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Best Carpet Vacuum Cleaners (Reviews 2022) – Does vacuum cleaning my carpet affect its texture?

Carpeted floors are very different from the other types. Besides being attractive and especially in their alluring colors, design, and texture, they can be stubborn in keeping them neat and clean.
Carpet vacuum cleaners, the main tool for cleaning them are equally unique and different from the rest since these floors pose a challenge to almost every regular vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you need to employ a keen eye if you wish to select and buy the best carpet vacuum cleaner among hundreds in the market.

However, we are saving you the agony and the stress of scouring for the right vacuum cleaner. We have listed the top eight best carpet vacuum cleaners in the market for your easy and quick selection. Read on to find out which would be your most suitable carpet vacuum cleaner.

The Top 8 Best Carpet Vacuum Cleaners

#1 The Best Overall – Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)

Shark Rotator NV752 is the best rated upright vacuum cleaner in the market currently. Among its many features, the highlight is the TruePet Motorized Brush which includes a Pet-Multi Tool for ultimate cleaning of pet hair.
It is the best canister vacuum cleaner with a lift-away canister system at the touch of a button. You can quickly detach it with ease whenever you intend to deep-clean your carpet and still maintain suction and brushroll spinning power.
The controls are at the fingertips for quick access whenever you need to power it on and off and to change the cleaning mode from carpet mode to hard floor and vice versa.
What makes it the best carpet vacuum cleaner and one that tops our list is its dynamic and advanced swivel steering for effective maneuverability. Also, it has LED light on the nozzle for a dazzling light in the dark areas to reveal hidden dirt and debris.
You don’t want to miss out this incredible vacuum cleaner. Click on it for the price and to read what real users are saying about it.
One drawback with Shark Rotator NV752; the hose between the handheld unit attachments and the canister is relatively short making it awkward to hold both the canister and the handheld cleaner at the same time.
Nevertheless, it remains the best in carpet cleaning.

#2 Best Affordable – Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum

Bissell 9595A CleanView is what you need when on a tight budget. It is the best bagless vacuum cleaner under $100. Despite its low price it has powerful suction to deep clean your carpet and pick all dirt and debris. It then separates dirt using a multi-cyclonic system to leave your filter clean for durable use.
This vacuum cleaner features a unique brush with an innovative design that rotates down and deep into the carpet to lift and clean more all dirt at one pass. Also, you can use the mini rotating turbo brush to agitate the dirt on the carpet for deep suction cleaning.
You don’t have to touch dirt when emptying the dirt tank. Unlike other vacuum cleaners that you have to struggle to open the dirt tank, with Bissell CleanView you only press a button.
The filtration system comprises a multi-level filter and a washable foam tank filter.
It comes with different tools for versatility in vacuum cleaning such as an extension ward for high-reach cleaning like dusting ceiling, curtains, fans, and others. You can also attach crevice tool, dusting brush, and turbo brush for furniture and other cleanings.
The only drawback we found with this vacuum cleaner is the hose. It is short and therefore can’t go far especially when cleaning under furniture. Other than that it is a great cleaning tool to have around.

#3 Editor’s Choice – Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

NV356E is the best vacuum cleaner for carpet in the market that you can shut off its brushroll for deep carpet cleaning. With its lift-away system, you can lift off its canister by the press of a button to use handheld part for concentrated cleaning especially for extreme dirty spots on the carpet.
Get yourself a powerful upright vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, and that can alternate between the carpet and hard floor without much ado. With swivel steering, you can easily maneuver it around fixtures. It is lightweight and portable to transverse upstairs or downstairs between the floors with ease of carrying it.
It has a consistency suction power even when switching floors. You can turn the collar on its handle to control the suction intensity when vacuum cleaning delicate items such as curtains and rugs.
Shark NV356E has a large canister capacity to cover most of your vacuum cleaning without rushing to empty it. It has a stretchable hose and an extension ward to attach other cleaning accessories.
What makes it stand out among the rest is the turbo brush for pet hair placing it the best vacuum for pet hair. It is remarkable in agitating all kinds of dirt from the carpet for effective suctioning.
We can’t miss mentioning the design fault of Shark NV356E. It has a short hose which will force you to lift the canister when vacuum cleaning stairs or ceiling. Despite that, it remains the best upright carpet vacuum cleaner in the market.
Check it out by clicking on it for pricing and other useful information.

