Hi everyone, I’m super excited to be part of this group. Until early October this year I was in tech and app development, but have now made the leap to doing affiliate marketing full-time. I kicked off my first affiliate project together with a friend in May. A part-time passion project. Though we broke pretty much every rule in the book (e.g. started writing about nearly everything under the sun instead of picking a niche) we’ve had some decent success. For instance, yesterday we pulled in EUR 150+. I guess our saving grace was that the site is in a local language. Had we gone the international route, we obviously would’ve had a much harder time. I’ll be launching a solo project in December – internationally focussed – and for this I thought it made sense to do things right from the start. Hence me joining this course. My plan will be to work on both projects in parallel. I’m looking very much forward to learn from everybody here, whilst sharing the lessons I learn along the way as well.