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Best Car Leather Cleaners (Reviews 2021) – Can regular cleaning fade my car leather?

Show me the leather in your car interior, and I will tell you how much you love and care for it.
Your car interior leather will tell how you treat it by its appearance. If you treat it using one of the best car leather cleaners, it will appear so and always looking brand new. On the other hand, if you care less, it will appear old and drab.
Some of the reasons that affect car leather are UV rays and heat. The intensity of these two elements can subject your investment to appear beaten and old through cracking and fading.
However, maintaining your car leather care will not only make it magnificent but continue looking new, elegant, and extending its life.
We know it is not easy to identify a car leather cleaner that can work efficiently to meet the qualities mentioned above. Therefore, we have taken upon us to do all that is necessary to list nine of the top best car leather cleaners for your quick selection.
Join us in exploring these outstanding cleaners to know which would be your best choice.

Top 9 Best Car Leather Cleaners

#1 Best Overall – TriNova Leather Cleaner

TriNova is the best overall leather cleaner on our list. What makes it stand out among the rest? It is its versatility in use on other surfaces such as vinyl, faux leather, and other leather-like coverings.
Again, this leather cleaner is easy to use and does not require any effort to do so. You only have to spray and wipe your leather surface using a microfiber cloth for a lighter touch, and all dirt and grime will be a thing in the past.
Such a simple procedure is enough to protect your leather, remove any surface stains, and restore the new look of your leather.
While working using TriNova leather cleaner, you need not worry about your health. It is safe to use since it harbors no harsh chemical that would harm you. It is carefully formulated to provide you with excellent cleaning results.
Since leather cleaning using TriNova is an easy and quick procedure, you can afford the time to do it routinely to add quality and longer life to your leather items.
You may not like the smell, but you will love the stunning result. Click on it to check its latest price and also to place your order.

#2 Premium Choice – Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys is a complete kit for leather cleaning and conditioning, making it the premium choice leather cleaner by providing two solutions in one. Unlike many others in the market, this one is pH balanced for excellent cleaning results. It gets deep into the leather pores to draw out dirt and build-in oils.
It is an easy wipe that effectively removes dirt and grime without leaving a residue, and neither does it harm leather by degeneration of the fiber. Instead, it maintains leather sturdiness, outlook, and durability.
The conditioner is rich on Vitamin E, which moisturizes the leather and prevents UV rays from drying, cracking and discoloring it. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner always restores new life to your leather while preserving that feel of dry-to-the-touch.
One more essential use of this conditioner to the leather is restoring the natural leather scent. Most other cleaners and conditioners in the market will remove the natural leather scent to replace it with an artificial one.
Use Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to restore elegance by maintaining your car leather’s appearance, natural scent, and natural feel.
Chemical Guys leather cleaner is user-friendly and pocket-friendly. Click on it to get its latest price and also to place your order.

#3 Best Budget – Meguiar’s G10916 Gold Class

If you are looking for a better pocket-friendly leather cleaner that would fall within your budget, consider choosing Meguiar’s Cleaner and Conditioner.
It is good that it is low in price, but much better for its uncompromised high quality, making it the best bargain leather cleaner in the market. You get yourself two kits for the price of one which is an added value. It is complete leather care in an easy one step.
Meguiar’s also will protect your leather against UV rays that can damage through fading, dryness, and cracking. The conditioner, on the other hand, nourishes the leather to improve its suppleness and softness.
Some leather cleaners will leave a greasy residue, especially on car seats which would spoil your clothes with the grease when you sit on it. It is not so with Meguiar’s. You don’t have to worry about greasy leather seats after cleaning and conditioning. The product is non-greasy, which dissipates after use and thus does not leave any residue.
A little of Meguiar’s Leather Cleaner & Conditioner goes a long way enough to give your leather a smooth and glossy look.

#4 Best Value – Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey is a concentrated formula that does not require using much and thus becoming the best value leather cleaner in the market. You will have to mix it with water to dilute.
It is a four-ounce bottle that equals to a 32 ounce after diluting it. It is a true cleaner that is perfect to use on any leather product. It cleans out dirt, grime, oil, and tough stains.
Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey is ideal to use for cleaning your car interior leather and all other leather items such as shoes, handbags, saddles, jackets, and tacks.
This product which is made in the USA is 100% natural and thus non-toxic. Hence it is a safe product that is gentle to both the user and the leather, but powerful and tough to remove all dirt, grime, and stains. However, it is not suitable for suede cleaning.
Your car leather cleaning will not be complete if you don’t touch it with Leather Honey Leather Conditioner to soften and rejuvenate it.
For peace of your mind, Leather Honey Co. offers you a LIFETIME 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is, therefore, the best product to clean leather car seats you can find in the market.
You can use it in a spray bottle for better and useful application. Also, premix it and store for quick access whenever you need it.
Even though the formula is slightly pricey, it is a downside that is downplayed by its high quality.
For easy and quick purchase, click the Amazon button to place your order.

#5 Professional Leather Cleaner – Chamberlain’s Leather Milk

Have you neglected your car leather interior and it looks beaten by weather extremes such as UV rays, scratched by your animal friends or even ‘child-handled’ by your little love?
Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner is the optimum and best car leather restorer that will bring back your leather’s lost glory.
The Leather Milk is an all natural leather care liniment No. 1 that is a mixture of vital oils, nutrients, and other properties in water-based.
Chamberlain’s leather milk on car seats will help deep clean to remove all dirt and grime no matter how old and dirt your leather item might be. It will clean and restore its luster to appear almost new. This best deep leather conditioning treatment milk does not need much buffing and thus requires a simple application.
If you were wondering how to condition leather car seats naturally, Chamberlain’s conditioner would be your solution.
It is the best car leather cleaner for professional care with the full backing of Saddleback Leather Company that use it as a finishing product to their quality leather goods.
Also, it does not leave behind some sticky residue like other leather cleaners do, but instead it leaves clean and glossy leather. As mentioned earlier on, the product doesn’t use any artificial ingredients but vital natural oils that care and deep conditions the leather to nourish and strengthen it.
It comes with an applicator pad which most users report to be cumbersome to use and prefer using a spray bottle.

