdoors
But, you don’t have to worry about the hair sticking in the bristles of your broom. The dustpan has a comb which for removing the stuck fur and other sticking debris. Homemaxs has a telescoping handle you can adjust to your suitable height. It goes up to 52 inches giving you the right height to sweep the floor while standing. It makes sweeping and picking up dirt a breeze. The dustpan has a thin rubber lip that nothing can pass under it.
Overall, the broom and dustpan design are ‘up to par’ in all your sweeping activities. It is also easy to assemble to allow you enough time to use it immediately.
Homemaxs has all the latest and excellent features put together to make sweeping a breeze. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking on the Amazon button above.
The only issue is the price, which seems to be slightly higher than most other brooms.

#9 MEIBEI Multi-Surface Indoor Broom

Meibei is the best broom to use on a hardwood floor since it features soft with split-tip bristles made of synthetic fibers and thus gentle on the floor. The synthetic fiber bristles are safe to use on both dry and wet sweeping.
This is a multi-surface broom you can use to sweep other floors such as stone, tile, vinyl, and great to use for both office and home. Since it is safe to use on wet floors, you can buy it to use in your bathroom. Again, for the dry sweeping, you can alternate it to use as a dusting brush to reach high profile areas such as ceiling, walls, and curtain rods.
The broom stands at two alternative heights of 51 and 36.2 inches, which you can adjust to your suitable height. The handle which is of stainless steel makes it sturdy and durable.
Even though you will not enjoy the service of a dustpan with this broom since it has none, it is essential in assisting you in sweeping all dirt and collecting in one place for easy vacuum cleaning.
The only small issue with the broom is the stainless steel rod that can be slippery when holding it.
Read more reviews about it by click on its Amazon button.

Hardwood Floor Brooms FAQs

Q: How do I make my hardwood floor shine?

Sweeping or dusting your hardwood floor regularly and especially the heavy traffic areas will make your floor to shine. Taking care of your hardwood by placing a rug on the threshold will prevent the floor from getting dustier and dirty and thus easy to sweep it to shine.

Q: Which bristles should I consider when looking for a hardwood floor broom?

The typical bristles are made from either horsehair or rubber. They both work differently and thus have their good and bad sides when it comes to sweeping of hardwood floor.
However, you will find that one will outweigh the other one. For instance, horsehair bristles are soft and flag, which again is both good and bad. The best side of it is that it will not damage your floor due to the softness and also, it will cover a large surface area when sweeping. The worst part is when you press it down to remove stuck-in dirt. It will flag out and thus fail to remove it.
Nevertheless, the horsehair bristles broom is good in sweeping all dust and dirt to leave your floor spotlessly clean.
On the other hand, the rubber-bristles broom is sturdy and durable. Also, it cannot harm your hardwood floor. The best part about this type of brooms is using its natural electrostatic charge to attract dust, pet fur, hair, and lint to stick to it. Thus, it becomes handy to agitate such dirt, even when using a vacuum cleaner.
Again, the rubber-bristles broom is versatile to use for cleaning wet surfaces as well. After using it, you can wash and leave it clean and ready for next use.


It is arguable that using brooms has been overtaken by modernization. A part of this belief which is a fact but, there are those special times you will badly need to use a broom. For instance, if you are experiencing a power outage and you accidentally spill some stuff on the floor, what will you use? A broom is what you will run to pick.
There are other instances you will need to use a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner, especially to sweep edges and far-to-reach areas. You will use the broom to gather dirt for suctioning with a vacuum cleaner.
Therefore, the conclusion is that brooms are inevitable and thus essential for use in every home and offices.

What is your best selection of hardwood broom from the list above?

Share with us by writing your comments in the box here below.

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