#4 Best Lightweight – Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Linx SH20030

Hoover Linx is the best stick vacuum cleaner for carpets. It is also one of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners in the market.
If you are looking for a lightweight carpet vacuum cleaner, then Hoover Linx should be your solution.
What makes this vacuum cleaner a remarkable one is the combination of power and lightweight. Despite easy lifting, it has a powerful suction to draw in dirt and debris without losing it. It uses Hoover WindTunnel and multi-cyclonic filtration cleaning technology for deep cleaning your carpet and other hard floors with ease.
With its extreme reclining handle and low profile base, you can easily use it under furniture and those unreachable areas for thorough vacuum cleaning. Edge cleaning will not be a big deal as well with this vacuum cleaner, thanks to its edge bristle brushes.
One challenge with this Hoover vacuum is that it wobbles when vacuum cleaning, probably from its lightweight or design. However, such may not make you miss out its excellent working experience.
Have a peek at it for more reviews from real users and its price.

#5 Best Commercial – Oreck Commercial XL Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL2100RHS

For best commercial carpet vacuum cleaner, Oreck Commercial should be your best pick. It is specially made for commercial use but still best for domestic. Therefore it has commercial settings that make it sturdy and durable even after using it daily and for many hours.
The vacuum cleaner is a versatile one for use on multi-surface cleaning inclusive of carpets. To transverse from hard floor to carpet, it adjusts the height automatically.
The power-switch on/off is at the fingertips for easy access and control. Also, the ultra-lightweight canister vacuum cleaner and helping hand handle are some of the reasons it is commended by Arthritis Foundation for use by its patients.
Oreck Commercial is a low profile vacuum cleaner and therefore flexible by adjusting itself to almost flat down to the level of the ground for use under furniture.
It uses disposable bags with high filtration for holding in dirt, debris, and allergens.
For further information, price, and user verification click on the image.
The downside of this workaholic vacuum cleaner is the lack of hose for stairs and other high profile cleanings.

#6 High-Performer – Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Blue

Eureka NEU182A is a powerful carpet vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor to run its high-performing vacuum cleaning. Using the wide nozzle of 12.6 inches, you will clean a larger area of your carpet within no time.
What makes this carpet vacuum cleaner a high performer is its 5-height adjustment that can fit and clean your carpet effectively and other types of floors. All you need is to select the surface you need to clean by using the switch on its head. There is a pedal for adjusting the vacuum cleaner for low profile cleaning.
For other cleanings such as your stairs and upholstery, you can attach the appropriate tool to the hose. Also for high profile cleaning, release the handle to fix the hose on the reverse side to create an extension for use with the right tool.
It features an extra large 4.1 liters dust cup for more extended cleaning with less emptying.
Besides all these high benefits, the vacuum cleaner has one downside. It is noisy with a whistling sound. Other than that, it is an outstanding vacuum cleaner with high suction and yet affordable. Check out its price by clicking on it.

#7 Auto Suction Adjust – Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Ball Animal 2

Dyson is a household name and a famous brand in the vacuum cleaning industry. Thus Dyson Ball Animal 2 finds its place among these top and best carpet vacuum cleaners in the market. It has a strong suction with the extra power to undertake any tough carpet cleaning.
It self adjusts its suction to clean across different floors such as from carpet to hard floor or vice versa saving you time and hassles of stopping to stoop and do it manually. When cleaning the carpeted floor, the head gets deeper into the fibers to suck in all dirt, dust, and debris. It is, therefore, a multi-surface cleaner that does not lose suction at any time.
The ball technology provides precision and accurate maneuvers to make quick movements and avoid time wastage. Also, the combination of different cleaning accessories will not only clean your carpet, but other surfaces such the stairs and upholstery to complete your cleaning using one vacuum cleaner.
Dyson Ball Animal 2 comes with a 5-year warranty that covers the vacuum parts, labor and shipping expenses both ways.
Get to know more about Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner and also placing your order by clicking to open it.
The drawback with this unit is in design. It does not retract its power cord, and therefore you have to use a lot of time to wrap it all up around its hooks. Nevertheless, the drawback cannot outdo the best side of this vacuum cleaner. It is a great one and the best upright vacuum cleaner.

