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Best Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner: 2021 Top Picks and Buying Guide

You do not need to have the luxury of financial resources to have a pool in the yard. An above ground pool can be the perfect alternative! It is not only cheap, it is also easy to clean and maintain. Speaking of the latter, to maintain the optimal appearance, you need to invest in the best above ground automatic pool cleaner.
Through the years, above ground pool cleaners have evolved. There are innovative options that will require lesser effort on your end. With automatic cleaners, the equipment can function as if it has a mind of its own, requiring minimal intervention on your end. If you are clueless about which product will make the best pick, keep on reading and learn from some of our recommendations.

Our Top Picks for the Best Above Ground Pool Cleaner

#1 Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Pool Cleaner

This automatic cleaner promises to deliver superior performance in all types of above ground pools regardless of its size, shape, and material. Pool maintenance will require lesser time and effort on your end because of its smart functionality. It creates a random pattern as it cleans while making sure that no part of the pool will be left uncleaned.
When you purchase this product, it already comes with a free skimming valve. With the latter, the flow of the water will be automatically regulated based on what is needed for a cleaning task. This allows the cleaner to adjust the speed in an instant.
Another thing that you will love about this product is how only one part moves – the flapper. This is the one that sweeps the floor. This is beneficial in prolonging the lifespan of the automatic pool cleaner, as well as in requiring minimal care and maintenance.
As a suction-side pool cleaner, this will be attached to the suction of the plumbing system. It comes with a filter pump. The water is sucked, goes through the filter, and is pumped back to the pool. By the time it is pumped, it has already been cleaned.

#2 In The Swim Hayward 900 Wanda The Whale Automatic Pool Cleaner

The whale design if this cleaner gives it a unique appeal. It may look like a toy, but it can deliver exceptional cleaning for your above ground pool. Whether you have a flat or dished-out above ground pool, this cleaning equipment is sure to work.
Among others, one of the most notable features of this product is the Smart Drive cleaning pattern. The latter is pre-programmed, which makes the cleaner smart enough to work without requiring too much from you.
At the bottom of the unit, there is a deluxe bumper ring. This offers a protective layer to prevent scratches and damages every time it bumps into the wall of the above ground pool. As it minimizes friction, it also improves maneuverability.
It also comes with a reusable filter net. The latter effectively screens the dirt and the debris from the water. Once it is collected, it will be trapped. It is large enough, so there is no need to frequently empty the collection basket. There are five filters that are included in this kit.

#3 Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

At first look, you might be confused on what this actually is. It looks like an upgraded toy car, but it is actually a robotic cleaner. Whether it is small or large dirt, this is capable of removing such from the pool. Among others, this is possible because of the unit’s jet-propelled system. It cleans not only flat surfaces but even slopes. It cleans a 24-foot pool in less than 60 minutes.
To make it powerful, it is powered by durable, extra-large wheels that will not mar the surface material of the pool. Even under the water, it will effortlessly glide on the surface while making sure that it won’t be damaged. Even if the pool is made of vinyl, there is no need to worry!
It is also worth noting that it comes with a self-contained filtration system. Whether it is sand or leaves, the filter will be able to effectively tackle it. With its innovative design, the need to clean the filter will be reduced by as much as 80%.
Lastly, the unit comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

#4 Aquabot X4 Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Value for money – this is what you can expect from this robotic vacuum cleaner. Among others, one of its most impressive features is the advanced rotating micro brush, which sets it apart from many of its competitors. This will make sure that even the tiniest traces of dirt will not be left behind. It agitates the floor and loosens the dirt on the surface.
It is equipped with two ultra-fine mesh filters, which are capable of collecting up to 190 cubic inches of dirt. It is capable of trapping bacteria that is as small as .2 micron. The filter is also easy to clean.
There are also many features that make it smart enough to clean on its own. For instance, it has an anti-swivel tangle, which will allow it to clean continuously. This is unlike in the case of other models with cables that can be prone to tangling. It also has an impressive 4-wheel drive, which allows it to easily tread the surface of the pool and won’t be prone to being stuck. While the wheels will propel powerfully, you can expect that it won’t leave marks or damages on the pool’s floor.
Lastly, it has the industry-leading three-year warranty, which should be more than enough to provide you with peace of mind.

Wrap Up

Cleaning your above ground pool does not need to be a challenging and dreaded task. With the right equipment, you can do this in a short time and without exerting too much effort. While there are many products worth considering, our favorite is the Pentair K50600 Keepy Krauly E-Z Vac System. It is well-built, user-friendly, and long-lasting, making it possible to provide the best value for the money.

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