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Best Bathroom Cleaners (Reviews 2021) – Why does my toilet smell awful even after cleaning it?

A bathroom is a place where you get all cleaned up. But, it is one place that can become a hive of bacteria, viruses, and germs that can be the source of health issues if you fail to keep spot-on cleanliness.
A spotlessly clean bathroom is therefore not a choice but a must if you would wish to start your day or end it in a germs-free healthy way.

There are various cleaning products in the market that clean differently with each working on specific areas in a particular manner. Therefore, to identify the right cleaning solution for your choice of cleaning whether it is stain removing or soap scum dissolving might be a challenge. In your quest for a specific cleaner, and especially when in a hurry, you might end up in buying the wrong product for your use.
To avoid all that, we have listed the best bathroom cleaners for your ease of search. We have carefully selected each product to suit your various cleaning needs.
Join the conversation to find out which products will work excellently for your various cleaning needs.

The Top 10 Best Bathroom Cleaners

#1 RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

Are you struggling to remove mold and mildew stains from your bathroom wall and other surfaces? RMR-86 is the way to go in eliminating those stubborn stains that other solutions have failed. Fifteen seconds is enough to remove the stains as it claims.
There will be no scrubbing the affected surface when using RMR-86. Instead, you will only have to apply it and wipe after fifteen minutes, and any stain or soap scum will be gone. Use it on any discolored area in your bathroom and especially the grout which is most affected by mold and mildew. Later, you will notice the fantastic changes after using RMR-86.
You can also use it in other areas in your kitchen, your boat, on surfaces such as wood, vinyl, tiles, concrete, and others. If you are facing mold and mildew issues, get yourself RMR-86. However, the solution has a strong smell which might irritate you.

#2 Iron Out Rust Stain Remover Powder

There is nothing stubborn to remove than rust stains. Various people struggle with them in their sinks and especially when the metal fixtures come in contact with ceramic. Besides the stain being a bother and stubborn, it is resistant to most cleaning solutions.
Iron Out Rust Stain Remover will not only remove the stubborn stains but leave your surface rust-free and clean as new.
What of that rusty stain on your tile floor? Iron it out with Iron Out. It does it quickly with ease and without the need for scrubbing. It is a versatile powder you can use in your kitchen as well and surprisingly as a water softener.
Apply it in your water, while following its usage instructions, to eliminate iron and maintain iron-free water.
Iron Out Rust Stain Remover is septic safe and ideal for areas with heavy iron and hard water to soften it by ridding of iron. The only issue with this solution is that it does not work effectively on other stains. Nevertheless, you can still try it out to see and believe what it can do.

#3 Bio Clean Eco-Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover

BioClean in a 20oz bottle is a professional cleaner that is powerful to remove resistant stain such as mold and mildew stain from surfaces. The area most affected by mold and mildew is the shower door. But, with BioClean, the stains wouldn’t bother you since it will quickly and easily clean it out.
It is a non-chemical compound that is biodegradable and therefore environmental friendly. It works amazingly on stains while smelling great. You can also polish clean surfaces to leave them shining clean.
BioClean is a versatile to clean your shower door, shower glass, shower stalls, toilet and other areas that get in contact with water to eliminate limescale and other hard water stains.
Most homeowners and professionals who have had the experience of using this product trust it for its success in detailed cleaning. It is a 100% money-back-guarantee assurance that covers 60 days from the day of purchase.
The cleaner does not produce any lather which can bother some users who believe every cleaning solution must lather. But, without lathering, it stills works excellently.

#4 Lysol Clean and Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol Clean will overpower the toughest toilet bowl stain. It powers through any stubborn toilet stain quickly and effectively to leave the bowl sparkling clean.
The shape of the bottle enables Lysol Clean solution to reach the hidden areas to clean and eliminate bacteria and germs. Lysol Clean is not only a cleaning solution but a disinfectant that destroys all the bacteria, viruses, and other microbes to 99.9%.
The cleaning solution has an added fresh scent to leave behind a clean toilet with a sweet smell.
Lysol Clean is a clinging cleaning solution that removes stains after applying inside and around the rim of the toilet bowl without the need of rubbing or brushing.
However, there will be another pungent smell that Lysol leaves behind but disappears within no time. Besides that, the cleaning solution is a spot-on cleaning solution for tough toilet stains.