#6 Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Bickmore Bick 4 is all-four leather care. It cleans, conditions, polishes, and protects car leather and other leather products such as shoes, handbags, upholstery, saddles, and tacks.
It is an all-in-one leather care that requires a one-step procedure to perform the four processes at one-go. It would thus save you time and effort of performing two procedures of cleaning and conditioning at the same time.
With this kind of leather care, you are sure to extend your leather’s life. Far from other leather cleaners that darken or change the original color, Bickmore will instead enrich your leather with shine and restore its color.
The unkempt leather interior of a car would appear dry and cracking. But, treating such condition of your car leather with Bickmore, it will reverse to its original breathability, smoothness, and softness. The formula does not use any wax for polishing, and thus the leather will be free of sticky residue substance.
See what others have to say about this product to view its rating by clicking on it to open.

#7 KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

KevianClean is a plant-based cleaning formula that is eco-friendly with pH-balanced biodegradable organic plant ingredients. It does not contain any synthetic chemicals such as cleaning agents, color, or scent, making it non-toxic. Every element in this formula is natural and thus safe to use.
The cleaner and conditioner formula is a one product-in-two and thus being full leather care. It cleans and conditions the dirtiest leather items without discrimination. A little of it will clean much and thus saving you on the product.
It is ideal to use on anything leather, whether it is genuine, vintage, real, antique, and many others. It can also condition vinyl and faux leather as well.
KevianClean is a deep penetrating cleaner and conditioner to restore and revamp your old leather seat that looks shriveled form age and dryness. After using KevianClean on such an item, you will not believe the stunning change on it. It is the best leather cleaner for cars interior leather.
The formula will also protect your car interior leather from extreme weathers such as UV rays that can cause leather dryness and crack while fading its original color. Once you are through working on your leather, sit back and watch the brand-new appearance unfolding before you.
Your nose will also appreciate the natural scent from KevianClean, which will stay in your car for an extended time.
Want to try it out? Click on the Amazon button to hasten and to place the order.

#8 Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner Kit

Do you want to find out how to clean dirty leather seats of your car?
Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is the answer to this question. It is one of those highly regarded leather cleaning and conditioner product you will need to have around for your auto leather cleaning and conditioning.
No one can blame you if you have forgotten the original color and luster of that dull-looking old leather in your car. But, once you use Lexol products in treating your car leather interior, you will be surprised by the sudden transformation and restoration to its original elegance.
Lexol is a trusted household name that addresses all auto leather details, from dirt to cracking and dryness. It is chemical-free and thus safe to use.
Different from other leather cleaners that have different scents, Lexol leather cleaner is odorless and thus retains the natural smell of your leather. Again, the cleaner and conditioner are both non-greasy, which means there will be no after-use residue.
Check out this fantastic product on Amazon and get to read reviews about it from real users. Click on its image above to open it.

#9 Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Weiman is a famous brand in cleaning products, and thus you can trust its leather cleaner and conditioner.
Nature elements can damage leather and especially UV rays. It is responsible for dry, cracked, and color-fade, which then can lead to worn-out and old looking leather. But none of these can happen if you have Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.
The product does not only clean, and condition but will protect leather damage recurrence and thus remain rejuvenated. You will be surprised to realize that Weiman leather cleaner ingredients consist of natural oils that remove dirt, grime, and buildup residue from using wrong leather cleaners.
The cleaner is also strong enough to remain protective to your leather against UV rays long after cleaning and conditioning. You can also use it regularly to maintain your car leather interior always to retain its elegance and sharp neatness.
It is a versatile treatment to use on other leather items around the house, such as boots, handbags, wallet, upholstery, and many others.
Check out Weiman leather cleaner reviews and the price on Amazon by clicking on it. If you like it, go for it by placing your order.

Car Leather Cleaners FAQs

Q: Why is cleaning car leather necessary apart from making it clean?

Besides making your car leather clean, it is essential for keeping it healthy and restoring its elegance. Also, most conditioners may leave behind residue which after some time it picks dirt to form a dirty layer which over time can damage the leather protective top coat. Therefore, cleaning will protect your car leather against such damages.

Q: Can regular cleaning fade my car leather?

Far from it! Besides wear and tear from sitting and especially the driver’s seat, another agent of running down your leather is dirt.
Dirt will not only make your leather look awful and dull, but can weaken the leather and result in fading. As time goes by and it continues to decline, it will reach a point of getting torn which can’t be repairable but replaceable and thus costing you heavily.

Q: How should I know the type of leather in my car?

First, you need to know the types of leather the manufacturers use for cars. There are four types of leather as listed in the order of their quality:

  1. Aniline
  2. Semi-Aniline
  3. Nappa
  4. Corrected

To know what is in your car, you can go the long route by using the internet to Google the information.
Another shorter route is to use a simple experiment of pouring one or two drops of water on the leather and watch its reaction.


While it is essential to pick one of the nine top best car leather cleaners in this review, you should learn how to clean your car leather, before embarking on the task. You can never go wrong with your cleaning if you follow the necessary cleaning steps while using the right tools and the best car leather cleaner.
Remember to treat your car leather with the right conditioner to maintain it at the tops of elegance. After all, your car appearance and especially the leather interior is your pride.

Was this review helpful in making the right choice?

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