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Best Carpet Shampoos (Reviews 2021) – Can I clean my carpet using regular laundry detergent?

The essence of having a carpet in a home is to create a homely and relaxing ambience that you and your loved ones would appreciate after the busy outside ‘mad’ life.
It is for this reason that you should once in a while wash your carpet using the best carpet shampoo after vacuum cleaning to restore its elegance. Again, using an effective carpet shampoo would prevent you from too much scrubbing and therefore, retain your carpet’s glory and beauty.

Many people believe that carpet cleaning can ruin its original appearance and therefore highly avoided not unless for accidental spillages or otherwise. That is a myth. Cleaning your carpet will maintain its new look and also restore its fluffiness. But, only use the right carpet shampoo.
Don’t worry about how to go about searching for what should be the best carpet shampoo. We have done all that is required to present without any doubt some of the top best carpet shampoos in the market.
Follow the conversation to find out these phenomenal results of the intense research.

The Top 9 Best Carpet Shampoos

#1 Best Overall – Folex Carpet Spot Remover

Folex Carpet Spot Remover is a carpet cleaning formula that is best for colorfast carpets. It is an enzymatic cleaner that speeds breaking down stains to blot them out by using non-toxic and biodegradable elements.
The best thing with this formula is that while it works to remove stains, it retains the color of your carpet to remain as it is.
Folex Carpet Spot Remover is a must-have for any pet owner who has a carpeted floor that is prone to stains. It is so simple to use it. All you have to do is to spray it on the spot, agitate it a bit with the tip of your finger and then wipe it out. The stain will be no more.
You don’t have to rinse out the formula as it does not leave behind any sticky residue.
Trust Folex Carpet Spot Remover to eliminate any stain no matter how old it is. It is versatile to use on your carpet and other fabrics for cleaning and stain removing.
However, if the cause of the stain is chemical spillage which might have burned out the color, this Folex spot remover will not restore the color to the area. After removing the stain there will be left behind a spot-like stain.

#2 Premium Choice – Bissell 78H6B

Bissell 78H6B Carpet Shampoo takes the second position in this review because of its superior performing deep cleaning quality. It holds two times more of cleaning agents better than any other formula, and it is no wonder its named Bissell Professional Formula.
It is best on high traffic areas to deep clean while removing tough ground-in dirt, odor, spots, and stains using its triple-action formula. Bissell shampoo is environment-friendly and thus safe for home use without any heavy metals, dye, brighteners, or phosphate. It is a safe formula that is certified and approved by EPA.
You can use Bissell 78H6B with any upright cleaner such as a Bissell, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Rug Doctor and even rentals. It is not a complicated formula to use. Just mix one gallon of hot water with 1.25 capfuls (cap included) or 2.5 oz.
Another added advantage with this carpet cleaning formula is the Scotchgard stain protection that safeguards your carpet against common stains.
However, you must be careful to use it sparingly according to the required measure as it might leave soap residue after use if you mix too much of it.

#3 Best Budget Carpet Shampoo – Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle is an advanced carpet shampoo for deep cleaning that does not compromise its high-quality by low and pocket-friendly price. It penetrates deeply into the fibers to extract caked-in dirt, allergens, and stains.
With bio-enzymatic and odor-locking technology, it permanently removes all odors to leave behind an odorless and clean carpet.
The superior-performing carpet shampoo is designated for use on its own. You can use any steam cleaner or water-based carpet cleaner since it is a low-foaming formula that does leave foam residue.
It contains conditioner and brightener, making it a color-bright formula that uplifts your carpet back to its original beauty and fluffiness.
With its varying packaging, you have an option of choice that suits your needs and budget.
Use Nature’s Miracle Shampoo for natural stains and odor but, for tough stains and strong smell, you can use Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover.
Watch out to use the product according to the instructions or else you may end up with dry crunchy-like fibers if it exceeds the measurements required.

#4 Superior Stain & Odor formula – Hoover PetPlus

Hoover PetPlus is a carpet washer detergent with stain and odor formula. This powerful cleaner is free of phosphate and therefore septic safe. It has a boost of enzymes for a deeper removal of pet mess stains and odor right inside the fibers while deodorizing as well.
For tough stains and strong odor, leave the formula to sit a while before washing it out. Repeat the process if the stains prove to be stubborn.
It is also safe for use with deep cleaning machines such as Hoover, Rug Doctor, and Bissell but you must use the exact measurement of the formula according to the instructions. It is twice as much concentrated and potent that you will need to use half as much compared to others and still give you excellent results.
However, using this product might take more time than expected since some spots may require to let it sit for a while. Be prepared, but it is for the best.
Check it out for more reviews, pricing and placing your order by clicking on it.
For deep and concentrated cleaning such as pet spots, Hoover Platinum Pet Plus detergent would work the best to ensure excellent results.

#5 Best Machine Carpet Shampoo – Carpet Miracle

Carpet Miracle is machine carpet shampoo that is best for pet’s deep stains and odor removing. You don’t have to raise the alarm when an accident happens on your carpet, whether from drink or food spillage, pet messes, and others. The solution is at hand. Carpet Miracle carpet cleaner and deodorizer will give more love to your pets.
The shampoo is compatible to use with all machines such as Bissell, Hoover, Kenmore, Rug Doctor, and others.
Carpet Miracle is a versatile cleaning solution to use on all water-safe surfaces such as carpets, rugs, upholstery, and others. While using it, the environment and your loved ones will not get harmed since it is non-toxic and therefore, biodegradable and safe to use.
The best thing about this product is that it comes with a 100 per cent full refund guarantee if you don’t like it.
When you buy this product, 10 per cent of the proceeds will profit needy animals. The product is best on routine cleaning and leaves a fresh scent. However, it is not strong enough to remove tough stains.
Click on the product for the price and to place your order.