#5 Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover and Bathroom Cleaner

Soap scum and grime in your bathroom can be a challenge to clean if you fail to clean it promptly.
Nevertheless, no matter how much the soap scum and grime buildup is in your bathroom, Bucko is the solution you need to dissolve it. It is a multi-purpose cleaner to work effectively on all bathroom accessories such as the glazed sink and toilet bowl, glass shower doors, bathtubs, and fixtures to remove soap and detergent stain-like buildup.
Bucko bathroom cleaner does not contain any bleach or any harsh chemicals, and therefore it is non-toxic. It is safe to use on a septic system and yet powerful on soap scum and other bathroom grime.
Outside your bathroom, it can also clean your kitchen counter, chrome faucet, stainless steel sink, motorboat, and wheel rims. For excellent results, you only need to spray and cover the entire surface you are targeting with this solution. Leave it for some time and then rinse it by wiping with a wet sponge or cloth to reveal a clean, shiny surface.
While Bucko is powerful on soap scum and grime, it will not work on stains or rust. Also, avoid using on painted surfaces, natural marble, wood, colored grout, brass, and stone surface.

#6 ECOS Shower Cleaner by Earth Friendly

No time to clean your shower after use? The use of Ecos Shower Cleaner now simplifies the cleaning process. Without scrubbing, wiping, or rinsing, you only need to spray after taking a shower and then leave it to work. It will prevent soap scum, stains from hard water and also mold and mildew.
Ecos Shower cleaner is not toxic since it derives its ingredients from Aloe Vera plant and tea tree essential oil. Therefore it does not contain any parabens, dyes, phosphates, or any other bleach.
The product is also efficient in removing soap scum on bathroom walls, doors, basins, bathtubs, and other surfaces. For deep cleaning, you will extend the time between spraying and wiping it out.
The best thing about this cleaner is that it does not have any chemical smell since it is natural. It leaves behind tea tree oil fresh scent. Therefore, cut down your chemical use in your cleaning by using Ecos Shower Cleaner.
Ecos Shower Cleaner is a powerful cleaner and soap scum preventer even though a bit pricey.

#7 Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner, Degreaser, and Disinfectant

Spray Nine 26832 is the best solution to tackle and eliminating bacteria, germs, viruses, grime, soap scum, tough grime, mold, and mildew stains, and tough hard water stains. It is a ready-to-use and fast-to-clean while disinfecting, deodorizing, and degreasing.
Spray Nine does all these without using any bleach or other chemicals. It is formulated to cling on surfaces to lift off grime for effective wiping and rinsing. It is an environmental or eco-friendly and therefore certified and approved for safe use by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Besides working best in the bathroom, it will excite you to know you can also use it in your kitchen as a disinfectant and as a degreaser and in your garage as well for your automotive cleaning. Give it a try to discover more of it.
However, you should avoid using it on painted surfaces as you might risk peeling off paint.

#8 Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover

Rejuvenate Scrub is a robust product in removing soap scum. It is nontoxic and nonabrasive and therefore safe to use on glass, natural stone, ceramic tiles, chrome, fiberglass, and porcelain.
If you are one who doesn’t care much about fragrance, then Rejuvenate will work best for you since it is fragrance-free. It has an easy process and thereby will reduce your cleaning time by far. All you need to do is spray without scrubbing to dissolve soap scum. Leave it for about three minutes, and then rinse it out carefully for a non-streak finish to leave you with a shiny clean surface.
The bottle comes with user’s instructions which are easy to follow for better results. It is made in the USA and therefore has an assurance of regulated standards and quality.
Include Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover in your next shopping list, and you will leave to tell the story of how great it is on soap scum.

