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List Barney’s Farm reseller ship to USA

Barney’s Farm is an online breeder and seed bank that offers a wide range of quality cannabis strains to the market. Marijuana seeds from Barney’s Farm are highly regarded with stable genetics, uniform quality and come at an affordable price.

That’s why many US growers want to find out if Barney’s Farm seed ships to USA or not, this is a good opportunity to own the top cannabis strains. We will answer that question in this post.

About Barney’s Farm

Growing up from Barney’s Coffeeshop, Barney’s Farm has been on the market since the early 90’s. With experience and good knowledge of cannabis, this breeder has developed a lot of new cannabis strains from genetics all over. world. With these cannabis strains, Barney’s Farm has won many prestigious awards.

Barney’s Farm supplies seeds to numerous online seed banks around the world, and they also retail marijuana seeds at their website. This seed bank has a huge collection of cannabis seeds and growers of all levels can find the right cannabis seeds for them.

Barney’s Farm’s cannabis seed collection is divided into several categories to make it easier for customers to choose the strain they are looking for. This marijuana seed collection includes:

Does Barney’s Farm Ship to USA?

Unfortunately, Barney’s Farm is unable to ship any of its marijuana seeds to any state in the USA.

This seed bank ships its seeds to many countries; however they are unable to ship to anywhere within: USA, China, Malaysia, Asia, Australia or Canada. The reason is that these countries have specific laws regarding marijuana. So shipping marijuana seeds to these countries will be much more difficult.

If US growers want to find a reputable and reliable place to buy Barney’s Farm marijuana seeds, safely transport cannabis seeds to the USA, then you can buy from their distributors and retailers. Below is a list of distributors and retailers of Barney’s Farm around the world:

The full list of Barney’s Farm distributors and retailers is available on their website. Customers can find this complete list to select a Barney’s Farm seed address closest to them.

In some countries where Barney’s Farm does not ship, such as the USA, growers can choose to purchase seeds from these distributors and retailers. They sell seeds at a price that is not too different.

Top 5 Best Cannabis Strains of Barney’s Farm Review

#1 Gorilla Zkittlez

Gorilla Zkittlez is a hybrid cannabis strain between Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez. This Gorilla Zkittlez cannabis seed is part of Barney’s Farm’s best seller collection and this cannabis strain will make you unforgettable after the first try.

This cannabis strain excels in Indica and contains up to 24% THC. Its effect is deep relaxation and long-term rest. Gorilla Zkittlez has medium growing difficulty, but growers can expect to harvest 2.5 kg from outdoor plants. The trichome-laden glistening pistils cannot be ignored.

#2 Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is not an unfamiliar strain of marijuana as it is quite well known in the industry. This Indica dominant cannabis strain contains genetics from the Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies, and OG Kush strains. Wedding Cake looks like a well iced wedding spectacular, with subtle purple and pinks during flowering.

This strong vanilla aroma is unmistakable with any cannabis strain. This super potent marijuana strain is well known for its innovative relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric properties. THC content as high as 24% and high yields whether grown indoors or outdoors will satisfy any grower.

#3 Cookies Kush

Cookies Kush is a combination of two powerful cannabis strains Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. It has a very impressive taste between the strong mint chocolate flavor with the wonderful smell and taste of Girl Scout Cookies.

This cannabis strain can thrive in all growing conditions and thus beginner growers can also get used to cannabis cultivation with this strain. Growers can grow Cookies Kush seeds indoors and outdoors. Plants will flower after about 8 weeks.

#4 G13 Haze

G13 Haze is a cannabis strain that can grow into healthy plants, with dense flowers and exceptionally high resin production. This cannabis strain also provides high yields along with intense fruit and spice flavors leading to powerful effects.

#5 LSD

LSD is the cannabis strain that pleases all growers looking for the highest yielding cannabis strains. It can thrive in all weather conditions, has strong resistance to disease and mold. LSD is also a cannabis strain suitable for all growers of all levels.

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