#8 Best Design – Dirt Devil Razor Vacuum Cleaner UD70355B Red

Dirt Devil Razor does not match its name in design. It is the best design vacuum cleaner in the market you would wish to own.
Besides the design, it is also a powerful vacuum cleaner that swivels and swerves at 180 degrees to maneuver between furniture and fittings for excellent cleaning. It features a powerful Spin4Pro Brushroll for multi-floor cleaning with an automatic floor height adjustment to switch cleaning between floors.
The incredible removable extension wand reverses hard-to-reach areas for easy-to-reach ones. You will, therefore, reach under the furniture to those hidden corners to clean out all dirt and pick up all debris. Still, it will extend high to reach up to the ceiling for dust cleaning curtains or ceiling fan. The extension wand will pop back into the vacuum and seem as if it does not exist.
For pet hair cleaning, the unit features a unique Turboclaw pet hair cleaning tool that claws out pet hair from your carpet to remove and clean like a pro. Another unique design is an odor trapping filter. Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner does not only trap in dust and allergens, but also the odor leaving your environment clean and fresh smelling.
The design of this vacuum cleaner covers all you have ever dreamed of in vacuum cleaning at affordable price. Check out its price to believe it. Click on the image to open it.
Apart from the pet hair tangling a bit in its brushroll, Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is second to none as the best design vacuum cleaner.


Q: Does vacuum cleaning my carpet affect its texture?

Yes and no. Yes, means full vacuum cleaning would wear out your carpet. In fact, you might fail to get time to do full vacuum cleaning daily. But, if you have, it is essential to note that daily vacuum cleaning can damage your carpet by wearing out its fiber.
Some of the vacuum cleaners we use have hard-bristle brushroll that would stretch, pull and wear out those delicately soft fibers.
Why it is no, is that light vacuum cleaning may not affect your carpet but leave it clean, fluffy, and fresh. You may be surprised to know that dirt would wear out your carpet much worse than what a regular carpet vacuum cleaner would do that has the right brushroll.
When the carpet becomes filthy, and especially when the dirt is cake-dried, the fiber dries up and starts to break and tear. It results in a worn out carpet.

Q: Why does my carpet vacuum cleaner discharge a foul smell?

Several reasons can make your vacuum cleaner smell awful. Some of these are:

The first step is to try and maintain all these parts by washing them or wiping them with a dry cloth.
If you have a bagged vacuum cleaner, then change the bag to replace it with an unused one.

Q: How do I wash my washable filter for my carpet vacuum cleaner?

After every vacuum cleaning, it is essential to clean the washable filter for your vacuum cleaner. One of the reasons for doing that is to maintain your unit’s suction and power.
Washing the filter is a simple process that will only take very little time. You need to use some lukewarm water to clean it. After thoroughly washing it while taking care of it, rinse it carefully until you notice the last rinsing water is clear.
Allow your filter to dry completely before placing it back in the vacuum cleaner to avoid malfunctioning or damaging it. It might take roughly one to two days for it to dry completely depending on the weather.


The best carpet vacuum cleaner should be the one you can also use to clean other surfaces. Thus, you will save your cash from buying other vacuum cleaners to use on the rest floor types.
We have therefore considered that fact among many others in selecting the best carpet vacuum cleaners in this review. Another major point we used is the real users’ reviews. Such will reveal to you the first-hand information necessary to know on each unit.
We hope you got a chance of making your sound choice. The next step is to place your order by clicking the ‘buy’ button and following the buying procedure.

Which carpet vacuum cleaner endeared your heart and why?

Share with us by leaving your comments here below.

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