#9 CRL Bio-Clean Water Stain Remover

CRL Bio-clean is the solution to your bathroom cleaning problems. If you are running a hospital, hospitality industry, school, or any other organization where there is much traffic in the use of toilets and bathrooms, then CRL Bio-clean should be your bathroom cleaning solution.
Soap scum is one of those problems that become a challenge in most households. But, CRL Bio-Clean will not only remove soap scum but other stains such as mold & mildew stain, mineral stains, rust stains, and others.
It is useful in cleaning glass, ceramic and porcelain sink, bathtub, toilet bowl, shower doors, tile floor, stainless steel, and others. It can also remove corrosion effectively and quickly while still in its initial stage. One user commented that it is a “hands-down the best hard water stain remover ever.” Try it out also to tell your story about it.

#10 Bring It On Cleaner

Bring It On is a stain remover and primarily caused by hard water because of its oxygen bleach. As you may know, oxygen bleach is entirely non-toxic and has no harmful chemicals and therefore safe to use around your children and pets.
The cleaner targets any surface with different types of tough stains. The areas that can have stains due to various reasons are shower door where hard water residue forms, shower head, toilet bowl, bathtub, bathroom tiles and grout, and others.
Once you apply Bring It One Cleaner on these surfaces, all the grime and stains would be no more leaving a spotlessly clean surface. Experience is the best teacher – Get the first-hand experience of stain removal with Bring It On Cleaner.


Q: Why does my toilet smell awful even after cleaning it?

Probably it is the smell of sewer which is seeping into the toilet bowl. One of the reasons why the sewer smell may be finding its way inside the toilet room could be a dry toilet. The water we usually see at the bottom of the toilet bowl helps to block sewer smell. An unused toilet that you have not flushed for an extended time tends to dry up making the smell to get inside the room. If that is the case, flush the toilet a few times to restore the water for the smell will clear.
Another reason could be the cause of microorganisms finding their way from the sewer to the toilet bowl which eventually settle in your toilet to begin multiplying. If that is the case, it is effortless to eliminate the bacteria. Just pour a couple of cups of bleach into the flush valve in the toilet tank.
Once you flush the toilet, the bleach will destroy all the bacteria and therefore the smell.
If the smell persists, get a plumber to check why. It might be the plumbing system which is clogged and therefore requires a professional service.
A steam mop would be the best choice for tile cleaning. By using steam, it would be easy to remove the toughest grime and eliminate stains as well.
Besides that, it reaches the grout line to clean it thoroughly and sanitizes it leaving it fresh and safe from germs and bacteria. However, not all steam mops can achieve that.
Some manually operated mops can also clean tiles and leave them shining clean. It all depends on the user and how you will use your cleaning unit.

Q: Which is the best bathroom cleaning product for mold and mildew?

To effectively get rid of mold and mildew stains, RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover should be your best choice cleaner. It is an instant mold and mildew stains remover with a method that is simple and quick to use. It works within or less than fifteen seconds.
The powerful bleach-based solution will restore your surface to a shiny one with a brand new look.

Q: What is the leading cause of rings around the toilet bowl?

Several factors can lead to toilet bowl rings or ring stains. However, the main reason is the constant wet and dry state shift at the surface of the water. Other stains such as the pale brown can happen because of hard water or deposits of minerals. The worse is the green, black, or orange rings which may occur because of the mold presence.

Q: Which is the best cleaning product I can use in my toilet bowl?

The best cleaning product you can use in your toilet bowl is Lysol Clean & Flesh Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
The cleaner will power its way through all tough stains whether caused by mold or hard water to remove and leave your toilet sparkling clean. The angle-shaped bottle will reach the difficult to reach areas and therefore making sure not to leave a single stain.
It does not only clean perfectly but disinfects the toilet bowl to eliminate the microbial, bacteria, and germs up to 99.9%.


We believe you have picked a couple of products to help you keep your bathroom and also to replace others that were not effective in your cleaning. Rather than struggling to keep your bathroom clean get products that are user-friendly, effective and quick in giving you best results.

Would you wish to share with us your experience and choice of products?

Leave your comments here below. We would love to read your review.

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