#6 Best Commercial Grade – Bubba’s Carpet Shampoo

Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner is the best stain and order eliminating carpet shampoo. You will only require using one ounce of the shampoo in a gallon of water. A little of the solution will go far to clean more.
You can use the mix solution to clean your carpet, upholstery or any rug while using any shampooer such as Hoover, Bissell or other carpet cleaning machines.
Bubba’s is a unique formula for carpet steaming and cleaning besides eliminating animal odors. For severe cases of extreme stains and pet urine odor, it will need a repeatedly thorough cleaning to remove the entire smell and stains.
Bubba’s is a quick action result oriented shampoo to notice the changes immediately. You don’t have to let it sit awhile like many other enzyme enhanced shampoos. With this one, you get down to the clean immediately after application.
With a 100 per cent return guarantee, you can risk trying it out if you don’t believe. Click on it to initiate your buying process.
However, some users find the scent overpowering while others like it. It will, therefore, depend on your sense of smell.

#7 Best Carpet Odor & Stain Remover – Rocco & Roxie

Are you battling with extreme pet mess odor and stains on your carpet and you wonder how to solve the problem? Rocco & Roxie is your solution you have been searching.
The solution is a professional strength that will eliminate the stubborn odor and stains you have been struggling with in the twinkling of an eye. You don’t have to stop your dog or cat from doing its thing, but, you can stop it ruining your carpet and environment by using Rocco and Roxie.
The solution is tough to eliminate stains as well as your pet’s mess odor but gentle on your carpet to leave it clean and fresh smelling. It is also safe around your pets and children since it is free of chlorine and other hazardous chemicals. It is awarded Seal of Approval by CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) and passed safety certification.
It does not leave residue behind and therefore restores your carpet to its original colors and beauty. Rocco & Roxie is a bestselling carpet care product that you wouldn’t want to miss it out. Click on it to place your order now.

#8 Best Foaming Carpet Shampoo – KIRBY Genuine 237507S

If you are looking for a heavy duty formula that has enzymes to attack and eliminate stains and odor while cleaning your carpet, KIRBY should be your answer.
KIRBY is a foaming carpet shampoo and a heavy-duty formula with enzymes to attack any stains and odor. The solution builds up a lather to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers for removal of all caked and ground-in dirt. It is not toxic and therefore safe for use around children and pet.
It is also effective in controlling dust, allergens and pet dander which affect people with respiratory allergies. It cleans at one go while deodorizing the carpet to eliminate any odor. This shampoo is what you need to restore the original beauty of your carpet without leaving any residue.
The carpet shampoo has a lavender scent that stays on long after cleaning your carpet. For excellent cleaning results, use it with Kirby Carpet Cleaning system or portable sprayers.
However, for precaution, pretest the formula using a clean white cloth to apply it on any hidden part of your carpet. Don’t use the formula if the carpet’s color transfers on the white cloth.
Remember to vacuum clean the carpet thoroughly before shampooing it and after it is dry as per the instructions on the label.

#9 Carbona 2-in-1 Carpet Cleaner

Carbona is an oxy-powered carpet cleaner that is effective in cleaning carpet either from pet messes or high traffic dirt.
While cleaning, it eliminates all odor including pet urine and other unpleasant smells on the carpet. Also it sanitizes your carpet to leave it free of germs and other harmful bacteria.
It is safe with a steam cleaner which you might prefer to use. What makes this solution unique is its scrubber brush on the top of the bottle that deep-cleans any ground-in pet mess and stains.
Carbona 2-in-1 is best for closer cleaning that every pet owner with the carpeted floor must have. Place your order by clicking on it.


Q: Can I clean my carpet using regular laundry detergent?

No. While it is a detergent and therefore can remove dirt out of the carpet, it will leave behind soapy residue which can be messy. Your carpet may later appear dull instead of brightening after it is dry.
Laundry detergent rule of washing is to rinse it by immersing in the water. Since you are not planning to rinse off your carpet this way to remove the soapy residue from both sides, it will not be proper to use it. What will then happen is the formation of the dreadful mold under the carpet.
As the saying goes, ‘cheap is expensive’, it might cost you the whole carpet while trying to save on using special carpet shampoos.

Q: Why does my carpet cleaner smell after shampoo cleaning?

When using carpet shampoo, the essential part of the process is mixing it with water. You must be careful to use the right amount to avoid facing cleaning challenges. For instance, too much foaming may happen if you dilute the solution more than enough. The foam will then overflow from the dirty water tank into the motor of the carpet cleaner.
When using a steam cleaner, avoid using a foaming solution and instead use one that is special for machine use that does not foam.
Also, to avoid your carpet cleaner from smelling, it is essential to clean it carefully immediately after use.

Q: Is it true that a cleaned carpet gets dirty quickly?

A cleaned carpet can get dirty quickly if the solution you use in cleaning will leave some residue on it. However, using the right carpet shampoo and the proper applying method, there will not be any residue left behind on your carpet and thus stay clean much longer.

Carpet Cleaning Tips:


We believe this review has helped identify your best carpet shampoo. Remember, your carpeted floor durability will mostly depend on the cleaning solution you use on it. Therefore, use the best carpet shampoo and stain removers always.

What was your best pick of shampoos on the list?

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