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Best Above Ground Pool Light: 2021 Top Picks and Buying Guide

Even when the sun goes down, you must still be able to enjoy your above ground swimming pool. You can install a heater to make the water warmer and more comfortable to swim at. It will most probably be too dark, so you will need to install the best above ground pool light, including those that we will briefly mention in the rest of this guide.
A pool light is useful for improving safety, setting the right mood, and enhancing the aesthetics, among others. It is sure to make night swimming more fun as it adds personality to the pool.
With too many choices, however, making the right decision can be a big challenge for most people. With this, keep on reading and we will have a quick look at some of the top products that are worth considering, as well as a few of the reasons why they are exceptional.

Our Top Picks for the Best Above Ground Pool Light

#1 Intex LED Pool Wall Light

When you talk about some of the most popular brands of above ground swimming pool, Intex is one that is always on the top of the mind. They also produce accessories, such as this impressive above ground pool light.
Among others, this is well-loved by many because it is LED. More than just being energy-efficient, it is also going to be long-lasting. With its minimal energy consumption, it won’t take a toll on your electricity bill. Despite that, the brightness is strong, which can be compared to a 50-watt halogen bulb.
If you are looking for a light that excels in terms of being user-friendly, this deserves your attention. It can be easily installed on the pool wall. However, it should be noted that this is designed only for pools that do not come with a metal wall. There is a magnet that grips the pool on both sides of the wall. In case the magnet detaches, the light will float on the pool.
The light also comes with a 23-foot power cord, which is long enough or it to be installed even if it is far from the source of the power.

#2 BlueWave Products NA408 Aqua Luminator Light Bulb

First, it should be noted that this is not a complete set. Rather, this is only a replacement bulb for the Aqua Luminator light kit, which is also recommended in this short guide. This is a long-lasting light bulb with an extended lifespan of up to 3,000 hours.
Among others, one of the most innovative features of this product is the Hydro-Optic technology. The latter will bathe your above ground pool in bright light that is believed to be up to 200% brighter compared to conventional pool lights.
According to those who have used this light before, the installation will never be a thing that you have to worry about. Replacing the bulb is straightforward and you can do it easily. However, if the entire system is to be installed, not just the bulb, you might need a helping hand from a pro to safely accomplish the job.

#3 VIPMOON 2-pack Multicolor Submersible Lights

This is a light that is not made only for an above ground swimming pool but also for other lighting applications, such as aquariums and shower rooms, among others. It uses 3AAA batteries, which means that there is no need for complicated wiring, making it perfect for an above ground pool. It has a submersible construction, so you do not have to worry even if it gets wet.
The IR remote control that is included in the kit is one of the best things you can expect from this product. It has 24 keys, providing you with the complete freedom to control the light settings. Aside from turning it on and off, you can also use the remote to change it from 16 dynamic colors. You can also increase or decrease the brightness of the lights. You can use the remote at a maximum distance of up to 30 feet.
Lastly, it is also a good thing that the light comes with a memory function. This means that the previous functions will be remembered and when you turn it on the next time, it will be the same color as when it has been turned off.

#4 SmartPool NL35 Night Lighter Underwater Light

Among others, the long-life halogen technology is one of the best features of this pool light, which makes it provide the best bang for the buck. The lens is also treated to resist chemicals, which is another thing that contributes to its longevity. Plus, it is a good thing that the manufacturer offers a six-month warranty. This is pretty short, but with its price, this will suffice.
Another thing that you will love in this product is the ease of its installation. There is no need to drill. As long as the pool comes with a steel wall, you can easily assemble the light. It also comes with an extra-long cord for mounting flexibility.

#5 Pentair 98600000 Convertible Above Ground Pool Light

This is quite more expensive compared to the products that have been mentioned above, but there is a reason for such. Aside from quality, the steep price can also be attributed to the fact that it is already a light and water return.
It is also worth noting that it has the innovative Hydro-Optic technology. With the latter, it is hard to match in terms of the brightness that it can generate for your above ground swimming pool.
Installation of this light can be completed within a few minutes. It is not necessary to drill holes that can void the warranty terms from the manufacturer. It can be installed directly on the existing return hole of your pool.

Wrap Up

Without a doubt, a light is a must-have to enjoy your above ground pool when it is already dark. It does not only make it look better, but it will also make it a safer place to swim.
From the products that have been mentioned above, our personal favorite is the Intex LED Pool Wall Light. It is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and user-friendly. Plus, it is made by a trusted brand, so you can be confident that the quality and functionality will be second to none.

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